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Learn how to build customer loyalty by driving personalization and relevance in your brand communication, promotions and offers.

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  • One slide to present Manthan’s broader framework for customer analytics.
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  • Manthan Customer Analytics – Predict.Personalize.Profit

    1. 1. Questions you ask of your customer data – if you could Are all your customers alike? Do they all behave the same way? Do you know what your customers will buy and when? Is your communication relevant to your customer? Are you influencing your customers to buy what they want from you?
    2. 2. Understanding and engaging customers in a meaningful dialogue Who is the customer Optimize and Improve What does the customer want What to offer. How. How the customer engages
    3. 3. How – by embedding analytics thru your marketing decisions Behavioral Segmentation How Post Event Cataloguing When Where Optimize and Improve Compare Campaigns Post Event Couponing & Circulation Analyze Campaign Who is the customer Recency, Frequency & Monetary Who responded Customer Activity History Loyalty Lifetime Demographic Profile value of purchase Geographic Profile What does she buy only occasionally Growth Pricing Switching What products he buys regularly Product What does the customer want as per Customer Promotion Acquisition & Retention Channel Preference Execute Personalized Campaign When did he last buy & what Send Promotion Define What to offer. How. Set Triggers Conceptualize Associate Affinity Purchase Behavior Is he likely to move away Coupons Value Optimize Channel Creative Which offers did she respond to in past? Cross Sell How the customer engages What is his Preferred Channel of Communication? Up-Sell Scenarios for Customized Offers Loyalty Performance
    4. 4. Jenny Lee shops once a month for staples like milk, bread and eggs Multi-dimensional segmentation predicts the her lifetime value and loyalty Affinity Analysis identifies new cross-sell and upsell opportunities You reward Jenny with timely & personalized Offers Jenny joins Loyalty Program & starts accumulating points Jenny feels rewarded with the discount and engages with your brand. Her transaction history helps build a unique behavioral portrait She starts shopping more regularly
    5. 5. Significant financial reward of understanding and meeting customers’ expectations $2Bn food grocer Customer churn of est. ~12% of member base Understand unique media preference Potential Churn customers demonstrate distinct purchase behavior and Comm. preference Retention and win backs create a revenue lift of >$120Mn
    6. 6. With ARC Customer Analytics ARC TargetOne ARC Customer360 Understand your customers Predict their behavior Drive marketing outcomes Execute personalized promotions Optimized Marketing Analytics consulting to drive marketing effectiveness SALE ARC Loyalty247 1-1 communication through a mobile platform
    7. 7. More at: