E commerce roi increment techniques


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E commerce roi increment techniques

  1. 1. Multiple channel traffic resources:- Organic Traffic from Popular Search Engines:-  Google  Bing  Yahoo Paid traffic from various resources:-  Google Ads – Search, Display Ads ( Placement Ads - Content & Keyword Target, Banner Ads, Remarketing)  Bing Ads  Yahoo Ads  Facebook Ads
  2. 2. Referral Traffic From Social Network Sites:- Ex:-  Face book  Google +  Twitter  Linked IN  Pinterest  Stumble Upon  You Tube Referral Traffic from Image Search Engines:-  Google Image Search  Flickr & Pinterest Image Search
  3. 3. Branding & Promotions:-  Social Media Promotions (Ex. Facebook Page, Twitter Community, Google +, Linked In, Pinterest)  E-Mail Promotion  SMS Blast Traffic from Mobile Website:- Both Organic & Paid Traffic ROI & Traffic from Affiliate Networks:-  Sponsor Banner & Ads  Merchants Stores
  4. 4. Cost One Time Set Up Fee Commission / Other Fee Snapdeal.com Free 7% + 3 % Payment Collection Charge + shipping cost Shopping.rediff.com Rs.20,000 + 10.3% Service Tax 1-20% + Banking Charges Yahoo Shopping Free Rs. 1780 P/M Junglee.com Free 3% +10.5% Service Amazon.in Free 3% +10.5% Service Shopclues.com Free 6%+10.5% Service Tradus.com Free 7%+10.5%Service
  5. 5.  People want to see what they’re getting, having high quality photos of your product with different angles, in context, make them zoomable.  Ex, From Ebay.in:-
  6. 6.  The role of product description is to give buyers enough information, so they could conclude themselves this is the right product for them.  Ex.From BestBuy.com
  7. 7.  People want free shipping, COD & EMI no surprise there.  Ex. From Shopping.Indiatimes.com & Best Buy !
  8. 8.  Discount seeking behavior is set to continue, so thinking about having a dedicated discount “sales” section on your site
  9. 9.  Effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates is following up by email  14.6% of the top web retailers used e-mail campaigns as a way to retarget shoppers.
  10. 10.  It’s a small thing, but known to boost conversions – especially important for small, less known stores.  It’s a trust thing - making your email and phone number clearly visible shows you’re a real business. Apple Doing It, Ex.From Apple Store
  11. 11.  People like to be in control and to be in the know.  Flipkart – is doing it is better, the steps are more prominent(Look at Steps):
  12. 12.  Is this safe? Can I do returns? When will I get my stuff?  Ex.From Groupon (look at the sidebar)
  13. 13.  These people are not the majority, but adding payment options like PayPal or Amazon Payments to credit card payments, but its help you win over some customers you would lose otherwise.
  14. 14.  When new people arrive on your site, they have to figure out what your site is about in a matter of seconds.  Yes, they can see that you sell stuff, but how are you “better or different”  Ex.From Shopclues.com
  15. 15.  Search is crucial to e-commerce. People need to find products, and quick.  Around half of the visitors navigate ecommerce sites using search.  Ex.From Homeshop18.com
  16. 16.  Retail stores don’t have good filters (usually it’s the salesperson).  The role of the filter is to make finding most suitable products easy.  Ex.From Homeshop18.com (Look at Side bar)
  17. 17.  Do not ask for information you don’t absolutely need, it’s must be short forms.  Ex.From Homeshop18.com
  18. 18.  Even when they add a product to the shopping cart, it doesn’t mean they’re going to buy it. You have to keep selling it to them.  The best solution is perpetual shopping cart – displaying the contents of their cart at all times while they browse.  1.Ex.From Onlineshoes.com (Look at Sidebar – Not a electronic store, but still useful) & 2. Ex.From Homeshop18.com
  19. 19.  People use reviews, a lot, Nearly 60 percent of online shoppers consult reviews prior to purchasing consumer electronics  We need negative reviews also - they actually help sales if there are only a few of them.  Ex.From Flipkart.com
  20. 20.  Don’t force people to register. Instead, offer the option to customers for register
  21. 21.  Most important buttons like “Buy Now” “Availability” “Add to Cart” always big, bold and prominent.  Ex.From Flipkart.com
  22. 22.  Hope This Presentation Help You to Succeed in ECommerce Vertical