Curious case of pakistan
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Curious case of pakistan



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Curious case of pakistan Curious case of pakistan Presentation Transcript

  • The Curious Case of Pakistani Democracy
    A Perspective Unseen
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  • Salam..
    I was perplexed to see & analyze General Election Results of 2008.
    I am sure you will be Amazed too...
    Before I begin, I will like to clarify some points:
    a. All the data used here is AUTHENTIC & REFERENCES are given. You SHOULD double check
    b. To keep things simple we will only discuss National Assembly Elections
    c. It will not take more than 5 min of your time , see the complete presentation.
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  • Lets start with FACTS:
    We all know the results of one of the most fair elections (2008) of the history of Pakistan.
    Top 4 2008 election results
    Number of Elected Seats in National Assembly
    PPP 97
    PML (N) 71
    PML (Q) 42
    MQM 19
  • D0 You know how much of Pakistan’s Population want these PARTIES to represent them?
    Considering 180M population of Pakistan in 2008
    No. of Votes Casted (Million) % of Population
    PPP 10.6M ONLY 5.9%
    PML (N) 6.78M ONLY 3.8%
    PML (Q) 7.99M ONLY 4.4% MQM2.5M ONLY 1.4%
    SHOCKED!! So was I..
  • Lets look at another perspective
    Considering 180M population of Pakistan in 2008
    Total Number of Registered Voters only 79.9M (The others are either too busy building the country or simply don’t care)
    Out of the 79.9M Registered Voters, only 34.6M voted
    34.6M people out of 180M changed the future of PAKISTAN
  • Shockingly, some 37.2 million registered voters who exercised their right to vote in 2008 general elections have been declared FAKE.. (News Report)
    Total Number of Registered Voters 79.9M
    Total Number of Votes Casted 34.6M
    Fake Number of Registered Voters 37.2M
    I will not speculate here.. You draw your own CONCLUSION
  • Past is GONE. . Not all is LOST
    Next General Elections are FAST approaching . .
    YOU can make a DIFFERENCE by your VOTE
  • Get up Play Your ROLE
    Get your VOTE Registered NOW
    Go to following link to see how to get vote registration:
  • Forward this email to all your contacts. Urge all around you to get their Votes Registered.
    Pakistan Needs your Support.