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Recruiting application on cloud
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Recruiting application on cloud


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 2. Description• This project is designed for Universal Containers to satisfies the needs of centralized application that can bring all of its recruiting and hiring processes together.• The proposed web application is being developed which help the users to just login with their personal id and password to experience their customized environment where sharing, security, database, updates are all managed by and cloud.
  • 3. Objectives• To Create new Positions.• To make the Application interactive.• To Create Automated workflow and Approval processes.• To enhance the security of the system.• To make the system capable to satisfy the customer’s real time requirements.
  • 4. Start No Enter User ID and Password Yes Login Verify FIF User Type = YesAdministrator A ErrorExit D E Yes NoIF User Type = No IF User Type =Recruitment Yes B IF User Type = Standard EmployerManager Interviewer NoIF User Type = Yes CHiring Manager No
  • 5. yes Select NoA task Logout Stop Create/View Position Maintain/view Candidate Create/view Maintain/view Create/ View New Create /View Review Job Application Advertisement detail Job Posting Create /View Add or Delete/Modify Report User yes Select NoB task Logout Stop Create/View Position Maintain/view Candidate Create/view Maintain/view Create/ View New Create /View Review Job Application Advertisement detail Job Posting Create /View Report
  • 6. yes Select NoC task Logout Stop Create/View Position Maintain/view Candidate Create/view Advertisement detail Create/ View New Create /View Review Job Application Job Posting Create /View Report yes Select NoD task Logout Stop View Position view Candidate view view View New Job Posting Create /View Review Job Application Advertisement detail
  • 7. yes Select NoE task Logout Stop Create/View Position
  • 8. LoginAdministrator Create Position Maintain CandidateHiringManager Job Application Maintain Advertise Cloud ComputingRecruiting …. DetailManager Database Post New JobsInterviewer Reviews Interview ReportsStandardEmployee
  • 9. Post Job, Add Position, Assign Post Job, Add Position, Assign Hiring ManagerRecruiting Hiring Manager AdminManager Report, Review, Job Report, Review, Job Application, Application, Candidate Recruiting Candidate Profile, Employment Profile, Employment Website, Positions, Security Configure Website, Positions Application Position, Candidate profile, Report, Review, Job Application, Review, Employee website Candidate Profile, Employment Website, Positions Assign Interviewer, Review Hiring Manager Add Position Interviewer Position Description Standard Employee
  • 10. Verify Username,Password 1.0 Login LoginAdministrator Validated Info., Sys info., Description Update Position 2.0 Create Position Position Position Details Hiring Manager Candidate no., Addr, Update Candidate Emp. det., 3.0 P Additional Candidate o Maintain Recruiting Manager info. s Candidate Candidate Details i Candidate C t no., Update Job a i Position, 4.0 n o Status d n Job Job i Interviewer Job Details Application d D a e Website nme, t t addr, pay per add, Update e a Budget 5.0 J i o D l Maintain Standard Employee b e s adv. detail Emp. website t D a Emp. Details e Website i w t 6.0 name e l a s Position Post new Verify b i Job s l Assessment, Rating, Update Review i s Name, Job t application e 7.0 Job application no. Review Review D e t Review Details a 8.0 i Report Name Review Details l Reports s
  • 11. Generate 1 time password Username, Password, One time Password Verify 1.1 Administrator Validate Validate Hiring Manager LoginRecruiting Manager 1.2 Verify Email-id Forgot password Interviewer Validate 1.3 Update Password Standard Emp Change Old password, New Password password
  • 12. Position Title 2.1 Verify Administrator View existing Review Details Position Hiring Manager PositionRecruiting Manager 2.2 Position title, Pay, Create new Update Position Hiring Manager, Position Description, Status,Type
  • 13. Candidate name Verify 3.1 Interviewer View Candidate Candidate Details Administrator Candidate Hiring Manager 3.2 Update candidate Add new CandidateRecruiting Manager Basic info., Address, Previous Employment Details, Citizenship Details
  • 14. Job application no. Verify 7.1 Administrator View Review Review Details Hiring Manager ReviewRecruiting Manager 7.2 Update Review Write New Interviewer Job application no., name, assessment, Rating
  • 15. Screenshots LOGIN
  • 16. Screenshots HOME
  • 17. Screenshots HOME
  • 18. Screenshots
  • 19. Screenshots
  • 20. Screenshots
  • 21. Screenshots
  • 22. Screenshots
  • 23. Screenshots
  • 24. Screenshots CANDIDATE
  • 25. Screenshots
  • 26. Screenshots
  • 27. Screenshots
  • 28. Screenshots
  • 29. Screenshots Job Application
  • 30. Screenshots
  • 31. Screenshots
  • 32. Screenshots
  • 33. Screenshots Employment
  • 34. Screenshots
  • 35. Screenshots
  • 36. Screenshots Review
  • 37. Screenshots
  • 38. Screenshots
  • 39. Screenshots Job Posting
  • 40. Screenshots
  • 41. Screenshots