Mansa Systems Fast Track Salesforce Integration Package


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Mansa Systems provides Fast Track Integration Services. Go live in Days !

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Mansa Systems Fast Track Salesforce Integration Package

  1. 1. Fast Track Salesforce Integration Package
  2. 2. Mansa Systems IntroductionWho We Are?• Certified Consulting Partner and AppExchange Partner• Founded 2006 -- 40+ Employees Globally• Development centers in California, India, China & Costa RicaWhat We Do?• Services - Implementation & Integration, Development, Training, Consulting• AppExchange Apps – Focused on enhancing Salesforce utilizationHow We Deliver?• Global Delivery using Agile methodology with Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore teams 1
  3. 3. Do you have a 360 degree view of your customers? Do you maintain Customer Data In Multiple Systems and find it difficult to manage them? Do you maintain opportunities in Salesforce and Process Orders In Some Other System? Do you have Multiple Sources For capturing leads and have difficulty getting them into Salesforce? Do you have a problem referencing Invoices with customer records in Salesforce? Does your support group have trouble tracking customer cases because your support system is not integrated with Salesforce? 1
  4. 4. Fast Track Integration Package Designed for Small and Medium size projects Removes the complexity involved in integrating Salesforce and other applications Deliver Integration solutions in 8-10 days Includes 3 to 4 Integration processes Business Problems Solved Business Processes Supported Complete view of CustomerSynchronize Account, Contact, Lead -> Opportunity -> Quote ->Product, Pricebook, etc between Order -> CashSalesforce and other applications …and more… 3
  5. 5. Process and DeliverablesProject Kick-off MeetingIntegration Requirements GatheringIntegration Design Document describing data mapping, transformations andintegration processes3 to 4 Integration Processes connecting Salesforce and other applicationWeb-based Training on Informatica Cloud data synchronization service 1
  6. 6. Key BenefitsRapid Integration – Integration Completed in less than 10 daysCloud Based Integration Service - No hardware or software.Visual Modeling & Mapping - Easy to use interfaceIncrease User-Adoption - Make critical data available in SalesforceIntegration Flexibility – Schedule and monitor Salesforce integrationprocesses 4
  7. 7. Informatica Cloud Overview Informatica Cloud Other Systems True Multi-Tenant Cloud offering Market Leader in data integration Supports companies of all sizes Extreme Ease Of Use Time to deploy - Try And Buy Complete integration lifecycle Salesforce Integration focus Ready made connectors for many on-premise or cloud based applications 2
  8. 8. Customer Success StorySalesforce & Advent Integration for a Wealth Management Firm 5
  9. 9. Salesforce & Advent Integration using Informatica Cloud Company: a Silicon Valley Wealth Management Company Opportunity: Salesforce Integration Vertical: Wealth Management ? Challenge Solution Benefits . Firm was adding and  All Incoming and outgoing Firm had its entire process updating thousands of data about clients, accounts, automated ,without any client entries manually to and positions was manual effort involved in Advent APX. synchronized, with the help sharing, hence saving man Needed a secure interface of Informatica Cloud Sync hours between any systems and service Now firm can easily manage Advent APX. An interface was created in the investments & Without centralized Salesforce which does relationships with the help automated processing, data automated export of client of Salesforce maintenance and data and account data and import Firm can now countercheck quality between Salesforce of account, position, and and store client portfolios and Advent APX was a pain. security data from Advent easily APX. SFTP server was also setup for secure data exchange
  10. 10. Advent & Salesforce Data Flow Diagram? .
  11. 11. Pricing Informatica Fast Track Cloud Sync Package Cost Service License ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------- $5000 – 10000 Discounted Offer AssumptionsThe customer is responsible to ensure the mapping between data elements areunique and presentThe customer is responsible to ensure data formats meet industry standards 6
  12. 12. Contact Us+(1) 415-293-8297info@mansasys.com 7
  13. 13. THANK YOU