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Provisional Event Staff
& Human Talent
event, media &

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  1. 1. Provisional Event Staff & Human Talent for event, media & entertainment industry
  2. 2. Auto Expo, Franchise Expo, Telecom India, Mobile Asia, Indian International Trade Fair are some of the Exhibitions, where we represent the Brands to the millions of visitors. Every person in the Team is Highly Educated, Skilled & Disciplined, so that, your brand is represented to the visitor the way you want it to be. Whatever your requirement is, one person or one hundred, for one day or for one month, just leave it to us, we’ll make sure that it’s fulfilled in the desired manner.
  3. 3. Corporate Events or Exhibitions, Fashion Shows or Weddings, Concerts or Conferences, we are always prepared to deliver the best of Temporary Staff needed to make your Event a success. Starting from Parking attendants to Supervisors, Bouncers to Bartenders, Host/Hostesses to Event Anchors. We are your one stop solution for all your manpower needs. Having over 6 years experience in Events industry, we understand your requirements completely and deliver the best. So, whenever you come up with staffing needs, let us know and we’ll make it happen!!
  4. 4. We understand the importance of effective communication skills, the presentation & the showcasing of your brand to the end consumer. Only a trained, professional & experienced team will be able to solve the purpose of your activation. Be it a Road-show or Mall Activation or any other Brand Promotion campaign, we help you in achieving your goals and move your brand closer to the consumer and thus achieving a better return on your marketing investment than the competition Over hundreds of manpower based promotions in the past, for the clients across the industries, makes us boast of our unmatched quality deliverables for your program.
  5. 5. Manpro represents women, men & Children for any kind of Modeling needs. We recognize & nurture young talent and also partner with many model management agencies to provide the best matching talent.
  6. 6. From the Plain jigs to the contemporary Arts, Manpro provides unique talented artists for all your Events or for any other occasions. @ Manpro, we presents the services at the most competitive prices and with thorough Harmony & Elegance. Just allow us to show you the difference!!
  7. 7. Corporate Events Experiential Marketing Programs Fashion & Lifestyle Conferences Road-shows Fashion Shows Exhibitions Mall Activations Celebrity Parties Product Launches Retail Marketing Meetings In-Shop Activations PR & Media Events Sampling Programs Entertainment Events Seminars Corporate & RWA Activities Musical Concerts Trade Shows Survey/Research Programs Lead Generation Programs Other Brand Marketing & Promotional Activities
  8. 8. For your upcoming Event, Exhibition or Marketing Campaign, please call up our team to find out how we can assist you in finding the best staff & right talent for your campaign. Manpro Contact Nos. # 126, Lower Ground Floor, Gaurav: 09311699004 Pocket 40, C R Park Devender: 09212335375 / 09650755008 New Delhi – 110020 Tel: 011-41076670 Fax: 011- 41076671 Email: / Web: