African grey parrots what you need to know
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African grey parrots what you need to know



African greys parrots.

African greys parrots.
What you need to know?
Perfect beginner guide to every one



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    African grey parrots what you need to know African grey parrots what you need to know Presentation Transcript

    • Longevity guide for your parrot
      African grey edition
    • Longevity guide for african greys
      Author name V.manosankar
      Edition : African grey
      Version : 1.0
    • Do you want your parrot be?
      Long lived,
      And affectionate?
    • For all parrot lovers
      If you’re in an idea of buying African grey or you have already have African grey as pets, this guide will be helpful to you.
      The longevity guide for parrots (African grey edition) will guide you to eliminate the killing factors that reduce the life span of parrots!
    • Learn A to z
      Learn how to raise a friendly and intelligent parrot. Train your parrot to speak, sing etc...
      Earn you parrot trust and establish a good relationship with your bird. Understand your bird psychology and their body language.
    • Few bits you can get in the guide
      Learn how to socialize your parrot with all flock members
      Know what makes your parrot active and healthy
      Know how to terminate biting at beginning stage
      Learn How to train your parrot
      Learn how to select good toys for you parrot
      Our guide will give you a perfect solution to meet all your needs. The book is designed for every African grey parrot owner.
      Learn how to raise a disciplined bird!
    • Eliminate human errors reduces your pet’s lifespan
      Longevity guide for African grey is proven system helps you to enhance your parrot's life
      For every beginners and owners!!!
    • is this book is useful?
      This is a very good question.
      Apart from other guides longevity guide, as the name indicates will guide you to raise your parrot’s normal lifespan to 10-20 years.
      Proper care-food-toys-interaction-enhance-enrichments-cage-train-socialization-vet-familiarization-bond is covered in this book.
      Within next 24 hrs you can eliminate all poor factors associated in their lifespan.
      Almost all the contents are easy to read and understand, you can simply apply useful measures within next day or even an hour! If u can!
    • for proper care
      Learn how to deal with
      Parrot food
      Balanced diet
      Avoiding over dosing, over feeding
      Mal nutrition, toxic foods
      Parrot wings, beaks, nails
      How to bath your bird?
      How to terminate your bird’s aggressive behavior?
      Taming and training your bird
    • more..
      How to select good food?
      How to feed properly?
      What are your grey specific needs?
      What’s the balanced diet? Healthy diet?What is Overdosing, nutritional deficiency, over feeding and unusual foods?
      How to introduce new food for African grey?
      Which is the best time to introduce new food?
      How to deal with sprouting? Pelleted foods? Seeds?
    • You can apply all the measures within 24hrs!!!No compromise
      How to maintain a good relationship?
      What‘s is your parrot’s body language?
      Interacting with your bird
      How diet affects pet’s behavior? Avoid inappropriate diet
      Toxic Foods to avoid
      Emphasizing, meats, dairy foods, encouraging
      Why nutritional food is so important?
    • Cage and toys
       How to select best cage for my bird?
      Learn how to deal with cage size and cage safety?
      Select the good cage for your bird?
      Which cage you can afford? You can trust?
      Value for your money?
      Which are the best materials for the cage?
      Lining and bar spacing
      Best place for my parrot cage
    • Continues
      How to keep my parrot cage clean?
      Why stainless steel is best?
      Height and width
      Safety advice for selecting toys
      Characteristics of good toys
      Buying toys
      Introducing toys
      Encouraging your parrot to play with toys
      Toy evaluation
      Rotating and recycling the toys, toy kit
      How to find bad, dangerous toys?
    • Behavior training
      Screaming. Do and don’t!
      How to change bad behavior?
      How to deal with chewing?
      How to avoid stress?
      How to avoid boredom?
      How to terminate wild behavior?
      Offering a occupational therapy
    • Bonding
      Bonding and trust. What should you need to know!
      How to avoid misunderstanding?
      How to maintain a strong bond?
      How to earn your parrot’s trust?
      Reinforcing and reinforcements
      Why should you avoid punishments?
      Training your bird
    • Offer enrichments
      Why should I offer parrot enrichments?
      What are the benefits of parrot enrichments?
      How to setup my schedule?
      What are the items I can use for enrichments?
      How long I can offer it? How to deal with results?
      Selecting the play time
      Keeping the track of play time
      Boosting the interest!
      Setup and using the play time
      Why foraging systems are important?
      Easy ideas for foraging
      Sample methods you can use in real time
    • Maintaining good health
      Choosing the vet for your bird!
      Tools, supplies and setup your first aid kit?
      Masking phenomenon in birds. What are the signs of illness and major diseases?
      Human errors. How to correct human errors causing bad health in parrots?
      How to deal with dogs, cats, children and temperature
      How to avoid poor socialization?
      What are the effects of feather dander and dust?
      Health insurance for your pet
      What is over dependency, over bonding?
      How much sleep is enough?
      What should you know about parrot hormones?
      Dealing with phobia
      Root causes of Feather plucking
      Treatments for feather plucking
      Why exercise is important?
      5 good things for your daily routine!
    • The longevity guide is easy to read and understand. the guide is for every parrot owner(african grey) helps you to set a security zone around your parrot and enhance your parrot's normal life to 20 years.
    • Top reasons why this book is worth
      Proper food
      >>The complete details about giving her a perfect, balanced, healthy food. all the requirements are covered
      Proper toys, cage and training
      >> What you should know about the cage, toys etc..
      Bonding and relationship
    • Why should I buy continued..
      >> How should you bond with your bird and establish relationship your bird
      Behavior and obedience
      >> You can change the bad ones!
       Socialization, security and safety
      >>  Socialize your bird, give high end security. Ensure safety at any time you’re in and out
       Maintaining good health. Enhancing your parrot lifespan
      >> Not only maintaining good health, but also giving her interaction, food, toy as mentioned before . A to z solution for African greys
    • I wish you to have a happy , long lived,
      Affectionate, curious ,demanding and joyful pet
      V.Mano sankar
      There is no weapon bigger then love, there is no punishment bigger than pardon, there is no mercy bigger than kind
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