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African grey ebook
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African grey ebook


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African grey eboooks

African grey eboooks

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  • 1. Buy
  • 2. Buy Greetings!!! Longevity Guide is easy to read and understand. The guide focus on three factors What is the base for longevity? How to construct it? How to enhance and keep it? I promise you my guide will help you in: • Good diet, the base for my book • Cage , toys, behavior training the construction of longevity • High security zone defending your parrot from poor safety and security in all major concerns • Enhance your parrot’s normal life span to more than 20 years by giving Proper care, environment, good routine,
  • 3. Buy bonding, socialization and enrichment opportunity’s! While Researching and Designing the book I Kept African Grey in my mind. This book is for any psittacine bird and it will be centralized for African grey To buy my e-book go to Contents:- Introduction ---------------------------------- 1 Diet 1. The diet requirements for African grey 2. How to present the food! 3. Avoid inappropriate diet 4. Diet affects pet’s behavior 5. Balanced diet, healthy diet
  • 4. Buy 6. Tips for healthy diet 7. Prevent nutritional deficiency 8. Two ways for encouraging the bird to eat food 9. The Nutritional diet 10. Avoid unusual food 11. Avoid vitamin over dosing 12. Avoid over feeding 13. Avoid mal nutrition 14. Protein 15. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 16. Meats 17. Dairy Food 18. Carbohydrates 19. Minerals
  • 5. Buy 20. Sprouting 21. Calcium 22. Flax seed 23. Pelleted food 24. Introduce your own food Cage Learn how to deal with… 1. Cage safety 2. Cage size 3. Height and width 4. Cage construction 5. Cage spacing 6. Is this cage fit for my bird? 7. Cage material, Trust, affords and value for money! 8. Cage placement 9. Keeping bird cage clean
  • 6. Buy Toys 1. Toy safety advice 2. Toy size 3. How to identify good toy 4. Buying toys 5. Encouraging your parrot to play with toys 6. Toy Evaluation 7. Rotating and recycling the toys 8. Prepare toy kit 9. Eliminate dangerous toys from parrot environment Care 1. Beak, nails, wings, Bathing, House breaking and screaming 2. Tips for Avoiding Stress 3. Occupational therapy 4. Chewing
  • 7. Buy 5. Behavior modification 6. Parrot enrichment 7. Foraging 8. Bonding 9. Trust 10. Familiarization 11. Reinforcements 12. Establishing a Good Relationship 13. Parrot body language 14. Interacting with your bird 15. Talking and biting 16. Taming unusual behavior 17. Terminating aggressive behavior 18. Masking phenomenon, illness 19. Parrots and children, dogs, cats, temperature 20. Poor socialization and socializing young birds
  • 8. Buy 21. Feather dander and dust 22. Health insurance 23. Mental simulation, exercise and sleeping 24. Over dependency and over bonding 25. Phobia and egg binding, windows and mirrors 26. Feather plucking 27. Toxic foods 28. 5 things to do in Daily routine 29. Choosing your vet 30. Over 100 pages of free reports • Hazardous substances • Tools and supplies for First aid kit • Safe plants • Harmful plants • Vitamin a (
  • 9. Buy • Vitamin b • Vitamin c • Iron • Magnesium • Vitamin e I Wish You to Have a Happy, Affectinate, Joy Full and Messy, active, Demanding, Curious, and Long Lived Bird. -V.Mano sankar