Working with Maritime Spatial Planning


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Presentation for the Erasmus Mundus Master on MSP in Seville (Spain) in February 2014. The aim of the talk was to describe briefly how countries work work MSP in the Baltic Sea and to show some experiences of professionals working with different tasks related to Maritime Spatial Planning

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  • Working with Maritime Spatial Planning

    1. 1. Manuel Frias Master on MSP Seville 3-6 February 2014 Working with MSPIs there hope? OF COURSE there is!!
    2. 2. I will start with some GOOD NEWS for you
    3. 3. ” Measures to restore the health of the Baltic Sea could bring jobs by 2030”
    4. 4. ” Measures to restore the health of the Baltic Sea could bring Source: WWF, BCG 550.000 jobs by 2030”
    5. 5. REGIONAL BALTIC MSP ROADMAP 2013-2020 5.1 Promote the education and 5. Education for MSP professional development of MSP planners.
    6. 6. The differences are HUGE Who is reponsible for MSP in the Baltic Sea?
    7. 7. Sweden
    8. 8. Finland Ministry of environment Municipalities /Regional Councils
    9. 9. Poland Maritime authority Ministry of environment Research institutes Regional authorities Ministry of regional development
    10. 10. How did these people end up working with MSP?
    11. 11. Jan Schmidtbauer Crona Hello, I am Jan and I am a biologist /environmentalist with focus on EIA (Environmental ImpactAssessment)
    12. 12. I have worked a long time in terrestial planning until I ended up working with MSP
    13. 13. Now I work in SwAM. I am responsible for the implementation of the Ecosystem Approach and the Strategic EnvironmentalAssessment
    14. 14. My advice to you: get a solid education in something you like. MSP is multidisciplinary and there is a need for natural and social scientists
    15. 15. Also, build your experience by working on project or even for free in the beginning, if necessary Hire me!
    16. 16. And don’t forget building a network. Networking is about making friends!!
    17. 17. Angela Schultz-Zehden 1 14 45 875 406 Hello I amAngela and I am an economist and I also hold an MBA by the London School of Economics
    18. 18. I started working with MSP in 2001 in a project called BaltCoast. I was in charge of making the main recommendations for introducing sea-use planning in the Baltic
    19. 19. I bring together, organize and develop activities for the different actors in MSP
    20. 20. My advice: You should have a combination of knowledge and prespectives. Coordination and management skills are important! Combine technical knowledge with economics
    21. 21. We are We work as Our advice to you Biologist BiologistEconomist Geographer Planner Manager Manager Coordinator Networking is king Combine technical with management knowledge Be active Learn negotiation skills Jan Angela Jens Anda
    22. 22. My personal ADVICE
    23. 23. It’s all about networking
    24. 24. Use social media!!
    25. 25. Flickr: Vizzzual be active! be positive! be patient! My recipe