Advanced tutorial For Attendance Manager V1.1


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Advanced help file for our android application Attendance Manager V1.1

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Advanced tutorial For Attendance Manager V1.1

  1. 1. Advanced Tutorial
  2. 2. This Tutorial Covers-● Resetting Timetable ● Importing/Exporting Timetable ● Backing Up/Restoring Timetable● Resetting Everything● Resetting Attendance ● Include Backup Check-box in Stats
  3. 3. Reset Attendance Can be accessed by clicking on menu soft key of Android Reset attendance will clear only attendance record The timetable fed will be intact This can be used by user after importing timetable from sender to clear attendance of sender
  4. 4. Resetting Timetable Exporting Timetable It may happen that you have already fed timetable and your friend/classmate wants to use same timetable. Instead of him feeding the same timetable manually, AM V1.1 introduces new feature for this Export/Import timetable. Click on Menu Soft Key on Android Phone, Click on Timetable Options
  5. 5. Resetting Timetable Exporting Timetable A file named “am” will be saved in my files (/sd card)Click on Export Timetable Minimize Attendance Manager, Send “am” file to your Friend/classmate via bluetooth (or any other method)
  6. 6. Resetting Timetable Exporting TimetableClick on My files after minimizing Scroll below and send “am” file to other userAttendance Manager app Via bluetooth (or other transfer mode)
  7. 7. Resetting Timetable Importing Timetable The user who wants to received timetable Via bluetooth (“am” file) must have installed Attendance Manager V1.1.apk On start up he must get this screen Click/Tap on Import from bluetooth folder User should Import Successful messageNote that (receiver)user will receive timetable as well as attendance record of the senderClick on Reset Attendance on menu of AM to Clear Attendance and retain ONLY the timetable
  8. 8. Resetting Timetable Back Up/Restore TimetableAfter Each week it is strongly recommended that Export Timetable feature be usedThe am file is the back-up database file and that be stored in some other folderIf your attendance record/timetable is lost accidentally or intentionally, Placing thisbackup am file in the same phones bluetooth folder (/sdcard/bluetooth) and importingthis from AM app(Menu>>Timetable Options>>Import Timetable) will restore thebackup with proper timetable and attendance recordNote that am file should NOT be renamed, else importing will fail
  9. 9. Resetting Timetable Reset timetable This feature is used to clear entire Timetable with attendance record Note that this WONT erase the subject list And the subjects can fed into timetable Clicking on Reset Timetable will prompt a Dialog boxMenu Soft key>>Timetable Options
  10. 10. Resetting Timetable Include Backup option For a new timetable, previous attendanceClicking on Yes will save attendance Can be included (cumulative attendance)stats and the timetable will be erased. By checking Include Backup option,This ENABLES Include Backup option Un-check the box to get attendance of New timetable only
  11. 11. Reset Everything Can be accessed by clicking on menu soft key of Android Reset Everything erases all record including Timetable, attendance etc. This will make application to go back to first run Screen
  12. 12. This might be difficult for a beginner, but this can begrasped easily as when usage of Attendance ManagerincreasesTry advanced features, and in case of doubt feel freeTo contact us on our Face book Page.And yeah, bunk safely ;) – Team AM
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