Augmented Reality in future


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What does future holds?

What ever word we choose to describe, everything boils down to one word "Transparency".

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Augmented Reality in future

  1. 1. Experience everything without experiencing anything. Yeah, you read it right.
  2. 2. Praising the photographer for this beautiful shot? Well you need to praise the graphic artist. The real flower is imported on to a virtual environment. Created with Bryce 6.0! Welcome to Augmented reality!
  3. 3. This presentation is a mashup with similar presentations, visuals and videos along with my thoughts. Credits in the end of the slide.
  4. 4. Augmented reality.
  5. 5. This is what it does Creates a layer between the real view and the user preview. Image source: Patrickcollings presentation (Hyperlink in the end of presentation)
  6. 6. So What?!! Well Nothing..
  7. 7. Everything Everything will become Transparent nt! Transparent
  8. 8. We all become Terminators
  9. 9. And Transformers
  10. 10. HUH ? !
  11. 11. NO KIDDING!
  12. 12. SEE it to believe it
  13. 13. AR in mobile Marketing
  14. 14. Just point your mobile on the press ad of BMW, it displays The video, technical specifications, virtual tour and user ratings. Already happened in New Zealand. Case study in the end.
  15. 15. Just point your mobile to a hotel. You will be getting the video, reviews, rent of a hotel along with Google Adwords ;)
  16. 16. SEE it to believe it
  17. 17. SEE it to believe it
  18. 18. AR in gaming
  19. 19. • Now we can bind the virtual world and real world • Think if people play a treasure hunt game via mobile, all the clues are embedded via AR • They just need to point their phone to the objects, it tracks them via GPS and show them relevant content like route map to proceed to next level
  20. 20. SEE it to believe it
  21. 21. AR in social engagement
  22. 22. AR data sponsored by the local retailer near the street!
  23. 23. Point your mobile in the crowd and it will tell you about their social identity like FB, Linkedin, twitter profiles and matches them to your profile with their tag cloud!... What more just start a conversation! Image source: Tompurves presentation (Hyperlink in the end of presentation)
  24. 24. What more you want about him? Without even a single word of conversation!
  25. 25. • Yea, this is the future • Just point your mobile or an AR device to some one, and get the user rating about them, their sexual behavior, their blog entries, photos from their Flickr account and more.. • Without talking a word to them you can either say a HI or BYE ;)
  26. 26. AR in learning
  27. 27. • When students visit a museum they can talk with a dinosaur and can play with him • Or they can learn Big bang theory just by pointing their book to the computer • Teachers just need to tell the students to point their book to the AR device fixed in their desks and the lessons will be ARcasted!
  28. 28. Role of a teacher. Just clarify the doubts of students! It will be harder than teaching ;)
  29. 29. Rocket science wont be hard enough for students anymore
  30. 30. AR in maps
  31. 31. When integrated with Maps AR, creates magic! A virtual tour of a city for tourists enabled with Google street view, when they point their mobile at the city map!
  32. 32. Getting lost in a foreign city will be more fun in the future! ;)
  33. 33. AR for consumers
  34. 34. An outdoor signage of a Rock concert will show you video previews, interactive profile of the band!
  35. 35. EMPOWERMENT!
  36. 36. SEE it to believe it
  37. 37. AR for Brands
  38. 38. Brands can do nothing other than Staying relevant with the changing times!
  39. 39. When a user points her mobile in Tesco, based on her personal profile and preferences she created, her mobile will tell her suggestions by identifying the RFID tags in the apparels!
  40. 40. Imagine this for all the Product categories! Along with user reviews, Spoof videos, overall Ratings, competitor’s ads etc!!! Whoofff….
  41. 41. Brands need to realize that the era of STATIC brand messages are over! ELSE… Consumers look at your brand as a cat even if it enjoys a lion’s share in the market!
  42. 42. Are the consumers ready? You doubt it?
  43. 43. Hi, I am Manoj Kandasamy! I’m a mobile solutions professional.. I’m from Bangalore, India. NOBODY CARES!
  44. 44. Hi II’’m @manojksamy Now I have people following my tweets from different parts of the world!
  45. 45. • We are already reached the digital namesphere • No one cares whether I am warm, polite or caring BUT they cares about my tag cloud! • They don’t praise you for your PhD. But they respect you for your blog entries, Slideshare presentations and those white papers you published!
  46. 46. Imagine a mom talk to her kid in kids language?!!
  47. 47. Feeling weird?
  48. 48. you might think everything is over. But you wont realize That.. This will be the beginning.
  49. 49. “Must see” presentations on Augmented reality • designing-for-an-augmented-reality-world • patrick-collings
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  51. 51. Thanks to.
  52. 52. @manojksamy manojksamy