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Introduction to MSN Adcenter

Introduction to MSN Adcenter



Presentation given at my office in 2009 - A Basic Introduction to MSN Adcenter.

Presentation given at my office in 2009 - A Basic Introduction to MSN Adcenter.



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    Introduction to MSN Adcenter Introduction to MSN Adcenter Presentation Transcript

    • An Introduction to Microsoft ® adCenter
    • Online Advertising
      • What Online Advertising Can Do for Your Business
      • - Simply put, Online Advertising is an effective, low-cost way to get new customers to find your business when they’re online looking to buy.
      • Key Benefits of Online Advertising
      • • It’s affordable.
      • • It can bring traffic to your site.
      • • It can generate leads.
      • • It helps build awareness of your products and services.
      • • It allows you to measure and track your campaign.
    • Facts – Search Advertising
      • Study by DoubleClick in 2006:
      • Research & Purchases Made
      • 41% of US customers used search engines
      • 10% used a print ad
      • Only 9% TV ad.
      • Advertising Costs -
      • US Bancorp Piper Jaffray reveals the cost per lead:
      • $0.29 from search engines
      • $1.18 for yellow pages advertising
      • $9.94 for direct mail inserts.
    • Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
      • A unique set of global products and services that provides three key benefits to advertisers:
        • Reaches your target audiences across multiple digital touch-points (PCs, Xbox consoles, web enabled phones, PDAs)
        • Engages your brand with your consumers through our digital media properties and performance advertising products
        • Helps you achieve measurable results through research and partnership services
      • Microsoft adCenter (Formerly MSN adCenter) is one of the Digital Advertising Solutions.
    • History
      • Microsoft was the last of the "Big 3" search engines (Microsoft, Google and Yahoo!)
      • Until the beginning of 2006, all of the ads displayed on the MSN search engine were supplied by Overture (and later Yahoo!). MSN collected a portion of the ad revenue in return.
      • As search marketing grew, Microsoft developed its own system, Microsoft adCenter.
      • As the system was phased in, MSN search showed Yahoo! and Microsoft adCenter advertising in its search results.
      • As of June 2006, the contract between Yahoo! and Microsoft has expired and Microsoft is displaying ads from adCenter only.
    • Microsoft adCenter – Basics I
      • Microsoft adCenter currently provides PPC Model.
      • All it costs is a one-time, non-refundable sign-up fee of $5 (£5 for UK) charged on your credit card.
      • After that, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
      • If you need help getting started, use Microsoft adCenter QuickLaunch. You’ll be assigned a dedicated search expert, who can team with you to plan, create, execute, and analyze your first adCenter campaign.
      • QuickLaunch is free if your budget spend is at least $17 per day.
    • Microsoft adCenter – Basics II
      • An easy user interface built on Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework.
      • Similarly to Google AdWords, to determine how frequently an advertisement is shown:
        • The maximum amount an advertiser is willing to pay per click
        • The advertisement's click-through rate (CTR)
        • Relevance of keywords in case of Live Search
      • Targeting - Restricting ads based on demographics
      • Incremental Bidding: increasing their bids whenever the ad is seen by a user of a certain demographic.
      • Ad Center uses the MOSAIC Geo-Demographic system. Mosaic Global is a consistent segmentation system that covers over 400 million of the world’s households. Its a technology by Experian Marketing Solutions. (source- webmetricsguru.com)
    • Where do the Adcenter ads show up
      • Live Search
      • MSN - and all the spaces targeted to specific content or interests like Astrology, Autos, Sports, yellow pages etc.
      • Windows Live - hotmail, messenger, win live spaces
      • Office Live and Office Online
      • Microsoft Properties
        • Windows Marketplace
        • WindowsMedia.com
      • Xbox Live
      • Content Ads on Partner Properties
        • FaceBook
        • Digg.com
        • EA Sports network
        • Other Participating Websites
    • Restrictions – Ad Approval Ain’t Easy
      • Pharmaceutical advertisers / use of pharmaceutical-related keywords require PharmacyChecker Verification in US
      • Keywords - Forbidden Characters like ^ @ * ( ) + { } ?
      • Ads that promote / contain
        • Gambling content
        • illegal drugs or related paraphernalia
        • Fireworks, firearms or weapons of any kind
        • Adult/sexual content
        • Beer or hard alcohol
        • Drug testing
        • fake identification or documentation
        • Free offers and sweepstakes
        • Ads contain Defamatory content or excessive use of promotional language
      • The approval is very strict and they check the quality of your advertisers landing page
    • How is Adcenter Organized
      • Customer The topmost hierarchy
      • Account More than One a/c per customer
      • Campaign set of one or more ad groups More than one campaign supported
      • Ad group 1 or more Groups of individual advertisements. Helps to distinguish ads in meaningful ways.
      • Keywords ads are associated with keywords. All keywords in an ad group are associated with all the ads in that ad group.
    • A Sample Promotion Campaign
      • Campaign
        • Flowers Promotion
      • Ad Groups
        • Gift Giving
        • Seeds
      • Ads under each groups
    • Microsoft adCenter - Step by Step
      • 1. Create a Campaign
      • Name your campaign and set targets – location, time etc.
      • 2. Build Your Ad
      • Compose your ad, provide the links (URLs) for your ad, and even customize your ad so you can dynamically insert text.
      • 3. Create Your Keyword List
      • Use tools to research keywords that could help your campaign and also upload keywords in bulk if you already have campaigns on other search engines.
      • 4. Set Your Budget, Place Bids, and Submit
      • Decide how much you want to spend on your campaign and any target you may have applied. Then submit your order.
    • Screenshot - Creating a Campaign
    • Targeting Your Ads
    • Keywords
      • For each keyword, you can select a keyword match type:
      • Broad: If customers search by using the words in your keyword list, in any order, your ad will display. Broad match can also trigger displays for synonyms, plurals, and related phrases, even when they're not in your keyword list.
      • Phrase: Considers your keyword a match with a customer's search query if the query includes all words in the exact order given, even in combination with other words. For example, "toy plane" is a phrase match with "toy plane" and "wooden toy plane" but not with "toy wooden plane.“
      • Exact: The most focused keyword matching option. When you choose exact matching for a keyword, your ad will appear only when that exact keyword is entered with no other keywords.)
      • Negative Keyword: Use negative keywords to prevent your ad from appearing in unrelated searches.
        • hair styling product - "mousse" is a keyword
        • Dont want search queries to produce results on chocolate desserts
        • Specify "chocolate" and "dessert" as negative keywords.
      • Edit your keywords in bulk Simple Excel format file you can edit and upload online with keywords.
    • Keyword Bidding
      • Enter a bid for all keywords
      • Enter separate bids for
        • all Content Ads keywords
        • all Search Ads keywords
      • Change the bids for individual keywords
      • Incremental Bids
      • Estimate the bids needed for each keyword to reach average position
      • Microsoft adCenter does not reveal what other advertisers are bidding.
      • One just needs to pay $.01 more than the next highest bidder, all other factors being equal
    • Dynamic Text in Keywords
    • Incremental Bids
      • you bid an additional amount beyond your keyword bid to target customer location, day of week , time of day, customer age or customer gender.
    • Actual cost per click
      • The actual cost per click for each keyword varies on:
        • Your bid on a keyword
        • Other advertisers' bids for the same keyword
        • The number of customers who click your ad
        • Whether you have set incremental bids for targeting customers by location, time, or demographics and the amount of those bids
      • You are never charged more than your bid, rather you might pay less
    • adCenter – Campaign Budget
      • Divide budget across month.
        • Use this option if you want to distribute a tight budget over an entire month or if you don't want to monitor your account regularly.
      • Spend budget until depleted.
        • Use this option if you want to maximize impressions and you are monitoring your campaign throughout the month.
      • Budget is Pro-rated for the month
      • For either budget option, if spending reaches your budget limit before the end of the month, all ad groups in your campaign are paused.
      • To resume campaign, simply increase your budget again.
    • adCenter Reports
      • Report groups
      • Delivery
        • Account Performance Level
        • Campaign Performance Level
        • Keyword Performance Level
        • Ad Performance Level
      • Billing & Budget
        • Budget summary
      • Targeting
        • Age and gender targeting Level Based
        • Geographical location targeting Level Based
      • Reports – Text, Image Graphs, Interactive Animated Charts
      • Stats show Hourly Update
    • Conversion Tracking
      • Conversion tracking is a free service that Microsoft adCenter provides to help you measure the results of your advertising efforts.
      • A conversion is reported when your customer completes the specified action on a page that includes a conversion tracking
      • Snippet. A line of JavaScript generated by Microsoft adCenter. You can place the snippet on a webpage to track conversions. Completed conversions are expressed as a percentage called a conversion rate.
      • Conversion tracking works at the campaign level
    • Microsoft adCenter – Billing & Payments
      • Value-added tax (VAT) is not charged for this type of online service.
      • They do not mail billing statements, but you can print the statement made available online.
      • Microsoft adCenter currently accepts VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards.
      • Microsoft adCenter does not accept payments by PayPal, Check or Bank transfer.
      • Microsoft adCenter does not offer prepay options.
    • Case Study – move.com
      • Campaign Results
      • Costs were 50% less compared to the overall search campaign average
      • adCenter drove an additional 40,000 unique visitors and 500,000 page views
      • CTR went 466% higher
    • Case Study – TextBooks.com
      • Textbooks.com first began their Microsoft search advertising campaign in September 2006.
      • Since the optimizations took effect in December, Textbooks.com has seen powerful results:
        • Click through rate (CTR) conversion rate increased 477 percent
        • 307 percent respectively.
    • AdLab – The Experiment Zone
      • Checkout some of the tools adCenter offers for research and future promises
    • Search marketing is not just about clicks - it’s about conversions.
      • It’s about getting the right people to click on your site, people who are more likely to convert and give you an increased return on investment.
      • This is where Microsoft adCenter can really make a difference – turning more of those clicks into customers by giving you:
      • * A quality audience
      • * Intelligent targeting tools
      • * Intelligent analysis and reporting
      • * Great service and support
      • This audience is also more likely to convert than any other - 70% more than the average UK searcher and over twice as likely as Google searchers. * (NNR Megaview Search - May - July 2006)
    • THE END Presented By Manoj Khiyani