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Digital Marketing Project, e-marketing Project, Internet Marketing Project
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Digital Marketing Project, e-marketing Project, Internet Marketing Project


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Digital Marketing is an alternative terms for online marketing or e-marketing. There is no difference between online marketing and digital marketing but a few experts also make a few difference …

Digital Marketing is an alternative terms for online marketing or e-marketing. There is no difference between online marketing and digital marketing but a few experts also make a few difference between both type marketing as they have said that digital marketing bears of virtual products but online marketing carries virtual and physical products. Business and marketing has been redirected to online presence either physical or digital products because World Wide Web has become common household name around the globe. Normally customers and clients check their needs online either physical products or digital products.

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  • 1. DIGITAL MARKETING Manohar Prasad
  • 2. Agenda: • Importance of the Internet and Digital Marketing to Business • Where are the opportunities? • How Digital Marketing impacts the bottom line? • Strategic approach to Digital Marketing • Building an Digital Marketing Strategy • Value of Measurement and Performance Analysis1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 3. Digital Marketing “Internet marketing is achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies.” “eMarketing is achieving marketing objectives through use of electronic communications technology.”1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 4. Why go Digital? • 89% of Internet users regularly use a search engine for products and services • Usage of Internet across the world increasing exponentially • Internet is no longer a niche marketing channel worthy of investment for the future • Most Economical Marketing Medium to reach a large, astute and knowledgeable audience 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 5. What is Digital Marketing?Digital marketing involves the promotion of productsand services using digital distribution channels thatreach consumers in a timely, relevant, personal andcost-effective manner.Digital channels can have several categories, such as theinternet, mobile, digital outdoors, and any form ofinteractive digital media.Each category has multiple digital tools / sub-channelsthat can support digital marketing. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 6. •Internet- Email, banner ads, dedicated websites, pop-up ads, sponsored content, paid keyword search,podcasts, social networks, blogs, wikis, virtual worlds,and RSS.•Mobile- SMS, mobile web, mobile applications, andmobile video.•Digital Outdoors- Video digital display.•Interactive digital medium- Television Channels. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 7. Types of Digital marketing Two different forms of digital marketing are: • Pull • Push “Internet marketing is achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies.” 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 8. Pull Digital Marketing• The consumer actively seeks the marketing content,often via web searches or opening an email, text ormessage.•Websites and blogs are examples of pull digitalmarketing.• Users have to navigate to the website to view thecontent.• Search engine optimization is one tactic used toincrease activity. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 9. Push Digital Marketing•The marketer sends a message without the consent ofthe recipients, such as display advertising on websitesand news blogs.• Email and text messaging can also be classed as pushdigital marketing when the recipient has not givenpermission to receive the marketing message.• Push marketing is also known as spam.• Push technologies can deliver content as it becomesavailable and can be better targeted to consumerdemographics, although audiences are often smaller,and creation and distribution costs are higher. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 10. Additional Types of Digital Marketing•Mass marketing is a marketing method that broadcasts amessage to a large audience. The marketing message is notaddressable, and is not easily tracked and measured.• Online marketing is a marketing method that usesInternet tools such as email, search engine optimizationand banner ads to send marketing messages to consumers.• Mobile marketing is a marketing method that allowsmarketers to send marketing messages to consumersthrough the technologies found on a consumer’s mobiledevice. Consumers opt in to receive messages.•Email marketing is a marketing method that uses email tosend a marketing message to a targeted audience. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 11. Effect on Traditional Marketing1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 12. Who’s Using Digital Marketing? Small to Medium Businesses increasingly rely upon online digital marketing techniques and distribution channels. Digital communications and multimedia technologies are significantly changing the way SMBs communicate with their customers to promote products and market services.1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 13. Where are the opportunities? • Incremental Revenues • Reduced Cost of Marketing and Promotion • Comprehensive Exposure • Enhanced Brand Image • Better Customer Relationship Management • Better Measurement and Performance Analysis 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 14. Incremental Revenues • Lower cost of sales • Easily attract new customers through very targeted and measurable marketing efforts • Global reach is easily possible • Segmentation and reaching Target Audience is easy and effective 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 15. Reduced Cost of Marketing • Digital Marketing basically requires an attractive and user friendly website • Provides lowest cost of sales • Enables easy reach to very large audience • Low cost of acquisition per customer 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 16. Brand Image and Exposure • Improving business’s visibility to a very targeted audience for long term relationship • Build a community around your business to improve its brand value • Help enhance offerings and delivered value preposition 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 17. Driving Incremental Revenue • Various marketing opportunities available • Advantages of each approach/tactics • Return on Investment for various approaches • Focusing in the right direction 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 18. The Marketing Opportunities For creating an effective marketing plan, consider various stages on customer interaction in the marketing process. Conversion Acquisition Retention Analysis • Website • SEO • CRM • Web Design • SMO • Customer Analysis • Content • PPC Service • ROI • UI • Ads • Facilities • Analytics • Offerings 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 19. Site Conversion: The Key to Success • Perfect and Optimised Website provides better conversion • Best Investment Scenario: Increasing the conversion ratio of visitors to customersConversion1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 20. Measuring Website Conversion • Regular website conversion and performance analysis to ensure optimum site performance • Measuring Visits, Conversions and Persuasion will give an accurate picture of Returns on Marketing InvestmentsConversion1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 21. Measuring Website ConversionConversion1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 22. Driving Incremental TrafficNew and Incremental Existing Customers Customers• SEO • Email Campaign• SMO • Newsletter• PPC • Customer Service• Banner Ads • Offers• Listings Acquisition1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 23. New and Incremental CustomersSearch Engine Optimisation• Improving Keyword Ranking in Search Results• Improves the volume and quality of traffic through organic search result listings• Most important online marketing activity• Strategic Activity with long term benefits• SEO can take up to 6 - 12 months to deliver significant results• SEO is an iterative process requiring careful analysis and modifications• Ensures high-quality, targeted and incremental traffic 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 24. New and Incremental CustomersPay Per Click• Delivers targeted traffic instantly• Delivers significant returns and quickly to become an ongoing activity• PPC campaigns compliment SEO and SMO activities• Running SEO and PPC ensures best returns1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 25. New and Incremental Customers Social Media Marketing • Most interactive digital marketing tactics • Creates an everlasting value preposition • Enhances your brand value • Develops a community closely associated with your organization and offerings • Helps audience to communicate in a healthy way across various verticals • Creates awareness, spread the word , improves participation, keep audience engaged and helps in getting a genuine opinion from target audience 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 26. Existing Customers• Never overlook existing customers in the fervour to find new ones• Manage existing customers effectively• Improve customer loyalty and value through long term association• Synchronize your online proposition with your offline environment• Regular interaction with existing customers will enhance loyalty and reinforce the brand value Retention1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 27. Result and Measurement Analysis• Digital Marketing offers unparalleled ways for result measurement and performance analysis• Measuring Visits, Conversions and Persuasion will give a better picture on returns on marketing investments• There are three key areas to measure  Website Conversion Rate  Website Performance  ROI on Marketing Investment Analysis1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 28. Result and Measurement Analysis Site Performance Analysis  Where are customers are coming from?  How long are they staying on the website?  Which keywords are driving them to website?  Which platform is delivering best traffic?  Which activity is giving better results?Analysis1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 29. How well defined is your plan?1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 30. How have you assessed your capabilities? 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 31. Are our customers different now? 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 32. New Media, Old Habits! 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 33. Media! Source: “Facebook suffers drop in users”, TVNZ Feb 22, 2008 5% drop in the number of UK MySpace fall in Facebook users share from 23.14% between December to 22.58% and January Facebooks market share dropped from 18.36% in December to 17.95% in January 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 34. Do you have the right resources?% of marketing headcount who are digital specialists? You: (a) 0-20% (b) 20-40% (c) >40% Research: 1 in 3 Ratio: 2 Acquisition: 4 Conversion: 2 Retention: 8 IT1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 35. Do you have the right team structure?“No perfect way to organise structure. A single team has benefitthey’re 100% digital, breathing digital, risk is there is disconnect with offline world” Managing Director Sales and Operations Buying & IT Finance (& IT) marketing (incl service) merchandising Director Director Director Customer Web Sales or web Customer Acqusition Sales Analyst Development Search Customer Campaign engine experience manager marketing & merchandising (Email & DM) Partner Content Database marketing & creative Executive & advertising1/10/2013 Example of team Marketing @ for small-medium retailer Digital structure maestro
  • 36. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 37. Resources needed for large digital team!1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 38. How automated is your optimization? Web analytics (WA) Email Service Providers Website experimentationPurpose: Analyse customer Purpose: ESPs broadcast and Purpose: AB testing andwebsite behaviour and marketing track emails as part of campaigns multivariate testing of alternativeoutcomes related to referrer or automated contact strategy pages and journeyssegments Vendors:Email Reaction, Email Vendors: Google websiteVendors:Google Analytics, Vision, Exact Target Silverpop, Optimizer, Maxymiser,Omniture,Visual Sciences, Responsys, Vertical Response Offermatica, Omniture andWebtrends Optimost Website personalisation Marketing Optimisation Enterprise analyticsPurpose: Automated and rules- Purpose: A hub to manage and Purpose: Provide analysis toolsbased recommendations and automate performance for creating dashboards and in-merchandising based on referrer, improvements across customer depth analysisproducts browsed and/or contacts of acquisition, Vendors: Business Objects andcustomer data conversion and retention. Provide Cognos plus WA vendors e.g.Vendors: atg, Fredhopper, integration with E-CRM systems Omniture DiscoverOmniture Touch Clarity and Vendors: Omniture, WebWunderloop Trends, Visual Sciences.Ad tracking & optimisation Behavioural ad targeting Paid search optimisationPurpose: Serve display ads and Purpose: Serves relevant ads Purpose: Serves relevant adsoptimise yield for advertisers and based on content consumed and based on content consumed andpublishers. Also track other audience profile. Also re- audience profile. Also re-media channels such as affiliate targeting of ad viewers potentially targeting of ad viewers potentiallyand search to understand on advertisers site. on advertisers site.customer journeys Vendors:, Blue Vendors: Atlas Search, EfficientVendors: Atlas, Doubleclick Dart Lithium, Revenue Sciences, Frontier, Google conversion 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestroplus WA vendors Tacoda optimizer, Search Works
  • 39. How refined is your SEM capability?1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 40. Analytics capability maturity1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 41. How refined is your site conversion optimization ? 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 42. How refined is your email marketing capability? 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 43. Why Use Digital Marketing?1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 44. p1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 45. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 46. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 47. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 48. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 49. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 50. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 51. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 52. Conclusion !•Digital marketing methodology is designed to drivecompany’s online success.•We start by understanding what winning means to yourbusiness and where your current challenges lie.•Our approach is customized to bring together the powerof Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising, and Social Media Marketing (SMM) tocreate remarkable, results-driven marketing programs. 1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro
  • 53. Thank You ! CONNECT WITH ME manoharprasad01 Manohar Prasad (500+) Manohar Prasad (2200+)1/10/2013 Digital Marketing @ maestro