Muscle labeling for students
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Muscle labeling for students






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Muscle labeling for students Muscle labeling for students Presentation Transcript

  • Abdominis (abdomen) Femoris (femur) Temporalis (temple)Anconeus (elbow) Genio- (chin) Thoracis (thoracic region)Auricularis (auricle of ear) Glosso- /-glossal (tongue) Tibialis (tibia)Brachialis (brachium) Hallucis (great toe) Ulnaris (ulna)Capitis (head) Ilio- (ilium) Uro- (urinary)Carpi (wrist) Inguinal (groin)Cervicis (neck) Lumborum (lumbar region)Cleido- / -clavius (clavicle) Nasalis (nose)Coccygeus (coccyx) Nuchal (back of neck)Costalis (ribs) Oculo- (eye)Cutaneous (skin) Oris (mouth)Palpebrae (eyelid) Psoas (loin)Pollicis (thumb) Radialis (radius)Popliteus (posterior to knee) Scapularis (scapula)
  • Nature of Origin Shape (cont.)Biceps (two heads) RhomboidTriceps (three heads) Serratus (serrated)Quadriceps (four heads) Splenius (bandage) Teres (long and round)Shape Trapezius (trapezoid)Deltoid (triangle)Orbicularis (circle)Pectinate (comb-like)Piriformis (pear-shaped)Platy- (flat)Pyramidal (pyramid)
  • Anterior (front) Superficialis (superficial)Externus (superficial) Superioris (superior)Extrinsic (outside) Transversus (transverse)Inferioris (inferior)Internus (deep, internal)Intrinsic (inside)Lateralis (lateral)Medialis/medius (medial, middle)ObliquePosterior (back)Profundus (deep)Rectus (straight, parallel)
  • Other Striking Features Other Striking FeaturesAlba (white) Minor (smaller)Brevis (short) -tendinosus (tendinous)Gracilis (slender) Vastus (great)Lata (wide)Latissimus (widest)Longissimus (longest)Longus (long)Magnus (large)Major (large)Maximus (largest)Minimus (smallest)
  • Abductor Adductor Depressor Extensor Flexor Levator Pronator Rotator Supinator Tensor Buccinator (trumpeter)Risorius (laughter, grimace) Sartorius (like a tailor)
  • Epicranius muscle Subdivisions:  occipitofrontalis muscle  temporoparietalisOrbicularis muscle oculi  epicranial muscle aponeurosisZygomaticus Masseter major muscle muscle Buccinator muscle
  • Temporalis muscleNasalismuscle
  • Muscles associated with the tongue Hyoglossus muscle Styloglossus muscle Genioglossus muscle
  • Nasalis Corrugator muscle supercilii muscle Depressor anguli oris musclePlatysma Sternocleidomastoideus muscle
  • Digastricus muscleAnterior and Posterior bellies Omohyoideus muscle Superior and Inferior bellies
  • Trapezius Levator scapulae muscle muscle Supraspinatus muscle Infraspinatus muscle Latissimusdorsi muscle
  • Erector Spinae Muscles Spinalis muscle Mnemonic“I Love Spaghetti” Longissimus muscle Iliocostalis muscle
  • Pectoralis major muscle Serratus anterior muscle
  • Diaphragm Also known as the thoraco-abdominal diaphragm to differentiate it from the pelvic and urogenital diaphragms Rectus abdominis muscleExternal abdominal oblique muscle
  • Deltoideus Teres major muscle muscle
  • Triceps Brachii Muscle Three Heads: Lateral Long Medial
  • CoracobrachialisDeltoideus muscle Biceps muscle brachii muscle L S
  • Coracobrachialis muscleBrachioradialis muscle Flexor carpi radialis muscle
  • Pronatorquadratus muscle
  • Brachioradialis muscleRetract and Superficialcut the digital flexorsuperficial musclemuscles of theanteriorantebrachium
  • Extensor carpi radialis longus muscleExtensor carpi radialis brevis muscle
  • Extensor carpi radialis longus muscleExtensor carpi radialis brevis muscle
  • lumbrīcālis, lit., pertaining to a worm,equiv. to L lumbrīc(us) earthworm Lumbricales muscles Flexor Pollicis Brevis Muscle
  • Psoas major muscle Iliacus muscleIliopsoas muscle Adductor Gracilis muscle magnus muscle
  • Tensor Fasciae Latae muscle Gluteus maximusGluteus musclemaximus muscle Vastus Biceps femoris lateralis muscle muscle
  • Gluteus Gluteus minimus maximus musclemuscle (cut) Piriformis muscle Quadratus femoris muscle
  •  Rectus femoris muscle Rectus femoris Vastus lateralis muscle muscle Vastus medialis muscle Vastus intermedius muscle Vastus Sartorius lateralis muscle muscle Vastus medialis muscle Vastusintermedius muscle See Next Slide For Vastus Intermedius Muscle
  • The vastus intermedius muscle isrevealed by removing the rectus femoris muscle. Vastus lateralis muscle Vastus intermedius muscle Vastus medials muscle
  • Gracilis muscleAdductor Biceps magnus femoris muscle muscle (long head) Biceps femoris muscle (short head)
  • Anterior tibial muscle Peroneus longus muscle Peroneus brevis muscleCalcanean tendon
  • Gastrocnemius muscle Soleus (See “M” and “L” L M muscle labels for “medial” and “lateral” headsof the gastrocnemiusmuscle respectively)
  • Remove the musclesthat contribute to the calcanean tendon Posterior tibial muscle Flexor digitorum longus muscle
  • Tendon of thequadriceps femoris musclePatellar ligament
  • Palmar aponeurosis