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Shh..! Design Proposal
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Shh..! Design Proposal


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  • 1. Shh..!Design Proposal
  • 2. Proposal byMannu Amrit, Ranju K Ravindran, Anvay Meshram & Minal JainUnder the guidance ofAsst Prof. Keyur Sorathia, Department of DesignInstituteIndian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  • 3. ThemeTravel and Hospitality
  • 4. Getting acquainted with the domainuser needs and aspirations
  • 5. Petrol PumpCell phones are a potentialignition source to theflammable vapours in thatatmosphere. There is risk offire accidents due to ignitionof batteries of cell phones.As a result manufacturers aswell as service providers ofthe cell phones ask users tokeep the cell phones in "off"mode
  • 6. HospitalsUsing cellular phones nearhospital beds and criticalcare medical equipmentscan lead toelectromagneticinterference, leading toimmediate malfunctioningor misreading of themedical gadgets andendangering the lives ofthe patients.
  • 7. AirplanesPortable electronicdevices can emit powerfulelectromagnetic radiationthat can muck up anaircraft’s navigation andcommunication systemsand actually endanger aflight.
  • 8. MuseumsInside the museums,phones are generally notallowed due to securityreasons. Photography isstrictly prohibited. Flashcan also damage theexhibits.
  • 9. LibrariesCell phones disturb thesilence in the libraryand eventually theconcentration of thepeople inside.
  • 10. Meetings / ConferencesA ringing phone spoils themeeting environment bycausing disturbance.
  • 11. ConceptOverview
  • 12. App ConceptShh..! changes the phone profile to silent/vibrate/flight at petrol pumps,hospitals, libraries, airplanes, museums, schools, meetings.Automatically.
  • 13. The IdeaShh..! determines your location via GPS and automatically turns your phone intoyour desired profile. Upon leaving the location, the phone automatically turnsback to the previous profile.Key points:• It gives the user the freedom to add more places and change profile settings according to the need.• It synchronizes itself with the phone calendar and automatically imports meetings and events and notifies you to change your phone profile (or, do that automatically).
  • 14. User Study
  • 15. 4 out of 10users forget to put their phones onsilent mode before a meeting.
  • 16. Only 1 out of 10users actually put their phone onflight mode while travelling by air.
  • 17. Target Users
  • 18. Everyone. Yes, literally.Teachers, Businessmen, Students, Doctors, Homemakers,Salesmen, Musicians, Sportsmen, Artist,….You.
  • 19. Persona and Scenario Building
  • 20. Persona 1
  • 21. Scenario 1
  • 22. Persona 2
  • 23. Scenario 2
  • 24. App Mockup
  • 25. Please note that the following screens are not thefinal wireframes, but a tentative idea of how theapp will work.
  • 26. Technical Feasibility
  • 27. 3G / InternetThe app requires a working internet connection in the smartphone toaccess maps / GPSGPSThe app uses GPS / maps to detect user’s location from time to time.Sync with phone-scheduler/calendarThe app synchronizes with the phone calendar to access the database ofmeetings and events.Permission to access phone’s profilesApp’s ability to put the phone into flight / silent / vibrate mode.
  • 28. Business Model
  • 29. Business Model
  • 30. Mileages• Petrol Pumps – Petrol companies can tie up with the app and give mileages / reward points to people who use it at their petrol pump, under the category corporate social responsibility.• Airlines – Similarly, airline companies can offer reward points / mileages / discounts to people using this app.• Hospitals – Can offer mileages to doctors, staff members and other people using the app.
  • 31. A possible Govt collaborationThe possibility of the app being made mandatory to comepre installed in mobile phones is possible, keeping in mindthe number of accidents involving use of mobile phones incritical locations.
  • 32. Conclusion
  • 33. Simple Idea. Simpler App.Possibility to affect millions.A Radical Innovation.
  • 34. Top Benefits• Addressing a key issue for petrol pumps, airlines, hospitals etc• Helping avert a possible accident• Implementation of rules and regulations – avoiding public nuisance in libraries, museums, hospitals etc• Easy to use, implement
  • 35. The End