Liquid Soap Container Design | Design Analysis


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Liquid Soap Container Design | Design Analysis

  1. 1. DD 303 Design AnalysisSoap Dispenser | Design Brief Mannu Amrit & Ranju K Ravindran 10020523 & 10020533
  2. 2. Questions for Client :1. Company Profile 3. Production a. Name a. Existing Machinery b. Vision b. Feasible Options c. Mission d. Existing Products e. Target Users f. Marketing Strategy2. Product Requirements a. Type b. Brief Description c. Target Users d. Why the product ? e. Financial Constraints / Budget / Expected Price f. Time Constraints g. Technological Constraints
  3. 3. Sample Answer | Design Brief
  4. 4. 1. Company ProfileLifebuoy started with William Liver’s goal to stop cholera in Victorian England. Over the past century the companyhas evolved into the world’s number 1 selling germ protection soap and a worldwide leader bringing better healthand hygiene to billions. Currently the company produces a wide range of products such as hand wash, body wash,soap bar and sanitizers. Lifebuoy follows a 4P Marketing Strategy :-• Product – Strong brand image which symbolizes health and hygiene, launched as carbolic red soap• Price – Priced at comparatively low price and sold to lower and middle income group• Place – Strong distribution channel with approx. 2000 suppliers with production factories at 18 locations• Promotion – Initially promoted by sportsmen, it is now promoted as a family soap for both male and female
  5. 5. 2. Product Requirement :-With fierce competition from companies such as Dettol, Savlon etc. the company wishes to promote it’s productsthrough a unique combo pack design. The company expects to produce a unique liquid soap dispenser that can atthe same time hold a soap bar, so as to sell both the products together. The design can be used as a multi purposeutility stand for bathroom shelves in households.The product is expected to increase the sales by providing an attractive container cum stand free at the combo priceof both a liquid soap and soap bar. The company plans to launch the product no later than December 31st 2012.
  6. 6. 3. Detailed Deadlines:-• Concepts / Sketches – 10th November• Feedback / Improvement – 13th November• 3D Rendering / Product Graphics – 20th November• Prototyping – 30th November• User Testing – 3rd December• Final Submissions – 5th December
  7. 7. Image Boards
  8. 8. Dispensers / Holders
  9. 9. Existing Products
  10. 10. Health / Hygiene
  11. 11. Marketing
  12. 12. Sketches
  13. 13. Existing Forms
  14. 14. Existing Forms
  15. 15. Add on feature
  16. 16. Form Dynamics
  17. 17. Proposed Concept
  18. 18. The End