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Youth lingo-and-media-innovation Youth lingo-and-media-innovation Presentation Transcript

  • YouthLingoThe language of youth.
  • Indian youth.41% of Indian population.
  • • 3% – creamy layer. • 8% – consuming class • 19% – stretch a bit consumer • 70% - unorganized buyersYouthbreakups
  • Creamy Layer.Looks for• Uniqueness• Differentiation• “Beyond the usual”
  • Consuming classLooks for• Unique but economical things• Value for money
  • Stretch a bitLooks for• Slow respondents.• This as well as that advantages.
  • Unorganized buyersLooks for• Cheaper version of branded things.• Local brands.
  • Youth behavior depends on…• Occupation • Global exposure• Income • Psychographics• Socialization • Infrastructure• Technology development• Lifestyle • Career options• Demographics • Education
  • Core Objectiveis to understandthat..While communicatingto youngsters…What to say?How to say?When to say?Where to say?
  • Objective. To study the following about youth. • Source of money. • Spending pattern. • Amount spent by them. • Their media consumption. • Factors affecting their decision to buy. • Effective media to influence their decision to buy. • Products bought under the influence of advertising. • What do they buy to differentiate their selves?• Their attitude in selection of personal care products, gadgets, food joint , cloths and accessories.
  • Total 42 people were interviewed.• 22 in Ahmedabad • 20 in Mumbai
  • 18 Boys and 24 Girls were the respondents.
  • • Age group: 19-32 years.• Average age of respondents: 23 years.
  • 70% youngsters are clear about their career choice.30% are still confused
  • Average Pocket Money…Rs. 5730 per month.• In Mumbai the average is Rs. 6431.• In Ahmedabad the average is Rs. 5222.
  • 24% of the income is saved by the youngsters.
  • Family Income Bracket
  • Score out of 100. 1. Cloths.72 2. Eating out.62 3. Movies.53 4. Accessories.42 5. Personal care products.41 6. Music.40 7. Internet.34 8. Books.30 9. Gadgets.26
  • Why do youngsters spend? (score/100)From most to least. 1. Celebration.80 2. Outings.76 3. To Relax.76 4. For Hobby.72 5. Impress Others.56 6. To kill time.56
  • Media wise ad. Recall. Other 8%
  • Type of advertisementsyoungsters like and remember. Good concept: 60% Funny: 45% Brand Ambassador: 35% Cute: 34% Musical: 24% Emotional: 20%Numbers show percentage of respondents who like particular type of advertisements.
  • Factors affecting buying decision.1. Quality 87%.2. Brand Name 78%.3. Price 76%.4. Convenience 73%.5. Trend 70%.6. Advertisement 60%.7. Suggestion 60%. Order from most to least.
  • Average time spent in routine.
  • Other findings. 50% of the respondents have shopped online.Products shopped online are in following order. (From most to least)1. Booking.2. Gadgets.3. Accessories.4. Cloths.
  • 55% people keep track of SALE. WOM includes suggestions and SMS.
  • Average visit to mall per month is 7.Parameters that youngsters considers while selecting a mall are as follows.1. Collection.2. Brands.3. Nearer.4. Ambiance.5. Variety.6. Crowd.Order is from Most to least.
  • Average mobile bill of a youngster is Rs.1120. Youngsters hardly respond to mobile advertisements.
  • •Average number of television programs followedby youngsters is 1.7.•Most popular TV program among youngsters isMtv Roadies and second is Fear Factor.•Most of the youngsters watch music channels butthere is no specific channel.•Most popular TV channels among youngsters areMtv, Star Plus, Star One, AXN and Sony.
  • Reasons for reading books for them are as follows. – Interest. – Increase vocabulary. – Like the author. – Like the attitude. – Recommended.
  • Reason to Change.(order from most to least)1. Better Quality 37%2. Results. 32%3. Fragrance.11%4. For a change. (to try new)9%5. Prescribed.7%6. Suggested.4%
  • Average visit to food joint in a month is 10.Factors considered while selecting a food joint are as follows. 1. Quality and hygiene. 2. Taste. 3. Ambiance. 4. Service. 5. Crowd. 6. Quantity. Average spending per visit is 300. In Ahmedabad, the average spending is 250. In Mumbai, the average spending is 350.
  • • Average spending on cloths per month is Rs. 2100.• General tendency of youngsters is to get premium brands at a discount.• Mostly shopping is done in malls or from designer shops on discount.
  • 1. Non branded users.2. 2nd level brand users.3. Premium brand users who buy it at a discount.4. Premium brand buyers at premium price.
  • •61% of youngsters wear same accessoriesin routine.•39% of youngsters change theiraccessories according to cloths. On an average, youngsters wear 2.4 accessories.
  • Gadgets.•Average amount of gadgets possessed. Rs. 49750.•Dream gadgets are iphone (33%) and ipod(26%).•All the respondents have a mobile phone.•36% have a laptop and 62% have a music player.
  • To differentiate from others, youth does the following.• Buy unique things.• Wear different accessories.• Read quality material.• Girls go for long hairs or keep different trendy bags.• Boys switch on to funky colour combinations.
  • Conclusion.
  • • Youngsters habitually spend on• Youngsters like to spend for• Most effective media to tap them• Advertisements they like• Factors affecting their buying decision• Mostly internet is used for• Most popular websites• FM time• SALE & Offers
  • • Mobile• TV• Reading• Personal care• Food joint• Clothes and Accessories• Gadgets
  • ProsImmediate deliveryVery high impactHigh mass audience coverage, high prestige.Low cost per thousand [CPM] exposures.ConsVery high costs of production and airtime.Limited audience selectivity.Your message expires immediatelyHigh advertising clutter.High channel switching.
  • ProsReach an exclusive and captive [mobile] audience.Low cost per thousand [CPM] exposures.Immediate delivery of messagehigh frequency of messageLocal audience.Selectivity by format.Low cost production.ConsLimited to audio message.High channel switching.Your message expires immediately [no shelf life].High advertising clutter.
  • ProsNewspaper ads rank highest for believability for all media.High local coverage and immediate [daily] delivery of your message.Flexibility in production: low cost, fast turnaround, ad shapes, size, excellent quality for inserts.ConsVery busy/cluttered competitive environment [must compete against other ads and the newspaper copy].Little control over ad placement.Low production quality.Hard to target your specific audience.Short life span [24 hours].
  • As traditional Mass Media are unable to impress and involve youngsters,There is a strong need to develop strong innovative media.
  • Customer.MEDIA. Producer.
  • Medium +Vehicle
  • Perfect Fit.
  • Media works as platform for making information reach to the masses and in developing a direct and emotional bondbetween the service provider and the user.
  • Effectiveness of Advertisement• Brand The consumer’s• Quality of Ad engagement with• Execution the surrounding• Placement on media media content The emerging view is that media should not be treated as merely the passive vehicle
  • Experiences with media contentcan affect reactions to advertising. • Information • Stimulation • Negative Emotion • Transformation • Pastime • Identification • Social • Practical Use
  • The research suggeststhat an ad appearing in the more engaging media will be moreeffective than the same ad appearing in the other media.
  • Contacts are anythingthat creates experiences.
  • Unique way of contact. Media Innovation
  • Innovative Medium and vehicles.
  • Seven innovative ways to advertise.• Putting dancing machine to make people dance on Jingle.• Shades provided by cement companies• Projection of commercials in malls and multiplexes• Renting houses and projecting commercials• Sticker on the mirror• Standee on the side of wash basin• Musical tile.
  • Pump it up ProChief manager of overseas sales Dep. ( In general & Asia market ) Mr. Sun-kyu Oh Tel. 82-31-909-2121 skoh@andamiro.com
  • Price.5 units Unit price: US$8995 ex-factory Packing and local transport cost(KOREA): US$100 per unit10, 20 units unit price: 5% DC Shipment Term: FOB KOREA100 units unit price: 10% DC Shipment Term: FOB KOREAWhen you open a promotion, we are willing to send Korean PIU Players to show PIU Performance if you cover flight and hotel fee.
  • ROAD WIDTH DISCOUNT OFFERED IN %100 FT. AND MORE 5 90-100 FT 4.75 80-90 FT 4.5 70-80 FT 4 60-70 FT 3.5 50-60 FT 3 40-50 FT 2 30-40 FT 1LESS THEN 30 FT 0
  • Projection.On the floor of mallsand multiplexes.In the balcony of rentedshops or homes.
  • Projection on floor in malls and multiplexes. MONTH 1 2 3 4 5 INITIAL COST Rs. 1500000 MONTHLY RENT Rs. 445000 445000 445000 445000 445000 TOTAL COST Rs. 1945000 2390000 2835000 3280000 3725000MONTHLY VISITORS 2800000 2800000 2800000 2800000 2800000CUMULATIVE NO. OF 2800000 5600000 8400000 11200000 14000000 VISITORSCOST PER VISITOR Rs. 0.694642 0.426785 0.3375 0.292857 0.266071
  • Washroom Advertising.
  • Standee in washroom• Companies can keep their standee adjacent to washbasin.• This standee would contain a bottle or sample.• Users can take the product from the standee and actually use it.
  • ConcaveMirrors. Join ABC gym
  • Musical Tile
  • Logo of the brand. Touch Switch.Speakers Speakers Music playback circuit in which jingle is stored. Output to Speakers.
  • MONTH 1 2 3 4 5 INITIAL COST Rs. 2000000 MONTHLY RENT Rs. 230000 230000 230000 230000 230000 TOTAL COST Rs. 2230000 2460000 2690000 2920000 3150000MONTHLY VISITORS 2800000 2800000 2800000 2800000 2800000CUMULATIVE NO. OF 2800000 5600000 8400000 11200000 14000000 VISITORSCOST PER VISITOR Rs. 0.796428 0.439285 0.32023 0.260714 0.225
  • Alternate Way