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Digital india 2013
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  • 1. Internet, Smart Phones and the Indian Women
  • 2. India as a country is growing in terms of digital acceptability, it is evident from the way ad networks like Google and Yahoo are looking at the country. Even when KPMG predicted media insights for 2013, estimated ad revenues were at 40% higher than the previous year, equaling to Rs. 22 billion for 2012. Not only that, even the digital ad spend reached 6.7% of the total M&E Industry – Rs. 812 Billion for 2012. It is estimated that there are around 60 million women in India who use the Internet. Almost 75% of the women using internet come from well to do back ground, a large number among these are slowly adopting to accessing internet over mobile. Population 1,205,073,612 When a comparison is drawn across geographies with regards to smart phone penetration,India has a long way to go. People already connected seem to be heavy users. According to a survey, 56 per cent of smartphone users in the country access the Internet multiple times a day, nearly 40 per cent surf the Net at least once a day and only 6 per cent never use their phone for connecting to the Web. In comparison, 11 per cent of smartphone users in the US never use their device to access the Net and 53 per cent use it to surf multiple times a day.
  • 3. When it comes to accessing emails and social networking from their smart phones, Indians score higher. According to survey, about 76 per cent of smartphone users in India access social networking sites on their devices compared to 54 per cent in the US. In the words of Mr. LaliteshKatragadda“The survey reiterates our belief in ‘mobile first'. Culturally, even beyond the well-educated, mainstream Indians are technology curious and device savvy. We believe that the Internet-like telephony did, is making the leap from wired Internet to mobile, and hundreds of millions of Indians will go online on their mobile devices.” According to the survey usage of smartphone between the age group of 18- 29 is the highest in the country. While 36 per cent of all smartphone owners in India are in this age group, only 17 per cent are in the 30 to 49 age group. In 2008, there were about 30 million users online, at present time user base has increased to 150 million users of which 60 million users are women. Of these 60 million, 24 million women users access the Internet daily. It needs to be noted that 75% of the internet users are below the age bracket of 35 years as per fig alongside Women internet users follow the national trend when it comes to accessing internet as per age.
  • 4. According to data collected by Google from their own tracking sources, search remains one of the top activities. It even gives a lowdown on what exactly the women search for online. There has been a significant growth in the following categories…. Women also emerged as strong brand advocates - with 80 per cent saying that they recommend their purchases to other women and 25 per cent stating that they share it online. The popularity of the ‘how to’ trend is even captured in the video viewing habits of women. 30% of women have been found to be viewing ‘how to’ videos. It was also revealed that of the 30% video, YouTube users were in the range of 40%. According to the survey, apart from music videos, TV shows and film content, 52 49 55 47 46 15 - 24 25 - 34 3 5- 44 45 - 54 >55 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 Mins on Web 26 41 31 50 42 Apparels& Accessories Food&Drinks BabyCareTips HairCareTips SkinCareTips 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 % growth Perhaps the most interesting trend that the study revealed was that an estimated number of 5 million women shop or transact online. Baby care products lead the list of things women buy online, followed by skincare/cosmetics products, hair care products food and drink and oral care products. When it comes to spending time on internet, avg time spent by an Indian woman is around 50 minutes every day. Although most women get on the internet from home, there is a small group which uses the net from cyber cafes and office. With the advent of smart phones, one out of four women now use mobiles to access the web.
  • 5. beauty and fashion videos were popular among women on YouTube. Education, health and fitness, home care and cooking were also rated among the top 10 video content categories of choice on YouTube. "While the overall penetration of smartphones is higher amongst males in India, it is women who are leading the usage of smartphones over TV sets. The usage and loyalty behavior of these users revealed that 58 percent women found their smartphones more entertaining than the television.” "This is a truly astonishing trend among India's first wave of smartphone users, caused by high quality online video content and superb apps. Although penetration is behind many developed nations, the importance of these multi-purpose gadgets in the lives of Indian smartphone users is much higher in comparison to their global counterparts.” In terms of usage, 77 per cent of smartphone owners listen to music, while 33 per cent use it for playing games and 32 per cent read newspapers or magazine. According to Canalys, Indian smartphone market stood at 3 million units in the third quarter of 2011 up from 1.7 million units in the same period in 2010. The Google survey points out that 66 per cent of existing smart phone users believe they would access the Internet more through their handhelds in the future. It is expected that the momentum and affinity to cascade into an inflection in India's smartphone adoption, driven by significant price reduction of high quality devices over the next two years. While smartphone adoption might be on the rise, the health implications of this trend will have negative effect on the eyesight and interpersonal relationships of an entire generation that seems glued to their smartphones. Some of the the top searched brands by women in India in the apparel and accessories - Indian category were Fastrack, Tanishq, Fab India, Van Heusen and Chennai Silks; in the food and beverages category were Coca-Cola, Amul, Cadbury, Pepsi and Maggi; in the baby care category -Firstcry, Babyoye, Babycenter, Hushbabies and Johnsons baby; in the hair care category -L'Oreal, Livon, Tresemme, Sunsilk and Pantene; in the skin care and cosmetics category -Oriflame, Lakme, Maybelline, L'Oreal and Avon.