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Cricket - 'The Game' Changer
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Cricket - 'The Game' Changer


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Published in: Sports

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  • 2. IntroductionCricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players ona field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. Oneteam bats, trying to score as many runs as possible while the otherteam bowls and fields, trying to dismiss the batsmen and thus limit theruns scored by the batting team. In professional cricket the length of agame ranges from 20 overs of six bowling deliveries per side to Testcricket played over five days. The Laws of Cricket are maintained by the International CricketCouncil (ICC) and the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) with additionalStandard Playing Conditions for Test matches and One DayInternationals. Cricket was first played in southern England in the 16thcentury. By the end of the 18th century, it had developed into the nationalsport of England.The expansion of the British Empire led to cricket being played overseasand by the mid-19th century the first international matches were beingheld. The ICC, the games governing body, has 10 full members. Thegame is most popular in Australasia, England, the Indian subcontinent,the West Indies and South Africa.The purpose of the study is to understand the effect Cricket as a game hason the viewership & advertising trends in India. The study will also lookinto different events for understanding the changing trends
  • 3. ObjectivesTo understand the TV Viewing pattern Cable & Satellite penetration in India Different market cluster defined Channel preference as per defined market cluster Understanding cricket – The Mass Game Normal day channel share Channel share during WC T20 Final – Ind Vs PakViewership pattern during high profile sports event on TV A peek into the WC 2003 & WC 2007 Story of IPL – Season 1,2,3,4,5Effect of the Game On content of channel On advertising On other regular channelsSome cricket myths bustedSummary
  • 4. Ch1. Indian TV viewing patternCS penetration in IndiaMarket definitionZone wise channel preferenceNormal day channel shareChannel share during ICC T20 final (Ind Vs. Pak)
  • 5. Cable and Satellite Penetration
  • 6. Do all these 84% Householdshave similar viewership behavior
  • 7. Partitioning of India Viewership Zones
  • 8. Zone wise channel preferences HSM36% of viewership shared by 300 channels !!!!The single largest channel accounts for 13% ofaudiences
  • 9. Zone wise channel preferences TN & Kerala
  • 10. Zone wise channel preferences KAR & AP
  • 11. Cricket – The Mass Game
  • 12. Normal day Channel Share All IndiaOn a normal day general entertainment is most viewed
  • 13. Channel Share T- 20 Final (Ind vs. Pak)When India plays a major match, Cricket simplydominates all the other channels
  • 14. Ch2. Viewership during highprofile cricketing eventsA look into WC 2003 & 2007Indian Premier League
  • 15. 84% increase in viewers
  • 16. 2003 – Good performance – Better ViewershipViewership is linked to team’s performance !!! 2007– Early Exit Dip in Viewership
  • 17. Indian Premier League 2008/09/10/11/12
  • 18. 9 teams – kochi dropped
  • 19. Story till now…..
  • 20. Audience Reached Source : TAM, Reach :All India C&S Homes, Channel :MAX Jharkhand not included
  • 21. Reach Maintained Source : TAM, Reach :All India C&S Homes, Channel :MAX Jharkhand not included
  • 22. 40% + higher ratings for the finals Source : TAM, TVR for L/T of matches only. All India C&S Homes MAX Jharkhand not included
  • 23. Team performances― Each cities and states highest average is behind their state team― Exceptions to this were Punjab which seemed to be viewing all team matches more or less on par, and AP where CSK performed a bit better in average ratings as compared to the home team― Kolkatta while fully supporting and viewing the home team also managed to be loyal to Dada’s PWI, getting high viewership behind that team as well― Mumbai and Pune both had high viewership for their own teams but at an overall Maharashtra level, MI won in terms of ratings.― The highest recorded average was behind the finals from Kolkata and WB followed by Chennai – the finals were between CSK and KKR Source : TAM, TVR for L/T of matches only. All India C&S Homes MAX Jharkhand not included
  • 24. Ch3. Effect of ‘the Game’Impact on other channelsImpact on programming content & advertising
  • 25. Impact on Other Channels
  • 26. Hindi GEC viewership dipped by 10% during WC 2007
  • 27. Sports viewership shot up 9 times during ICC T20
  • 28. Impact on Content and Advertising
  • 29. 3 fold rise in Cricket content since 2003
  • 30. Advertising volumes doubled in 2007 102% 91%
  • 31. Almost 50% share of advertising by top 3 Sectors World Cup 2007
  • 32. The growth continues - IPL
  • 33. Advertising Dynamics- IPL Investments from Top 10 have increased over the last few years going up from 48% in 2011 to almost 60% like in 2009.IPL sold at 20% higherrate than last year.Clients were not infavour of rate hike andopted out of IPL,leading to newer playerscoming in. IPL wentunder booked but MAXrefused to let down ratesand filled inventory withpromos
  • 34. Cricket Myths BustedHypothesis 1 - Female viewership on cricket affects other genresHypothesis 2 - Cricket anytime anywhereHypothesis 3 – India’s performance linked to viewershipHypothesis 4 – Cricket will continue to dominate in 2015 with Gen NextHypothesis 5 – All forms of cricket is being watched
  • 35. Hypothesis 1Female viewership on cricket affects the other genres
  • 36. GEC channels witnessed a decline of female viewership during WC 2007 Source: TAM CS4+ Female All India
  • 37. WC airing channels saw a rise in female viewership
  • 38. Primetime viewership shifted to IPL
  • 39. Audience movement― Any Channel viewership dropped in the IPL period over pre IPL by 5.6%, loses largely across HSM markets of UP, Raj and Punjab. This could be due to power fluctuations and regular power cuts faced in the north in Summers― Even females had to give away their serials and move to IPL in HSM, but the second rung GEC’s faced a higher loss than their favourite channels― Even in regional markets, the trend was the same, with MAX gaining across markets.― In Maharashtra the regional GEC’s maintained share, with loss of viewership coming from the Hindi GEC’s Source : TAM, TVR 000’s C&S Homes,
  • 40. Across markets Regional’s lose to IPL TN Source : TAM F 15 + ABC C&S Homes,
  • 41. RealityFemale viewers ditch the GEC’sfor Big Ticket Events on cricket
  • 42. Hypothesis 2Cricket anytime, anywhere
  • 43. IPL Case StoryIndian Playing Series
  • 44. RealityWhen cricket is played outsideSubcontinent countries, clear drop is observed in Cricket Viewership
  • 45. Hypothesis 3 India’s performance linkeddirectly to Cricket Viewership
  • 46. India’s early exit – key reason for the dismal ratings
  • 47. RealityIndia’s victory / presence beyond leagues draws audience
  • 48. Hypothesis 4Cricket will continue to dominate in 2015 with the Gen Next
  • 49. Decline in the viewership from Kids Segment forCartoon / Animation channels Source : TAM TG – 4-14 Mkt – All India
  • 50. WC airing channels saw a rise in kid viewership Source : TAM TG – 4-14 Mkt – All India
  • 51. Kids interest in cricket is rising Source : TAM TG – 4-14 Mkt – All India
  • 52. Cricket will continue to dominate in 2015 with Gen Next
  • 53. Hypothesis 5All formats of cricket is watched
  • 54. Format acceptance over years
  • 55. Affecting Advertising
  • 56. Advertising moving towards the popular format
  • 57. Summarizing
  • 58. Continent FactorKey face offs to be in tune with the subcontinent viewerClassical case, IPL 2 in SA, India’s tour of Australia
  • 59. Wooing the Kids and Female Viewers
  • 60. THANK YOU