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MIX10 Roundup: Silverlight And IE9
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MIX10 Roundup: Silverlight And IE9


Published on

Ian Smith from presents a summary of Silverlight4 and IE9 announcements from the recent MIX10 conference in Las Vegas. …

Ian Smith from presents a summary of Silverlight4 and IE9 announcements from the recent MIX10 conference in Las Vegas.

This presentation was given on 24th March 2010 at the EMC Consulting office in London.

Published in: Technology

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No notes for slide
  • RichTextBox:Name changed to be more consistent with WPF and also based on user feedback.  Additional improvements were also enabling the ability to get the XAML that makes up the underlying runs and paragraph of the rich text.  This is helpful for saving off the data and re-hydrating later if desired. Also some new text selection and position APIs to enable you programmatically select text and/or know where the current position of the text is locatedWebBrowser Control/WebBrowserBrush: Some APIs have changed.  The HtmlBrush is now called the WebBrowserBrush to be consistent in naming and what it actually does.Printing API Enhancement: help developers query for the printer page size and the printable area.  Another change was where the ‘document name’ is provided.  It is now required and a part of the Print() methodNative Automation: API changes in the naming of the native integration (COM interop) feature for trusted applications.Language/Script Support: extended language support, including Thai and Vietnamese.  Additionally support for multiple Indic scripts added.Networking: In the beta, socket ports were still being restricted in trusted applications.  In this release, the port restriction for socket ranges in trusted applications is removed.Additionally, the client networking stack (ClientHttp) has been enhanced to enable UploadProgress reporting and caching support. See Mike Taulty’s blog for good information on socket changes.User Consent Dialogs: Consent dialogs now give the user the option to remember the setting which is persisted to their preferences only for that application and is in their control via new Permissions tab on Silverlight Configuration dialog
  • XAP Signing – gives new install prompt dialog for trusted applicationsCustom Window Chrome – but beware removal of usual close/minimise/maximise buttons – you’ll have to manually implement these.Pinned full-screen mode – HD video viewing on one monitor, coding on another ContextMenu control – makes wiring up events for right mouse click much easierSLLauncher Silent Installs – useful for CD-based installationsWCF RIA Services Toolkit – separate beta install, and no documentation, but adds: LinqToSqlDomainServiceSOAP endpoint – enabling exposing a SOAP endpoint for your DomainServiceJSON endpoint – enabling exposing a JSON endpoint for your DomainServiceASP.NET DomainDataSource – enabling your ASP.NET application to talk to your DomainServiceXAML Parser Changes – Direct content for Button at last! Make sure you install Karl Shifflet’s extension for VS2010 to get Intellisense in the XAML editor just like in the code editor window 
  • PRISM 2 was Silverlight 2. PRISM 2.1 contained some patches for Silverlight 3. PRISM 2.2 will have patches for Silverlight 4.
  • Data collector sends data to any Analytics Services that have been set up when online. If offline instead the data is sent to the Event Log in Isolated Storage which then sends the data when the user is back online.Time code can be ambiguous. What’s important is the sequence (eg user went full screen at this point, user paused video at this point).
  • For all these companies this was their first Silverlight experience.Only one analytics company (not named but assumed to be Yahoo Analytics) that was approached by Microsoft didn’t want to get involved.If there’s a vendor you use not shown here please contact Michael Scherotter at Microsoft (Omniture had some kind of legal hold-up so contact Michael for help).
  • Transcript

    • 1. Silverlight 4 and IE9at MIX10
      Ian Smith, Irascian Ltd
    • 2. Silverlight 4 Keynote Announcements
      Release Candidate now (no “go live” license)
      RTM “next month”
      PDC (November 2009) =45% market share, Now=“approaching*60%”
      Pinned full-screen mode added to RC release
      *Dictionary definition of “approaching” = “to make advances to”
      Ian Smith
    • 3. Silverlight 4 RC Changes since Beta 2
      Diff list at 4 Beta-vs-Silverlight 4 RC.html
      RichTextBox (was RichTextArea)
      WebBrowserBrush (was HtmlBrush)
      Printing API Enhancements
      Native Automation (COM interop)
      Language/Script Support
      User Consent Dialogs (webcam, clipboard etc)
      Silverlight 4 RC Offline Documentation
      Updated RC Security Whitepaper at
      Ian Smith
    • 4. Silverlight 4 RC New since Beta 2
      XAP Signing for Trusted Applications
      Custom Window Chrome
      Pinned full-screen mode
      ContextMenu control
      SLLauncher Silent Installs
      WCF RIA Services Toolkit
      XAML Parser Changes
      Ian Smith
    • 5. Silverlight 4 – Coming Soon!
      Silverlight Pivot Control (Summer 2010)
      PRISM v4 (September 2010)
      Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework (Beta available now for Silverlight 3/Blend 3) .....
      Ian Smith
    • 6. Silverlight/Expression Studio Training
      Ian Smith
    • 7. Silverlight Spy
      Version to support Silverlight 4 RC released Sunday, 21st March 2010
      Intention is that future version will support Windows Phone
      Changes to way the product works will likely be necessary – ie specific build with Silverlight Spy assemblies rather than current XAP injection at download time
      Changes to support Windows Phone will have an impact on planned PDF support in Document Toolkit (delayed)
      Ian Smith
      Disclaimer: There is no commitment on the part of First Floor Software to guarantee the above. The above bullet points reflect the current intention rather than a guarantee.
    • 8. Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework
      Analytics is how you track success of your interactive experience. It’s where the money is!
      Designers can use it to qualify their worth to the business.
      There is a need to track applications running OOB so traditional HTML DOM bridge/JavaScript solution not acceptable.
      Video scenarios can have poor performance impact with JavaScript solution
      What about SketchFlow applications?
      How do you do A/B Testing with subtle design changes?
      Ian Smith
    • 9. Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework
      Developed from ground-up with help of Analytics companies
      MSAF is a key Flash differentiator for Silverlight
      Blend behaviours enable Designer-friendly implementation
      A/B Testing with State Groups and ABTesting behaviour
      Framework comes with Visual Studio templates
      Extensible using MEF
      Beta is Silverlight 3/Blend 3 only
      Ian Smith
    • 10. Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework
      Anything that is an event can pass data structure to the Data Collector
      Analytics Service 1
      Data Collector
      Analytics Service 2
      Analytics Service 3
      Button Click
      Analytics Service 4
      Isolated Storage
      Privacy Statement
      Event Log
      Isolated Storage
      Be smart: Have a privacy statement and don’t track personal identity information
      Ian Smith
    • 11. Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework
      Analytics Service Partners partners
      AT Internet
      Google Analytics
      Pre-emptive Solutions
      Telerik (through their control set)
      Coming soon
      Visible Measures
      Ian Smith
    • 12. Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework
      Framework “home” page
      Mix 10 video overview of SLAF
      SketchFlow example (slide deck with analytics)
      Ian Smith
    • 13. Internet Explorer 9 Highlights
      Interoperable HTML5 Markup
      GPU-powered HTML5 Graphics and Media
      Across-the-board High Performance
      Supports HTML 5, XHTML/XML and SVG
      CSS3 Selectors and Namespaces mean less code
      “Platform Preview” available now (doesn’t include all features shown at MIX keynote)
      8-weekly “update” cycle of “Platform Preview”
      Let’s see some quick demo’s .....
      Ian Smith
    • 14. IE9 and ACID3 Testing
      IE8 managed a score of 20/100
      IE9 currently has 55/100
      ACID 3 high score not a priority for many reasons
      Ian Smith