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Rubber Hump Brochure

  1. 1. As you well aware of the background of Rainbow Enter- Cinema, Garden West, Karachi, Sindh-Pakistan. RUBBER prises i.e.; a well known importer of commercial market Plot # 377, Lasbella Chowk, Near Society since last decades. Rainbow Developers is sister consult firm of Rainbow Enterprises. Rainbow Developers has been trying to introduce Exclusive engineering products. Our marketing team have been trying to introduce those SPEED products which is needs and demand of our country as well as facilitate to our customers and citizens for out- standing and prominent items to lead to our customers and local consumer. HUMPS After the successful achievement in various types of Bridge expansion joints now we are proudly announce our new product RUBBER SPEED HUMPS. After the long research of our endowed research team on speed breaking system has got to stage to let fly our product in local market, Rainbow Rubber speed humps do much more than protect drivers and their passengers. We strongly recommend you that used in residential areas to keep pedestrians and children safe from fast-moving vehi- cles. At school crossings, they warn drivers to slow down and prepare to stop if necessary. They are also a valuable safety tool during temporary construction and road work; NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH convenient modular sections also allow you to achieve the desired speed hump width that your roadway or park- ing lot area requires. End caps are sold separately for each speed hump. Our speed humps are highly durable and impervious to adverse weather conditions and extreme temperatures. One of our most popular products, each speed hump is thoroughly resistant to cracking, crumbling and breakage. The installed price of rubber is less than that of other products and also below manifestation pictures will tell you the differences, Rainbow Rubber Speed Hump will protect your vehicles like as newborn and other products are wastage of foreign reserves and our assets as well as perilous for bikers and dangerous and harmful for other light transport. We wish that we are going to get same response as we had in Rainbow Expansion Joints. Please join us in a little excursion through the history of RUBBER SPEED HUMPS the success enjoyed by RAINBOW ENTERPRISES:
  2. 2. Product brief of Rainbow Rubber Speed Humps Technical data of Rubber Speed Humps NEW PRODUCT Description Requirement Test Method The types of humps we are inn; Hardness 50 shore A ± 5 ASTM Road Hump; D – 2240 The Rainbow cable protectors are a simple 130 kgs / cm2 MIN Tensile strength ASTM is the most common variety which are usually round- solution to protect all D 412 topped. your cable or hose Elongation at break 400 % MIN ASTM concerns. D 412 - 400 (not Brittle) Low temperature ASTM brittleness D – 746 Ozone resistance After 48 hours at ASTM 380C exposure to 50 D – 1149 PPHM in air sample Made under 20% strain (no from heavy duty recy- crack) cled rubber, it not only Resistance to per- ASTM After 70 hours at provides protection, but allows easy access for 1000C, 31% (max_ manent set Oil D - 471 vehicles and pedestrians. immersion ASTM resistance No 3 approx 168 Speed Table; hours at 250C + 18% change in volume is a type of hump with a central plateau which is both Product over view; long and broad 250*350*50mm Pedestrian Crossing; N.W.: 3.70KGS/PCS Pressure Resistance: 20 ton Characteristics: this type are preferred by some emergency services, bus operators at Coach / Bus Stop, Hospitals as well 1. Available in black and yellow combination for greater as on the airports too. visibility with cats-eye reflectors and without reflectors. 2. UV, moisture and temperature resistant 3. Modular design provides flexibility to suit any size of road. 4. Comes with a standard skid resistant base. 5. Instant installation with application of epoxy spikes for anchoring. RUBBER SPEED HUMPS 6. Pre colored material does not require repainting. 7. All segments can be purchased separately. 8. Manufacture from high-intensity rubber. The superior P lo t # 377, La sb el l a C ho wk, Near S o ci ety C in ema, construction ensures will not warp, crack, chip or wear. G a rd en W e st , K ar a c hi , S ind h- Pakistan . 9. Easy handling, storage-removable and re-locatable. Easily installed by one person. P hon e: 00. 92.2 1.22 3.28 34 10. Flexible design allows conformity to the contour of vir- E - ma il : con t a ct @a z iz ah m ad. c om ; tual any road surface. con t act@rai nbowenterp ri s es.o rg, 11. End caps for protecting section ends from wear and tear. W eb : : ww w . a zi za h ma d . co m