Manufacturing guide guar gum powder


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  • Pakistan as the world’s second largest producer of guar has a vital role to play in the future of the International Guar Market struggling to meet the ever increasing Industrial requirements for guar around the globe. Results show that location, soil type and climate of the guar production area, plays a vital role in the quality of Guar Gum. Results also show that the Pakistani Guar quality generally produced in the Potohar area and especially produced in the Tamman area is considered to be among the best in the region. We are the Tamman family involved in agriculture for 800 years and owing 50,000 thousands of acres of agriculture land centered in the heart of the best guar producing area of Pakistan. Earlier we were trading domestically but now we would like to take a step forward and deal directly with the international market. We can provide quality Guar seed to China UK Europe and US. We will also welcome the opportunity to enter in Contract Farming. Please feel free to email us for any inquiry. Email: Cell +923335966647
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Manufacturing guide guar gum powder

  1. 1. What Care needs to be taken while manufacturing Guar Gum Powder?The color of guar gum powder is yellowish white. It consists of a slightodor. Guar crop is a legume and it grows in sandy soils. It is obtainedfrom the endosperm of guar plant. There are many benefits of thispowder. It helps in lowering blood glucose and it also lowers insulinlevels. There are many companies which manufacture this powder. Theymake use of processing machineries to make these products. They alsomake use of the latest technologies to ensure that the gum powder ismanufactured properly. They take a lot of care in seeing to it that theylive up to the expectations of their clients. Clients place an order for thispowder in bulk, and it is the responsibility of the company to deliver theproduct to the client on time.With every stage of production the company takes a lot of care andhygiene and nutrition. It is essential that the nutrition element should beundisturbed and it should not be contaminated at any stage. It takesmany stages to make the guar gum powder, so a lot of care needs to betaken by the workers of the factory while they are manufacturing thispowder. If they are careless, the entire thing will be wasted, and this willdamage a lot of raw material. Money will also be wasted because ofcarelessness of the workers, and time too will be wasted. They will haveto get the raw material again, and start manufacturing it again. So toavoid such delays, it is essential that care should be taken for the firsttime only.
  2. 2. During manufacturing care needs to be taken to see that themicrobiological substance is kept as low as possible. Physio-chemicaltests need to be taken as well during manufacturing. After themanufacturing process is done, the product has to be tested. Qualitytesting needs to be performed in order to check that the product meetsthe essential qualities. Quality testing is the most important part inmanufacturing process. It is essential to check that the product meets therequirements of the client. The company with which you work for gettingthe guar gum powder should provide you with excellent services. Youneed to check the company and do a little research on it, before youactually sign the contract with them. You can also search for suchcompanies online and you can make a deal with them.For more info visit :