Geography in 21st century


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Digital Geography has changed the face of geography. The presentation was part of the lecture delivered to a group of University students highlighting the uses of geography in commercial and business world.

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Geography in 21st century

  1. 1. GEOGRAPHY IN 21ST CENTURY Mani Singh | President (MapXL) | Compare Infobase Limited
  2. 2. 6th century BC – 21st CenturyADHistory of geography began from clay tablets duringBabylonian times to mapmaking from horseback in the1800s to digital maps produced by computers.
  3. 3. Technology is the catalystAn example of the mix of passion andtechnology – Earth Atlas…
  4. 4. Metal Plate with the map
  5. 5. Map on the proofing table
  6. 6. Checking the map sheets
  7. 7. How a map is marked up
  8. 8. Digital Geography
  9. 9. “Digital geography has enabled people to think about geography in abstract ways using databases and visualization” - Jack Dangermond
  10. 10. Usages of Digital Mapping Change Detection: Mapping, quantifying & analysing spatio-temporal changes in agriculture, forest, urban, climate etc. Network Analysis – Routing, vehicle tracking Proximity Analysis – Dumping Grounds, Dealership locations Exploration – The Valley of Khans Project
  11. 11. The Valley of Khans A nondestructive archaeological survey utilizing digital tools from a variety of disciplines, including  digitalimagery,  computer vision,  nondestructive surveying, and  on-site digital archaeology. The goal is to identify archaeological sites without disturbing them–in the area of Mongolias most sacred heritage–Genghis Khans homeland.
  12. 12. My brush with Geography past two decades… 2004 2010 1998 2000 GIS Mapping Mobile Maps & 1991 JPG Maps Interactive Flash Geo referenced Apps PCX Maps Raster map Maps vector maps for Highly interactiveDelivered in 5”1/4 images for Vector maps with data and delivered floppy disk websites interactive data representation & through mobile analysis devices. Expanding mediums, Changing Horizons
  13. 13. Map Making Process
  14. 14. One to many GIS Analysis likeWeb publishing through proximity analysis,MapServer/Image Maps network analysis Central GIS Database Maps for mobile Publication of Atlases, applications tourist maps
  15. 15. Online Mapping & are thematic map portals. Maps published online for free/paid usage in JPG files. Interactive education map tools like IKAAILand Information Mapping for events like elections, epidemics
  16. 16. Custom Mapping Publishing projects Location mapping projects Proximity Analysis Thematic mapping projects
  17. 17. E-commerce Online map store selling published map products from publishers world-wide  North America – National Geographic, Replogle  Europe – Gardners  Australia – Hema Maps  India – SatNav Technologies
  18. 18. Mobile Apps World Altas for iPads My Quiz for iPads/iPhone & Androids City Guides for iPhones/iPads – Bangkok, Manhattan
  19. 19. A map never gets finished Thank you!!!