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PhpUnit & web driver
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PhpUnit & web driver


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. PHPUnit+WebDriver Just Sharing Knowledge
  • 2. Content • • • • • • • • • Our Problem In Existing System TDD Testing with MVC PHPUnit PHPUnit Terms PHPUnit Test-Case Template WebDriver Best Practices How To Install
  • 3. Our Problem In Existing System Dependency + Maintenance • • • • Suite Dependency. Code-maintenance. Testing on same Joomla-kit. Tightly-coupled and mix up testing.
  • 4. Test Driven Development • • Short development cycle. Write test case before code.
  • 5. PHPUnit Unit Test : • • • Unit testing simply verify that individual units of code work as expected. Try to make Robust Extension. White-box testing Selenium/WebDriver : • • • Not unit Test case Focus only Acceptance-Testing (Validation+Verification) and UX Black-box testing PHPUnit • • • • • Testing Framework => Unit + Integration Testing Reports of Code-coverage (in different formats like HTML , JSON,XML format etc) Supported DB - MySql(i), Sqlite, PostgreSql, Oracle. Known what breaks early on and Enforces code quality. Benefits = Automation + confidence
  • 6. PHPUnit Terms.. Test-Double Problem : Method is depends on external service/component
  • 7. PHPUnit Terms.. Test-Double Solution : Replace external service/component object and provide same API i.e Test-Double
  • 8. PHPUnit Terms Stub • • Stub is simple fake object. It just makes sure test runs smoothly. Test can’t fail. Mock • • Mock is smarter stub. You verify Your test passes through it. Test can fail. SPY • You can call object in imitation on, and after you can assert how many times it called. Fixtures • • • • is a “known state” for testing application. “set up” at the start of test. “tear down” at the end of the test. Shares this “states” over test methods.
  • 9. PHPUnit Test-Case Template
  • 10. PHPUnit command-line tool prints one character to indicate progress: • • • • • .(Dot) – Printed when a test succeeds. I – Printed when the test is marked as being incomplete. S – Printed when the test has been skipped. F – Printed when an assertion fails. E – Printed when an error occurs while running the test.
  • 11. WebDriver
  • 12. WebDriver • WebDriver – to control the browser o WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); • • • • • • WebElement – to work with the elements on the page IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc Windows, Linux, Solaris and other OS’s Need to create own webdriver for each test environment Events generated are the same as for manual testing WebDriver.TargetLocator switchTo() – switching between the popup-E, alert, windows WebDriver-Flow
  • 13. WebDriver’s Driver • • • • • • • HtmlUnit Driver Firefox Driver Internet Explorer Driver Chrome Driver Opera Driver iPhone Driver Android Driver
  • 14. Best Practices • • Every behaviour should be covered by one test. • • Mock external states and services. • • • Test class name have suffix “Test” like ClassNameTest Test one unit at a Time (follow DRY Principle)(This should force you write non-overlapping code, break all logic into units). Should be independent each Test-Case(test-method). But Must be independent each TestSuites(Test-class). File name should be strtolower(ClassNameTest) The tests are public methods and The have prefix “test” like testMethod. (You can use annotation @test)
  • 15. How to Install Setup PHPUnit pear channel-discover pear channel-discover pear install phpunit/PHP_CodeCoverage pear install --force --alldeps phpunit/phpunit pear channel-discover pear install sudo pear install phpunit/DbUnit sudo pear install phpunit/PHPUnit_Selenium Setup Sqlite sudo apt-get install php5-sqlite Install Latest Kit download latest sqlite configure file from extract kit -> cd _NEW_EXTRACT_KIT_ ./configure sudo make install • • • • •