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Saarthi For Entrepreneurs
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Saarthi For Entrepreneurs


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Gist of Saarthi’s services for Entrepreneurs.

Gist of Saarthi’s services for Entrepreneurs.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Enabling SuccessManish  Singhal  Chief  Saarthi  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  • 2.  Around 40 – 60%* of start-ups do NOT celebrate their FIRST B’DAY Many businesses struggle to scale after surviving the initial challenges Businesses continue to find themselves in a competitive world and needs constant innovation on business strategy & execution Most of the entrepreneurs / CEOs find themselves alone in this challenging journey ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  • 3. We @ Saarthi are committed towork closely with the entrepreneursin their challenging journey to helpthem achieve their goals & beyond! ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  • 4.   Scaling Businesses   Helping companies scale by building / improving sustainable, innovative business models   Align organization processes and resources towards the goal   Work as a co-CEO / Advisor for business strategy and execution  Enabling Start-ups   Shaping the idea so that it can become a viable business   Hands on assistance in execution   Shape Go To Market Strategy   Fund Raising Advisory ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  • 5.   Executive Coaching   Work with CXOs to help sharpen their skills to run their businesses more effectively   Bring years of hands-on experience and a sound knowledge of Transactional Analysis into play  Technology Advisory   Advising at the architecture / technology level / Product Roadmap ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  • 6. Manish SinghalKey Skills – Ideation, Technology, Management, Operations  Several years of experience in technology companies like Sling Media, Ittiam Systems & Motorola  On the jury and mentor panel for several business plan competitions e.g. Power Of Ideas (Economic Times), White Knight (IIMK), Eureka (IIT Mumbai)  X-member of MPEG committee. Hold two patents on video technology  Trained in Transactional Analysis (psychology)  B Tech Electrical Engineering IIT Kanpur 1992 ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  • 7. Vaibhav TewariKey Skills –Business Catalyst, Organizational Expert  Serial Entrepreneur  Founded iSeva – one of the best BPOs from India  Founder of   o2s360 - a mobile loyalty and customer engagement solution for consumer businesses in India.   open2save is one of Indias first discount coupons and deal listing service  Actively mentors several businesses as a charter member of TiE Bangalore  B Tech IIT Kanpur, IIM Calcutta ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  • 8.   Helping a profitable online-business scale further   Building new business initiatives   Aligning the organization structure to capture the market opportunity  Working with a profitable technology company to help establish a new product business line   Helping the company grow their services business as well as set up a product business   Working with the CEO to align various processes within the organization  Working with a start-up in the 3-D gaming space   Establish & Scale the business step by step   Fine tune the funding strategy for the business   The start-up won an award in a recent competition held at Bangalore ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  • 9. “It  took  only  one  meeting  for  me  to  recognize  the  value  that  Manish  would  add  as  a  Business  Coach.  He  has  the  ability  to  get  to  the  core  of  issues  very  quickly,  and  suggest  very  direct  ways  to  address  them.  He  is  able  to  draw  upon  his  rich  experience  as  a  technologist  and  intrapreneur  and  his  integrity  is  evident  in  every  thing  that  he  says  and  does.  He  has  been  of  great  help  to  me  and  my  company”       Ganesh  Devaraj,  Founder  &  CEO   Soliton  Technologies   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  • 10. “We  engaged  with  Manish  as  a  mentor  and  executive  coach.  He  identified  some  critical  areas  that  we  needed  to  focus  on  and  helped  us  to  resolve  issues  that  were  hindering  our  growth.  Manish  was  frank  and  he  did  not  hesitate  to  point  out  personal  flaws  or  false  business  assumptions…He  was  result  oriented  and  flexible  with  his  approach  so  that  we  could  derive  the  value  that  we  were  looking  for.  Thanks  to  Manish,  the  communication  in  our  team  has  vastly  improved  and  we  are  better  equipped  to  scale.”   Arjun  Bala,  Managing  Partner    Meta  Yage  IP  Strategy  Consulting   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  • 11. Enabling Scaling Technology ExecutiveStartups Businesses Advisory Coaching From concepts From talentedFrom Ideas to From one orbit to effective individuals toBusiness to the next solutions inspired achieversLeveraging your The key to scaling is Developing quality There is no dearth ofstrengths, we shape to build sustainable, products requires a talent. The challenge isyour idea to help innovative business balance between to unlock potential andcreate a viable models & features, make it productive tobusiness & execute it continuously improve technology & achieve meaningful on them architecture results ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  • 12. Manish  Singhal  Chief  Saarthi  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul5ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved