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Company Secretary Course - ICSI

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  • I second your thoughts. Our degree is not recognized as any equivalent to graduation or PG. Fortunately I had completed my before completing CS, so I do have the graduation , but when I saw the requirement of UGC-NET, I was similarly shocked and disheartened to find that CS degree is not recognized for the minimum requirement of the exam. And I am still required to have a Post-graduation for appearing for this exam and many such exams. I request the Heads of ICSI who boast about the institute and draw promising pictures to the students about the course and the ICSI to do something in absolute terms about it. Otherwise it is better to scrap this course if the UGC/ Ministries/ Bodies/PSU’s etc. cannot recognize this as equivalent to PG. All our time, hard-work, money, life are spent in waste if we do not get the true value for the CS and efforts.
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  1. 1. The Director (Academics) and Others, ICSI, New Delhi. And all the email IDs appearing in the website.Subject: Isn’t CS course a waste of time and precious resources? My candidature rejected – not treated equivalent to even graduattios for the lowest post of Clerk! Respected Sirs/Madams, I wish to bring it to your kind notice that I had completed my CS course and thereafter no one found me employable not because of my skills but on account of CS Certificates which according to them have no relevance. Later I started attaching the copies of the syllabus of CS course to let all employers know what CS course is and how amazing curriculum it has to learn and acquire knowledge in various fields. But again they told me that it is not a universally recognized degree like B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., MBA or M.Com, let alone the issue of calling myself as a graduate. Recently I applied for PUNSUP recruitment but my candidature was rejected on the grounds that my CS course certificates are neither equivalent to graduation nor postgraduation, nor is ICSI a University recognized by UGC. I asked that in the same way ICAI is not a University then why were they treating CAs as equivalent to postgraduation (M.Com/MBA (Finance). They replied that CA is India’s best course and universally recognized course which needs no recognition from anyone. Thereafter when I argued to let them know the benefits of CS, I was shooed away from the office. I am surprised why ICSI has not yet made itself known in all the sectors of the country? The students are unable to find training for
  2. 2. more than one year and have to get themselves registered denovo, but ICSI officials behave as if they know nothing about it.After wasting my 4 years I am now back to square one – doingB.Com as a regular student (because distance education is also notrecognized and I don’t want to take risk again in my life by makingwrong decision just as I did 4 years ago while joining ICSI. In thismaterialistic world where the youngsters have to fulfill familialobligations, can a sane person think of doing apprenticeship orinternship of 15 months for the stipend of Rs. 2500-3500 permonth? No, but the officials of ICSI seem to have been competingwith ICAI which has made it mandatory to complete training of 3.5years to be a CA. Why does ICSI forget that it is not ICAI, nor CSequal to CAs AND CAN NEVER BE!My life has gone waste; unlike others who prefer to suffer andspeak against ICSI and PCS and companies on Facebook groups andblogs, I am showing courage to highlight the plight of haplessstudents of ICSI whom no one is appointing because they have notsought recognition from UGC for CS course. After studying such atough syllabus what have we actually learnt? Are we advocates?Are we auditors/CAs? Even though we have studied laws andaccounts, yet no one treats us equal to CAs and even by changingthe syllabus you are not going to do anything favorable to CS’sbecause this course is known to anyone.I showed them the list of Universities which your prospectus haspublished to let them know that after CS one can do Ph.D., but theysaid “Better you do Ph.D. “. Before that I sent my application formfor UGC-NET entrance test but my application was rejected by theUniversity Centre where I submitted application on the ground thatonly post graduates can appear for UGC-NET and “diploma holders”can’t appear. Does it mean that my CS certificate is just a diplomathat illiterates do? If this is diploma, then it must be diploma inoffice secretaryship course that some boards conduct.
  3. 3. I have done CS with 60% marks. So I deserve to be atleast a pettyclerk for which my application has been rejected. Chairman andDirectors of ICSI must note that they are earning money from thepublic exchequer and getting appointed to the posts they areholding falls within exceptions and they should do something to getCS course universally recognized within 2-3 years before I andpeople like me become overage for the purposes of govt. job. If weare unable to appear for UGC-NET exam, how is it going to give uspractical benefit even if your so-called Universities recognize it asequivalent to MBA or LLM or M.Com? Have you yourself donepostgraduation from a recognized university? If yes, why don’t youknow that in order to be an Asstt.Professor one must have UGC-NET exam clearance and without that no one can be a teacher.How can we, the CS, be appointed Lecturers if we are not eligible tosit in the entrance test for UGC-NET?After writing to you, I am gonna write to all the Ministries so thatICSI may be scrapped or the CAs be included into the CompaniesAct by way of amendment therein so that the life and career ofstudents is not spoiled.I am glad that ICSI is going to enhance the period of training to 2years and syllabus is going to be changed :) Yes, do that asap,because others too should suffer as I have suffered in life afterwasting so much time which I could devote to do 2 degrees B.Comand M.Com/MBA. Most of the PCS are running coaching centresand they are earning more and more just because ICSI gives poorresult to its students. Don’t compete with CAs because a CAwhenever completes his course starts earning in millions, whereasa CS pass out has to beg before PCS and Companies for training,not to speak of asking for job. A CA is appointed everywhere but aCS has to apply for lower posts like clerical grade or Executive scale.By displaying the pamphlets in train compartments you can’t
  4. 4. increase the value of this course. Do something which is realistic.Pass more and more students so that more and more students areout and they join different sectors and thus the qualification isrecognized (or come to known amongst the employers of all hues).(Ignore all the grammatical errors and wobbly flotilla of my ideasscribbled in a jiffy as I have to depart in a few hours to another cityfor joining my B.Com classes and wanted to say good bye to all foronce and for all. Yes, you can say that perhaps I was not fit for thiscourse. Yes you can because you like to close your eyes from thereality. Earn now due to the positions that you are holding or byasking everyone to do CS course so that you may earn through thecoaching centres that you are secretly running by hiringunemployed CS or by selling notes for thousands of rupees).Don’t play with the career of others, for there is someone out thereabove the heaven who is watching you……Bye,Manish7/11/2012(I can’t forget this day when my certificates were declared as diplomabut neither a degree nor a PG degree and I had to start my life afreshafter wasting 8 years of my life. In April 2003, two of my friends decidedto do CA, whereas I chose to do CS as I was impressed from its syllabus.Now… both of them own their own flats, whereas I am going to pursueB.Com in the age of 26. Shame on me for the wrong decision and mycraving to do something different – to stand apart from the crowd!