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Saga of LinkedIn

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Saga of LinkedIn

  1. 1. Social Networking for Marketing & Business A study on
  2. 2. Not really a revolutionary idea Human need to socialize Web is a good place to get together and share thoughts What does a Marketer generally think a Social Network is?
  3. 3. Today, who is using ? Savvy Networkers Tech savvy people People active on other social network as well Use Linkedin as their Professional face Senior Executives Somewhat less tech savvy Because they get a lot of invites Not aggressive in building connections Late adopters Likely to receive numerous invitations after joining Less tech-savvy Restricted friend circle-vary of connecting to strangers Exploring options Job seekers, most of them also registered in several job portals Fairly tech-savvy Use Linkedin even in personal purpose, keen to connect
  4. 4. How Work? Online Socio-Professional Network Friend s of friends of friends of friends……… ‘Your network is bigger than think’
  5. 5. How is different? Purpose – Professional network Connection more than a casual acquaintance Simple, for a business relation and advertising yourself
  6. 6. Why connection, how does it work? Six Degree of separation theory You already have this network of people in your real life. Linkedin helps you see and use it.
  7. 7. Enhancing Business Using Linkedin Notifications about launches of products/projects Curiosity and opportunity Responses Results Understanding and Leverage the relationship between people Lead Generation Sales Acceleration Business that can typically be marketed New Technology – Cloud, SaaS, Managed Services, Mobile Technologies Internet Media – Website, Digital Marketing, Digital Advertisement Entertainment , Sports, Tours Appeals – Fashion Electronic Gadgets
  8. 8. Steps of promotional campaigns on Linkedin Step 1 Promotional campaigns Email marketing Partnership/Strategic relationship Contest/Pols Blogs Video Sharing Step 2 Publications, Articles and E- groups Reviews Keyword Advertising Viral Marketing Step 3 Identity Continuity InShare (Linkedin Tool)
  9. 9. Tools and applications that aid Marketing on Linkedin Answer Questions Service Provider Recommendation Search Linkedin Groups Calendar/Scheduler Linkedin Polls Blog Link Huddle workspaces In Share
  10. 10. Marketing Strategies on LinkedIn 1. Increase the visibility of the brand Answer questions to display expertise Stimulating blog post to drive traffic Service provider recommendations Notify event launch Company buzz 2. Search Engine Optimization Answer pages indexed to category Have company website on personal profile of employees Encourage +Buzz Have popular figure associated with company (independent directors) mention their involvement
  11. 11. Marketing Strategies on LinkedIn 3. Direct Sales Company profiles to explore potential clients People search tool to zero in on a profile of potential clients 4. Market Research Polls applications can be used, the target audience can be – You’re Network Target set of professionals on specific industry, job type etc. (paid services) 5. Recruitment or Job search Post a job feature Reference search Direct access to Inmails Automated talent matching Dedicated account managers for premium customers
  12. 12. Marketing Strategies on LinkedIn 6. Advertisement potential Adds allow to precision targeting according to age, experiment etc. Target specific segments like entrepreneurs, business developers Ads can be segregated region wise Easy payment ex. Credit card/PayPal/Direct remittance 7. Linkedin for Business Development Find relevant contacts in other organizations using people search Company page to get deep understanding of companies View the profile of counterpart to find common ground
  13. 13. Marketing Prospective (for Pitching as a product to Clients) Application Possible Business Files  Collaboration of various simultaneous activities Tripit  Business opportunities for Tour and Travels  Tie-ups possible with various State and National Tourism Huddle Work Spaces  Makes business sense for multinational firms  Outsourcing firms Polls  Good opportunity for market research firms SlideShare  Consulting Presentations Company Buzz  Investments WordPress  Business Bloggers can be integrate analytics and paid advertising and apply SEO in the blog Reading List  Publishers and online sellers of books can do roaring business using the application
  14. 14. Business on Linkedin Business How are they using Linkedin? Legal  No major Law firm without a Linkedin profile  Lawyer related Groups Travel  Tripit Strategic  Strategic alliance between CNBC and LinkedIn Recruitment  Search for candidates  Post Jobs  Make contact with interested and qualified parties Outsourcing/Automated Internet Business  Huddle Workspaces  Drastic reduction in office working hours  Enhanced productivity Wealth Management Products/Services  Build Profits  Gain Popularity  Hunt for suitable applicants  Linkedin Answers Online Retail   eBay  Flipkart  Mintra...etc... Collaborative  Capgimini(consulting, technology, outsourcing) Financial Advice  Accelerator of New Business  Builds a wide-ranging professional network
  15. 15. How does this make Business sense? Social Influence Market Value  Easier Access Better Business Conclusion Linkedin not a fad tool Careful use mitigates risk Benefits, justify the risk Strong, sophisticated and a modern platform True synergy possible Get Connected
  16. 16. Even then you have a question WHY Linkedin? See what this FACTS speaks - LinkedIn is the most popular social media tool among the nation's fastest-growing private companies, according to a study by the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, Center for Marketing Research, under the direction of researcher Nora Ganim Barnes, PhD. More than 8 in 10 companies listed on the 2012 Inc. 500 (81% of them) use the professional networking site, up from 73% a year earlier. Meanwhile, the proportion of Inc. 500 companies using Facebook has declined, from 74%
  17. 17. Even then you have a question WHY Linkedin? See what this FACTS speaks - Blogging gained momentum in 2012: 44% of Inc. 500 companies now publish a blog, up from 37% a year earlier. Software, advertising/marketing, and media companies were the most likely to blog in 2012, whereas government services organizations were least likely to do so. Foursquare use has doubled, from 13% of companies in 2011, to 28% in 2012. The proportion of companies using YouTube has fallen, from 45% in 2011, to 30% in 2012. 18% of 2012 Inc. 500 companies use Pinterest.
  18. 18. So, Become a smarter marketer
  19. 19. Thank You
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