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Impact of social media on india healthcare
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Impact of social media on india healthcare

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Manish Nachnani has over a decade of experience in the field of global Healthcare IT consulting. He has diverse experience ranging from providing consulting for healthcare cloud strategy, HIS/EMR......

Manish Nachnani has over a decade of experience in the field of global Healthcare IT consulting. He has diverse experience ranging from providing consulting for healthcare cloud strategy, HIS/EMR implementation and development, smart apps and social media. He also understands healthcare issues at grassroots level and focuses on addressing these issues using technology.

Manish focuses on leveraging technology to simplify healthcare and empower patients and doctors. He works extensively on smart mobile apps which cover a broad array from chronic disease management application, healthcare games to diagnostic & lifestyle apps.

Manish works on ideating and conceptualizing healthcare IT consumer products and is product owner for various innovative products. He tries to integrate social media & human behavior to create healthcare apps that can influence human behavior.

Manish has proven expertise and is a thought leader in the field of Social Media and Health IT convergence. He has written multiple whitepapers, articles and is a speaker of choice at key global conferences on topics of using social media in healthcare and creating social healthcare brands.

Manish works extensively on evaluating healthcare IT startups, identifying business opportunities , his key focus is to build a foundation for creating a social healthcare system in India and globally.

Awards and recognition
B.E Computers (Mumbai University)
FAHM (American Health Insurance Plans)
PGDIM-Health Insurance (Symbiosis)
CBAP from IIBA Canada
Innovator awards at – Healthcare Unit

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  • What is happening in Indian Healthcare Scenario?WellnessMarketing
  • How can social media be used


  • 1. Impact of Social Media on Indian Healthcaremanishnachnani@gmail.com 1
  • 2. Social Media – Needs no Introduction 20 Mn+ 100 Mn+ 175 Mn+ Users Users Users 800 Mn mobile 800 Mn+ Users $350 Bn Most visited site Mobile internet devices paymentIf Facebook were a country it would be 3rd most populated. 2
  • 3. The Power of– Social Media Social Media works on the power of multiplication 3
  • 4. Its all about sharing & participation  Facebook  Conversation  Like , Dislike  Creating challenges  Sharing updates  Giving rewards points  Following other groups  Twitter  Follow , Follow  Retweet Be Aware , Be Active , Participate – Don’t be afraid. 4
  • 5. Emotional Connect - Past and Future Healthcare is about human emotions Power to change human behavior Provides recognition Provides Identity Social media is a means to express emotion Like , Dislike , Poke , Retweet all are emotions “Who is the good doctor in this locality?”People trust “a person like me” more than authority figures. 5
  • 6. Global Healthcare on Social Media Social media establishes emotional connect . 6
  • 7. Indian Healthcare on Social Media Social media influence is unprecedented. 7
  • 8. Challenges in Indian healthcare Second most populous nation Epidemic of chronic & infectious diseases Poor access to healthcare in rural areas Lack of education Managing outreach during epidemics Lifestyle related diseasesSocial media acts as a catalyst to address these challenges 8
  • 9. Wellness Management using SocialMedia Focus on “illness” not “Wellness” Diabetic epidemic on the rise 41 million Indians are diabetic Sedentary jobs – promote active lifestyle Lifestyle disease management Reminders and alerts Communities help promote wellness Managing Diabetes Epidemic Social media influence is unprecedented. 9
  • 10. Managing Chronic diseases using Social Media  Affluent Indians and expanding middle class  Adopting western diets  Unprecedented rise of chronic diseases  Primary reason for this is limited health infrastructure  Lifestyle diseases are larger threat than infectious diseases  Example- Diabetes  Diabetes is a life-long, incurable disease  41 million Indians are diabetic  73.5 million by 2025  Cost of treating diabetes $30 billion by 2025. Social media can change human behaviour. 10
  • 11. Indians and chronic diseases Affluence and diabetes are linked Major causes of diabetes – Obesity Reasons for high incidences of chronic diseases  Dietary excess  No physical activity  More stress  Non adherence to medication leading to other diseases All the reasons are “behavioral” in nature Social media can change the behavior as it has an emotional connect with the user. Social media is about sharing & caring . 11
  • 12. Managing Chronic diseases using Social Media Promoting right food habits  Smart applications and games to promote healthy eating  Gameification of teaching whats good for health Promoting physical activity  Rewards for adopting healthy lifestyle  Promoting group work outs using social media Stress relievers  Smart applications and games help use release stress  Online communities to share and discuss issues Adherence to medication  SMS/emails /friends post for taking medicine on time  Gamification for taking medicines on time  Rewards for taking medication Gamification helps manage health in a playful way 12
  • 13. Social Media for Outreach Social media is conversation. 13
  • 14. Improve Healthcare in Rural India Healthcare voice based social media – to select basic treatment using decision algorithm Health Literacy using ITC eChoupal Improved access to basic health information 90,000 rural IT kiosks across the nation  Satyam project saving 600,000 lives in rural Andhra Pradesh through telemedicine and emergency response Rural India would take to social media like fish would take to water. 14
  • 15. Extension of Social media for young India  Urban India has access to social media  Urban India suffers from lifestyle issues  Lifestyle diseases related to Behavior  Gmaification of healthcare  Unhealthy future of India Healthcare is about sharing experiences ,social media acts as a carrier. 15
  • 16. Enabling Education using Social Media Basic healthcare education elusive in rural India Social media can be vehicle to deliver education Educating health workers Adopting voice based social media Using IT kiosks to deliver healthcare videos Social media empowers its users . 16
  • 17. Challenges in Implementing SocialMedia IT infrastructure Internet Penetration Education - Literacy Incentives for adopting preventive healthcare Government Support Trust , Transparency , Openness and Honesty- Foundational Challenges 17
  • 18. Whats in Social Media for Me?Promote Health Communities Wellnesseducation in can come managementRural India together for , Lifestyle living healthy. change for urban IndiaHospitals can Doctors can, Patients can beshare vital motivate informed andhealth updates patients . empowered.with Interact withcommunities. them. Social media is for everyone. 18
  • 19. Implementation of Social Media Diabetes Management  41 million Indians are diabetic  Diabetes can be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyle  Reminders and SMS to adhere to medication  Community and groups to promote healthy lifestyle  Gamification for medications and exercise Decision trees for primary healthcare  Applications that can help users select best care option Interact with a physician  Connecting patients to physicians to improve access Social media creates emotional connect. 19
  • 20. Thank You !!“Social media provides ordinary patientsand doctors powers to do extraordinarythings “ Healthcare & Social media is about relationship 20
  • 21. Questions Social media Humanizes Healthcare 21
  • 22. About AuthorManish Nachnani work in the field of Health IT with primaryfocus on leveraging emerging technologies for better health.Ideating and conceptualizing Healthcare applications on smart devices , Health2.0 application and using social media for healthcare .Manish has authored numerous whitepapers , publications on field on Health ITfor India and globally .BE Computers (Mumbai University)Post Graduate Diploma in General Insurance (Spl- Health : SymbiosisUniversity)FAHM from American Health Insurance PlanCBAP from International Institute of Business Analystmanishnachnani@gmail.com 22