HR Policies in Lupin Limited


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  • India}
  • HR Policies in Lupin Limited

    1. 1. HR Policies inLupin Limited {India} By: Manik Kudyar Student, MBA-HRM Central University of
    2. 2. INTRODUCTIONThe Lupin Story… Named after the Lupin flower because of the inherent qualities of the flower and what it personifies and stands for. The Lupin flower is known to nourish the land, the very soil it grows in. The Lupin flower and bean pods have also long been used as food and sources of nourishment, thus protecting and nurturing life. A fully integrated pharmaceutical company with an unrivaled position in the US, India and Japan.
    3. 3.  This position is built on a backbone of :o cutting-edge researcho world-class manufacturing facilitieso a truly global supply chain, ando Outstanding HR Policies and StrategiesWith the building blocks in place, the future looks brighter thanits ever been. “We are Built to Grow”
    4. 4. VISION "An Innovation Led, Transnational Pharmaceutical Company“
    5. 5. Corporate Overview Headquartered in Mumbai, India. Dr. Desh Bandhu Guptas vision and dream to fight life threatening infectious diseases and to manufacture drugs of the highest social priority led to the formation of Lupin in the year 1968. Lupin first gained recognition when it became one of the worlds largest manufacturers of Tuberculosis drugs. It is also India‘s fourth largest drug maker by revenue.
    6. 6. Areas of Work Advanced Drug Delivery Systems Generics Research Lupin BioResearch Centre Intellectual Property Management Novel Drug Discovery & Development Biotechnology Research
    7. 7. Top Ten Lupin BrandsProduct Therapeutic segment Ranking Top Ten Lupin Brands (ORG IMS MAR 2011)TONACT CVS 3GLUCONORM Anti Diabetic 4RABLET Gastro Intestinal 2RCINEX Anti-TB 1RAMISTAR CVS 2AKT ANTI-TB 1CLOPITAB CVS 3L-CIN Levofloxacin 1Telekast Anti-Asthma 3Budamate Anti-Asthma 3
    8. 8. AWARDS Recognised as "Indias Best Company to Work For" in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical sector, in the survey conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute ® and the Economic Times. Dr Desh Bandhu Gupta has won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 Award in the Life sciences and Healthcare sector. NDTV Business Leadership Awards, 2011: Indian Pharmaceutical Company of the Year. Mrs Vinita Gupta won the Business Today 30 Most Powerful Women in Business award.
    9. 9. Human ResourceManagement & Policies
    10. 10. Outline of HR DepartmentHead - HR { Mr. DIWAKAR KAZA }Head - IRHead - ODHead - Talent AquistionManager - HRManager - IRManager - ODManager - TA TeamManager - T&DExecutives - TM Team, TA TeamExecutive - T&D, Payroll
    11. 11. WHISTLE BLOWING POLICY Kaza decided to introduce a whistle-blower policy two years ago, and felt the need for a uniform code understood by employees worldwide. Policy has resulted in a vigilant employee force where everyone is accountable. Transparency helps companies to redefine processes and make improvements.Message To Employees:“We care about you, we are with you and you are not at the mercy ofanyone in the organization.”
    12. 12. Need of HR specialized employees in Lupin Limitedcan be felt through this:
    13. 13. Some Issues & their Solutions:Issue: Most individuals, after a few years of experience in the research area, leavejobs to pursue further studies in order to secure a PhD.Solution:Enabling a PhD degree for them while concurrently working within the companydefinitely serves as a retention tool in the long term.Introduction of the PhD program at the Lupin Research Park.Issue: Learning more and more is the need of an hour for a scientist.Solution: Building learning as an organisational value has helped Lupin achieve thesame with greater ease, as this quality percolates to everyone.An additional emphasis is laid on providing opportunities for academic learning andparticipation in seminars etc.
    14. 14. Extracting Benefits from PhD Programmes: Lupins PhD programme also works as a more productive way of deploying assets as it finds a “Congruence between the interests of the employee, company and the university.” Considering that all our researchers are in the domains we are operational in, their PhDs are also in the areas of our interest, and thus in turn help benefit one and all in this association. As it is a Lupin initiative, the Intellectual Property (IP) generated out of the collaboration will be owned by Lupin, thus adding to the Return on investment (RoI) of such industry-academia partnerships.
    15. 15. Thank