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  1. 1. ConflictConflictPresented By:Presented By:Manik KudyarManik KudyarMBA-HRMMBA-HRMCentral University of JammuCentral University of Jammu
  2. 2. CONCEPTCONCEPTConflict is defined as a clash betweenindividuals arising out of a difference inthought process, attitudes, understanding,interests,requirementsandevensometimes perceptions.Let us understand conflict in a betterwayTim and Joe were working in the same teamand were best of friends. One fine day, theywere asked to give their inputs on a particularproject assigned to them by their superior.There was a major clash in their understandingof the project and both could not agree to eachother’s opinions. Tim wanted to execute theproject in a particular way which did not go wellwith Joe. The outcome of the difference in theiropinions was a conflict between the two andnow both of them just can’t stand each other.
  3. 3. Conflict:The Different KindsConflict:The Different KindsMan vs. ManMan vs. ManMan vs. SocietyMan vs. SocietyMan vs. NatureMan vs. NatureMan vs. SelfMan vs. Self
  4. 4. Man vs. ManMan vs. ManMan vs. Man occurs when a character (man orMan vs. Man occurs when a character (man orwoman!) has an argument, disagreement, or otherwoman!) has an argument, disagreement, or otherkind of “argument” with another character.kind of “argument” with another character.Who can give me an example?Who can give me an example?
  5. 5. Man vs. SocietyMan vs. SocietyThe conflict between Man and Society occursThe conflict between Man and Society occurswhen a character disagrees with societal values,when a character disagrees with societal values,laws, or beliefs.laws, or beliefs.Who wants to give me an example of this kind ofWho wants to give me an example of this kind ofconflict?conflict?
  6. 6. Man vs. NatureMan vs. NatureA conflict of Man vs. Nature occurs when aA conflict of Man vs. Nature occurs when acharacter has a problem with outside forces:character has a problem with outside forces:weather, animals, land,, animals, land, etc.Who can think of an example besides theWho can think of an example besides thetelevision show “Man vs.Wild?”television show “Man vs.Wild?”
  7. 7. Man vs. SelfMan vs. SelfMan vs. self occurs when a character develops anMan vs. self occurs when a character develops aninternal struggle between his thoughts and ideas.internal struggle between his thoughts and ideas.This can be a result of the other conflictsThis can be a result of the other conflictsmentioned.mentioned.Can anyone think of a good example of this kindCan anyone think of a good example of this kindof conflict?of conflict?
  8. 8. TypesofConflictsTypesofConflicts
  9. 9. Phasesofconflict conflict  among  individuals.  Lack  of  coordination,  differences  in  interests, dissimilarity  in  cultural,  religion,  educational  background  all  are instrumental in arising a conflict.2. Triggering Event - No conflict can arise on its own. There has to be an event which triggers the conflict. Jenny and Ali never got along very well with  each  other.  They  were  from  different  cultural  backgrounds,  a  very strong factor for possibility of a conflict.Ali was in the mid of a presentation when Jenny stood up and criticized him for the lack of relevant content in his presentation, thus triggering the conflict between them.3. Initiation Phase - Initiation phase is actually the phase when the conflict has already begun. Heated arguments, abuses, verbal disagreements are all warning alarms which indicate that the fight is already on.4. Differentiation Phase - It is the phase when the individuals voice out their differences against each other. The reasons for the conflict are raised in the differentiation phase.5. Resolution Phase - A Conflict leads to nowhere. Individuals must try to compromise to some extent and resolve the conflict soon. The resolution phase explores the various options to resolve the conflict.
  10. 10. StrategiesforStrategiesforConflictResolutionConflictResolution1. Stay CalmEven before getting to the root cause of the problem andtrying to resolve it, one important thing to remember is toremain calm.2. Speak UpThis happens with most people, they isolate themselves fromtheir friends, relatives and family, when they are going througha bad phase or are facing any type of conflicts in their life.However, such a strategy does not work. This is because, themore you keep quiet, the bigger the conflict gets. It is thereforeadvisable to speak your mind. Speak about your conflicts toyour friends, relatives, or whoever else is close to you. Get anexpert advice from the elder members of your family. Thiswould help you to resolve the conflict. Apart from speakingwith your friends and relatives, keep your ego aside, gatherenough courage and speak directly with the personconcerned. 
  11. 11. 3. ListenSpeaking gives you the liberty to express your thoughts. But when it comes toconflict resolution, speaking proves to be effective only after listening tosomething. So if you wish to come up with a good solution to resolve a conflict,develop your listening skills. Listening doesnt mean just hearing the problem andleaving it at that. But here, it means to actually listen and understand theproblem, and develop a solution in your mind simultaneously. Listening not onlyhelps in developing a solution, but also makes you understand the point of viewof the person in front of you. If you listen to others, they will also listen to you, sothat you can express your thoughts. A mutual understanding of the feelings andexpectations of both the parties would thus resolve the conflict and strengthenthe bond as well.4. Be AssertiveAssertiveness plays an important role when it comes to conflictmanagement. Assertiveness is a combination of several different qualities.While being assertive you need to be patient, a good listener, confident, andhave a positive approach towards life.
  12. 12. 5. Forget ItTime is said to be the best medicine to cure the wounds caused toyour mind and heart. If you have tried everything that was possiblefrom your side, and all your negotiation skills and conflict resolutionstrategies have failed to resolve the conflict, then it is advisable tomaintain a distance from that person for some time. Let time healyour wounds, and once that is done, forget everything, meet up onceagain and speak. But if you think that the conflict would never getresolved, then cut ties forever. It is better to cut ties than bear theconflict for an eternity.
  13. 13. THANK YOU…..!!!THANK YOU…..!!!Conflicts can occur not only betweenindividuals but in groups too. Also, you neverknow, from a conflict, you may learn somethingnew or useful from the other persons point ofview. So keep all these things in mind. Usethese conflict resolution strategies and you willdefinitely come up with an effective solution.Life is too short to spend time on petty issueslike disputes and conflicts. So see that youavoid conflicts in the future and sort out yourdifferences with anyone, amicably. But yes,also remember to think before you speak, oryour words might lead to another conflict. Ifyou have a conflict, get it resolved, instead ofstewing over it forever!
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