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Food and Health
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Food and Health



Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Food: Where Does It Come From?
  • 2. Introduction
    • Food is the substance that is taken into the body for nourishment.
    • It is the fuel of the body.
    • The food which is eaten by many of us is called staple food.
    • E.g. rice, cake, bread, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • 3. Functions of Food
    • The food eaten by us performs important functions:
    • It gives us energy to do work.
    • It gives us essential nutrients needed by the body for growth.
    • It repairs damaged cells and tissues.
    • It protects us from certain diseases.
  • 4. Plant Parts as Sources of Food
    • The food prepared by plants for itself when exceeds it’s requirements is stored in different parts of the plant.
    • These parts of plant are eaten by us as source of food.
  • 5. Various Parts of Plants as Sources of food
    • Plant part Example
    • Leaf Spinach, cabbage, coriander, mustard, etc.
    • Stem Potato, sugar cane, ginger, corn, onion, etc.
    • Root Radish, carrot, turnip, beetroot, sweet
    • Potato, etc.
    • Flower Cauliflower, broccoli, etc.
    • Fruit Mango, banana, orange, pineapple,
    • apple, etc.
    • Seed Wheat, rice, maize, pulses, groundnuts,
    • mustard, beans, millets, etc.
  • 6. Animal Products as Sources of Food
    • We obtain food from animals.
    • Not all animals are the sources of food.
    • Only some animals are the sources of food.
  • 7. Various Animal Products as Sources of Food
    • Animal Product Sources
    • Milk Cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, camel, etc.
    • Egg Hen, duck , quail, geese, etc.
    • Meat Goat, sheep, hen, turkey, guinea
    • fowls, pigeons, etc.
  • 8. Milk
    • Milk is used to make many items.
    • These items are called milk or dairy products.
    • Eg.curd, cheese, butter, ice cream, etc.
  • 9. Types of Animals Animals Herbivore Carnivore Omnivore
  • 10. Herbivores
    • Animals that eat plants or their parts are called plant eating animals or herbivores.
  • 11. Carnivores
    • Animals that eat flesh of other animals are called flesh eating animals or carnivores
  • 12. Omnivores
    • Animals that eat both plant and flesh of other animals are called omnivores.
  • 13. Bibliography
    • Presentation by : Muskan Gupta
    • Source : Internet