Pinderful – pinterest clone script


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Pinderful is a pinterest clone script offered by Cogzidel Technologies

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Pinderful – pinterest clone script

  1. 1. Launched by Cogzidel Technologies Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited 1
  2. 2. What is Pinterest? People are more impressed when they view images and videos in a website compared to the text content within it. Pinterest has been developed to ease the task of posting and sharing images. Pinterest is the amazing social photo sharing script where personals can post or share images of their interest with other users. Loaded with amazing design and unique features, pinterest has created massive awareness in the midst of different personals. Pinterest drives more traffic to websites Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited 2
  3. 3.  Due to the influence this virtual online pinboard has attained right from the day of its launch, loads of companies have cloned this script. The reason for companies opting to clone this social photo sharing application is due to its valiant features within it. Few of its features includes:  Pins – Pin is an picture or video posted by a user  Boards – The images / videos uploaded can be organized by topic known as boards  Following – Allows the user to follow anyone on another user board similar to Twitter  Sharing – Allows the user to share user’s pins on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and much more…  Repins – Allows you to share the image pinned by others who you follow to your own board Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited 3
  4. 4.  We can see that there are loads of companies offering pinterest clone script with rich design and significant sense of color within it. Users looking to avail them will need to review the following:  Review the features present in the clone script  Check if the price of the script is worth its cause  The support offered after sales by the company  The real-time updates that have been offered by the concerned company in the past and much more Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited 4
  5. 5. o We would like to share our thoughts on this latest product Pinderful, pinterest clone scripto Pinderful is the latest product which is nothing but a pinterest clone software developed by Cogzidel Technologies.o With its professional’s expertise in developing clone scripts, this social image tagging application has been developed with keen attention given to all parts of the script starting from professional design to the dazzling and creative layout within it. Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited 5
  6. 6. Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited 6
  7. 7.  The features which this pinterest clone carries do mark its significance in the midst of other pinterest clones available in the market. Few of its features includes:  Image tagging  Pin board  Category  Profile and much more With more features such as FB Connect, Twitter Connect, Invite Friends, Find Friends, iPhone / iPad app and much more to be included in the next version of this social photo sharing script, it will be an ideal choice for users looking for the ultimate pinterest clone. Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited 7
  8. 8. • Cogzidel Technologies, a custom web development and mobile application development company has been providing loads of amazing clone scripts to users which are creative and appealing.• As the clone scripts are crafted by its talented professionals, they are offering the scripts of high quality with unique and latest design at an affordable price.• Hence users have been availing the scripts such as Groupon clone, Yipit clone, Airbnb clone, Pinterest clone and much more without much concern about the price they will be spending for it as they are aware of fact that it will always be low. Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited 8
  9. 9.  Pinterest clone script is ready for sale now Till date, 50+ scripts have been sold after the launch of PINDERFUL Hope you all will love to avail this social image bookmarking software Would you like to know more about this amazing clone script? Please feel free to contact our online support team or email to Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited 9
  10. 10. Address for communication:Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited,184, North Veli Street,Madurai 625 001.Phone: +91-452-4282000Fax: +91-452-4376756Website: Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited 10