Ghosts of guantanamo


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The presentation is about the awareness of Guantanamo Bay, working together to stand up and speak for the oppressed. Being the voice for the Voiceless. Inconnection with The Possibles created by 1lh@m Possible. Guantanamo Will prevail we will get our victory. If you would like to be part of Group send an email:

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Ghosts of guantanamo

  1. 1. B the Voice of the Voiceless
  2. 2. • Founded in CUBA, The bay was called Guantánamo by its original inhabitants,Christopher Columbus landed in 1494, naming it Puerto Grande : Great Port. • Guantánamo “has been under unrivaled U.S. control since the Spanish American war concluded in 1898, leasing from Cuba $4000per yr and maintaining it throughout the cold war.
  3. 3. • 1903: Cuban-American Treaty Grants U.S. Lease of Guantanamo Bay, the US formally gave permission by the Cuban government to establish a military base on the 2 coasts of Guantanamo Bay in northwest Cuba. 1934: Treaty Renewed, Terms Stipulate Both Parties Must Agree to Close Base, Cuba agreed to renew the United States' lease on Guantanamo Bay, establishing an indefinite lease that could not be dissolved unless both parties agreed to do so. At the time, Cuba also agreed to provide supplies to the base.
  4. 4. • 1964: Cuban Government Cuts Off Supplies from Guantanamo In 1964, the new Castro government declared that the Guantanamo treaty had been coerced, and no longer recognized the terms of the treaty as valid. Military officials at Guantanamo were forced to make the base self-sufficient, with its own power grid and water supply.
  5. 5. • 1991-1993: Camp Bulkeley Used to Detain HIV-Positive Haitian Refugees Human rights activists were outraged when 310 HIV- positive Haitian immigrants were isolated from other refugees & imprisoned in Camp Bulkeley, a crowded and unsanitary detention camp. They were finally released in 1993.
  6. 6. • 1996: Operation Marathon Focuses on Undocumented Chinese Migrants Guantanamo's detention facilities have historically been used to house refugees and other undocumented immigrants captured on the high seas. Under 1996's Operation Marathon anti-smuggling initiative, Guantanamo detention facilities were used to house an estimated 120 Chinese migrants who had attempted to illegally migrate to the United States by sea.
  7. 7. • 1997: Operation Present Haven Focuses on Undocumented Guyanese Migrants Guantanamo was also used to house Guyanese migrants who had attempted to reach the United States by sea. • 2002: Guantanamo Bay Naval Base Used to House Post-9/11 Detainees Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, Guantanamo Bay detention facilities were used to house alleged enemy combatants from Afghanistan and Iraq.
  8. 8. • 2004: Allegations of Torture Guantanamo detainees began approaching human rights groups complaining that moderate torture techniques had been used against them. This was later confirmed by military documents indicating that the use of some techniques commonly considered torture--such as forced standing, sleep deprivation, loud noises, and waterboarding--may have been used at Guantanamo facilities.
  9. 9. • 2006: Hamdan v. Rumsfeld and the Changing Legal Status of Post-9/11 Detainees The Supreme Court's ruling in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld  clearly established that Guantanamo detainees were protected by the Geneva Conventions, and could not be detained permanently without trial. • 2009: Obama Announces Plans to Shut Down Detention Facility Within a Year January 21 2009, President Obama issued his first executive ORDER--calling for the closure of detention facilities within a year, and an immediate case-by-case review of all detentions.
  10. 10. • Some of the tortures that take place are: - Waterboarding(submerging ones head in water) - Beatings - Stress Positions(forcing prisoners to stand/ crouch for hours) - Sexual abuse - Torture by music(ear-splitting music for hours continuall, which has been proven to induce states of psychosis in prisoners after jus a few hours) - Sleep Deprivation(sometimes weeks on end) - Temperature extremes
  11. 11. - Prolonged isolation - Electric shocks - Put Bags and masks over your Head for a long period of time. - Put in Basket cots and make you lie in HOT SUN - Ongoing torture: sexual degradation, forced drugging and religious persecution - feeding tubes were forcibly shoved up their noses and down into their stomachs, with guards using the same tubes from one patient to another. No sedatives were provided during these procedures. - Interrogations that are not pleasant - M…O….R…E….much more (think of the worst)
  12. 12. • These prisoners have...  No legal representation  No inspections from Human Right's groups  No accountability for the captors  No checks on abuse  Not charged with crimes  Not allowed counsel  Identities not disclosed to anyone  No status as POWs given  Rules of Geneva Convention for treatment of prisoners not honored.  Trials, including death penalty decisions, will be secret  Is essence, they don't exist as human beings or legal, human entities.
  13. 13. • U.S. interrogators at Guantanamo Bay desecrating the Qur'an to get inmates to talk, including placing the holy book on a toilet, and flushing it down the toilet. • Splashing urine on a prisoner and his Qur'an. • Stepping on and kicking the Qur'an, throwing water on it, and scratching an obscenity on the inside cover.
  14. 14. • A teenage Omar Khadr sobs uncontrollably as Canadian spy agents question him at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, The 10-minute video posted just after 5 a.m. ET is of poor quality and the voices are often inaudible, as it was never intended to be viewed by the public. But it shows the Toronto-born Khadr, 16 AT THE TIME, being interviewed by Canadian Security Intelligence Service officials in late February 2003. 7½ hours of questioning that took place 6months after Khadr was captured following a 2002 firefight in Afghanistan. The tapes, made public under a court order obtained by Khadr's lawyers, offer a rare glimpse of interrogations of Guantanamo detainees and of Khadr. Khadr, now 21, has been held at the military prison for the Past 6years. Youtube – Omar Khadr Interrogation 2008
  15. 15. • May 20 2009 Barrack ORDERED to close Guantanamo Bay but Kansas public officials including 2 senators and governor OBJECTED. • Gunatanamo Review Task Force issued a Final report Realesing 126 detainees to their homes on 22 Jan 2010 but was only publicied on 28 may 2010.
  16. 16. • On March 7, 2011 President Obama gave the green light to resume military trials, conducted by military officers, with a military judge presiding, of terror suspects detained at Guantánamo Bay • 7 January 2011, Obama signed the Defense Authorization Bill which contains Provisoions preventing the transfer of detainees to their homeland & effectively stopping the closure of the dentention facility.
  17. 17. • 12 December 2011, New York Times Published ‘Guantanamo Forever, retired US Marine Corps Generals – Charles C. Krulak - Joseph P. Hoar, both generals agreed that they should be moving to shut down Guantanamo instead of extending it. • December 31 after signing the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 into law, Obama voiced his concerns regarding certain Provisions and will aggressively follow the procedures that will oppose any attempt to extend or expand Gitmo in the future
  18. 18. 11 Jan 2012 Wednesday, Protesters dressed in orange prison jumpsuits, paraded in front of the White House to demand that the Guantanamo Bay detention facility be closed.
  19. 19. • Barack Obama promised two years ago to shut down the prison within a year of taking office. • No detainee has left in a year because of restrictions on transfers, and indefinite military detention is now enshrined in the US law. • Under the new legislation signed by Obama, the US military is given the custody of anyone, who is deemed to be a member of al-Qaeda or terrorists.
  20. 20. • Human rights groups and lawyers for prisoners are DISAPPOINTED that Obama failed to overcome resistance in Congress and close the prison, The Horrific thing is prisoners that are innocent have not been released. • The protesters also demand the closure of the US military's Bagram prison in Afghanistan and the repeal of provisions of the 2011 Defense Authorization Act.
  21. 21. • Bagram prison, officially known as the Parwan Detention Center, is located in one of the largest military bases for Nato-led forces fighting in Afghanistan and holds 3,000 detainees, including terror suspects. • A prison in Afghanistan jus like Guantanamo run by the Americans and Afghanis. Recent statement: Bagram is Guantanamo evil twin (Much worse than Gitmo). Also women are found at this place.
  22. 22. • In Bad Boys 2, in 2003 the end scene takes place just outside Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. • There are prisoners their Younger than 16years old. • Abu Ghraib is another Prison for Ladies in Irag. • So many places we don’t know of. (Internet) • Dr. Sister Aafia is one lady we know of.
  23. 23. Lets all stand together and B the Voice 4 the VOICELESS. Stand UP come on Bstrong Bheard Bproud
  24. 24. • www. • • CBC News • Al Jazeera • Press TV • www. • •
  25. 25. • Oh Almighty, Our Creator, the most just of every type of justice. The most merciful of every type of mercy. Please remove every type of injustice, tyranny & torture that is practised in the world, by the forces of falsehood, upon innocent peace – loving citizens. We hope & pray that every institution of injustice closes its doors until eternity & may these innocent people b reunited with their families soon