Talkable tweets from the Miami Net Promoter Conference
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Talkable tweets from the Miami Net Promoter Conference



The 5th annual Net Promoter Conference in Miami Beach drew more than 500 business leaders. The intensive two-day program event focused on Net Promoter innovations, insights and best practices. View ...

The 5th annual Net Promoter Conference in Miami Beach drew more than 500 business leaders. The intensive two-day program event focused on Net Promoter innovations, insights and best practices. View the most notable quotes / tweets from companies like 1-800-Got-Junk?, Dell, Forrester, Intuit, Philips, Siemens, Suddenlink, Symantec, tw telecom, Zane's Cycles, and many more...



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    Talkable tweets from the Miami Net Promoter Conference Talkable tweets from the Miami Net Promoter Conference Presentation Transcript

    • Most Notable Tweets Miami Net Promoter Conference #NPS2011
    • Over 500 customer experience professionals gathered in Miami Beach to discuss Net Promoter innovations, insights, and best-practices. Thousands of tweets were published. Here are the most notable ones:
    • DAY 1: Richard Owen, Satmetrix CEO Battling for the Customer High Ground
    • Hidden fees are "bad profits": Eliminate them BEFORE customers move on. - Richard Owen @ KnowledgeBishop Customer service: is not about doing a lot of things, but doing a few things very well. ~Richard Owen @ hoovers The companies that focus on customer wants rather than expectations will create armies of promoters.@ BMSummerville Customers at both ends of the scale (super promoters, and super detractors) can help you innovate. @ NetPromoter
    • DAY 1: Andy Lark, Vice President, Large Enterprise, Dell What Success Looks Like When the Customer is Front and Center
    • If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world, And Lark Highest paid employees never speak with customers. @ hoovers To know what's happening in the news "right now", you don't go to CNN: You go to Twitter! There is NO substitute for listening! Purpose driven companies create disproportionately more passionate promoters. - @kiwilark @ KnowledgeBishop for those of you still using a fax machine, you're going to be joined by those using email really soon" per @kiwilark” @ maldyj
    • DAY 1: Roy Rosin, Vice President, Innovation Intuit Customer-Driven Innovation – The Evolution of a Successful Product
    • Roy Rosin @intuit innovation is about seeing what others overlook - don't get anchored on first idea to pop into mind Roy Rosin @intuit "we believe innovation is everyone's job" - push it across the company not just one team @ maldyj
    • DAY 1: Graham Button, Partner, Genesis , Inc., and Guest Blogger for Fast Company Turning the Telescope On Ourselves – The Customer's Point of View
    • "If every company built its discipline on the Net Promoter Score, the world would be a better place" - Graham Button @ rgmarkey You become a customer the day you're born, and you know more about being a customer than anything else. ~ Graham Button @ hoovers Time is a precious resource: Wise brands refuse to steal it from customers. h/t @grahambutton @ KnowledgeBishop
    • DAY 1: Ted Bucknam, President, Concentra Urgent Care An Innovative Prescription For Change – Thinking Like a Retailer to Make Healthcare a More Positive Experience
    • When one of Concentra's centers isn't improving NPS, it's almost certain the team isn't bought in to our mission #nps2011 Ted Bucknam @ rgmarkey Concentra culture changes: make it a great place to work and it snowballs; great talent will want to join per Ted Bucknam Focus on the customer experience and the financials will follow @ maldyj
    • Christopher J. Zane, President, Zane's Cycle Reinventing the Wheel – The Science of Creating Lifetime Customers
    • "Customer Service starts when Customer Experience fails." Before you deny a tiny customer request, consider the LIFETIME value of the relationship. @ChrisZane @ KnowledgeBishop Relationship marketing = no more nickel and diming. Connect with the customer and solve the problem @ hoovers Customers do not keep you away from your job, customers are YOUR JOB! Chris Zane @ NetPromoter "The only difference between us and our competition is the service that we offer" - Chris Zane @ stuinsf
    • DAY 1: Gibbs Jones, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, Suddenlink Communications NPS Plus Innovation – Watch What Happens
    • Customer service is a journey, continually listening to the voice of the customer ~ Gibbs Jones, Suddenlink Reward employees based on customer feedback! ~ Gibbs Jones When connecting with customers online, write like a human, not a "suit" ~ Gibbs Jones #nps2011 - This is a big one, folks! @ hoovers
    • DAY 1: Joe Wheeler, Executive Director, The Service Profit Chain Institute Using Customer Loyalty to Restart Growth in Financial Services
    • The key to customer relationship is emotional involvement ~ Jon Wheeler #nps2011 Build relationships with customers through social media to create virtual customer advisory board. #nps2011 @ hoovers
    • DAY 1: Rob Markey, Partner and Global Head, Customer Strategy and Marketing Practice, Bain & Company, Inc. The Promoter Flywheel – Powering Growth by Leveraging Employee and Customer Advocacy
    • Leaders who set employees up to disappoint customers will have to replace BOTH! @rgmarkey @ KnowledgeBishop @rgmarkey it's not enough to have good customer NPS, must have good employees NPS - happy employees produce great financials @ maldyj To increase employee NPS - empower employees - put them in a situation where they can use judgment to do right by customers To get happy employees, you need a mission that's meaningful and leaders who believe and live it. @ hoovers
    • DAY 2: Brian Scudamore, CEO, with Simon Lowe, Director of Operations, 1800-GOT-JUNK? A Winning Strategy: How a Fanatical Focus on Customer Experience Drives Business Results
    • @brianscudamore "enthusiastic, raving fans will grow your business," not satisfaction @ maldyj Being good is no longer good enough. How do you make your business exceptional? It's having customers say, "Wow! Drastic improvement in customer service starts and ends at the top of the org chart @ hoovers Culture change is key. We hire people who has fun gene - Brian Scudamore We are constantly looking at what customers are saying, the NPS is just there to quantify. Brian Scudamore @ NetPromoter
    • DAY 2: Deborah Eastman, General Manager, Business Consulting, Satmetrix Keynote:Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn Oh My! Social Media's Role In Your Net Promoter Program
    • The social media conversation is taking place whether you listen or not. The cost of not listening could be high indeed! @ NetPromoter Not only is it important to listen to customers, it's also important to understand who the influencers are and follow them. Social media engages customers in their native environment. In most cases, others will answer questions for you, reducing costs. @ hoovers Customer experience is the new marketing @debeastman @ JAMurdock Social media is not a good marketing platform. It is about customer experience - Deb Eastman @ rgmarkey
    • DAY 2: Megan Burns, Principal Analyst, Forrester Driving the Quality Up – Key Trends in Customer Experience
    • Most of us don't work in places that have customer experience priority baked in from start @ maldyj 86% of companies say Customer Experience is a top priority, but only 30% have a dedicated budget. @ NetPromoter company with central customer experience team 2x more likely to achieve alignment on cexp strategy @ rgmarkey Give employees a clear & simple framework to deliver a great customer experience. @ VivianBlade Wise leaders tell employees "Do what you've got to do to WOW the customer: We TRUST you." - @mbcxp @ KnowledgeBishop
    • DAY 2: Jeff Anglin, Director, Customer Experience, Medtronic Diabetes How Creating a Customer-First Culture Sets You Up For Success
    • Great idea from Jeff Anglin, Medtronic Diabetes: Give a customer a camera and let them film a day in the life. @ hoovers Medtronic conference rooms are lined with photos of customers and an empty seat labeled "customer" - J Anglin Medtronic executives look at the empty chair labeled "customer" in all meeting rooms and ask, "what would they want us to do?" @ rgmarkey
    • DAY 2: Michael McOmber, Customer Experience Manager, Siemens IT Solutions and Services North America . The Future of Business – Predicting Customer Behavior Without a Crystal Ball
    • For CFO, show relationship between incremental revenue and NPS by customer. Michael McOmber, Siemens Experience is a Trailing indicator. Perception is a Leading indicator. Michael McOmber, @ VivianBlade If your profitable customers are detractors, you MUST find and eliminate "bad profits!" -McOmber of @SiemensIT @ KnowledgeBishop
    • DAY 2: Arne Van de Wijdeven, Director Customer Experience and NPS, Global Marketing and Communication, Royal Philips Electronics Putting Theory into Practice – How the Promoter Perspective Can Improve Your Business Results
    • NPS is a KPI for Royal Philips Electronics board of directors @ hoovers Everybody can measure NPS, but what comes after is much more important. @ NetPromoter @royal philips Promoters come in 2 forms: customers & employees. @ maldyj A super promoter is a real drive for every company's success. Go and find them. @ NetPromoter Promoters can help you shorten sales cycles, improve close rates and drive brand preference. Philips @ rgmarkey :
    • DAY2: Greg Cullen, Manager, Customer Loyalty, Ceridian Targeting Who and What Needs Attention Now, Soon, and Later
    • Greg Cullen of @ceridian_US, Sr. Mgmt direct quote: "We want to be a company that is run by our customers" @ maldyj It's NOT enough to measure satisfaction: We had 90% "SAT" but discovered NPS was -5%! - Gregory Cullen @ KnowledgeBishop
    • DAY2: Lara Wise, Vice President, Customer Experience and Customer Care, and Stephanie Pendolino, Voice of Customer Program Director, tw telecom Debunking the "My Contribution Doesn't Matter" Myth – The Connection Between Employee Empowerment and Customer Loyalty
    • tw telecom liked Net Promoter system for its simplicity and actionability. Helped them focus on customers through merger "Creating a happy customer makes me proud of myself and my company" - tw telecom employee "I view customer feedback as a report card. It has helped me learn to be better at my job." tw telecom repair supervisor @ rgmarkey
    • DAY2: Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company Fellow and Author, The Ultimate Question Frugal WOW – Delighting Customers Economically
    • The gift you have is to enrich lives. - Fred Reichheld, Wise companies constantly search for frugal ways to "WOW" their customers. - Fred Reichheld, Zappos uses NPS "every day to make SURE to delight both employees AND customers." - Fred Reichheld, @ KnowledgeBishop
    • DAY2: Dan Cathy, President & COO, Chick-fil-A Beyond What's Expected – How "Second Mile" Service Builds Relationships and Brings Results
    • “ We share a lot about our story with customers to create more of an emotional connection." Dan Cathy We probably run the world's largest etiquette school at Chick-fil-A @ rgmarkey Chick-fil-A's strategy: if someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles @ NetPromoter We are BUILT to give and serve: The cash register is NOT the main thing. The future of business: Creating remarkable experiences and impacting lives! Selling chicken is just a front: The main thing is making a difference in people's lives! @ KnowledgeBishop
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