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Mmc guidlines..

  1. 1. S P E C I A L R E P O RT : The Top 7 Mistakes “Hardgainers” Make When Trying To Gain Weight And Build Muscle And How To Make Sure You Never … Make These Mistakes Yourself So You Can Build Serious Mass Quicker Than Ever!By Jeff © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. From the desk of: Jeff MastersonTuesday, 10:46 amI guarantee that this report will give you a better understanding of how to gainweight… even if you never thought you could.Why?Because chances are, you’re making a few of these 7 “deadly” mistakes that quicklykill off any chances of gaining muscle weight. I would know, because…I’ve made a bunch of these mistakes myself!You see, I’ve struggled to gain weight in the past, trying every pill, powder, andworkout plan you could imagine. I was 6’2” weighed a pathetic 142 lbs and Iwas sick of being called “chicken legs.”I even used to wear 2 or 3 t-shirts in the summertime just to add an extra half-inchto my body and look just a little bigger. But that was a temporary solution to a muchbigger problem, and I didn’t want to have to hide under baggy clothes forthe rest of my life.It wasn’t until my friends and I were playing a game of basketball when this jackassdecided to say, “Hey, someone cover the string bean!”Yeah, he didn’t even bother to call me by my real name all night. I was more thanpissed. I was SICK of being the skinny guy and getting disrespected for it. You knowhow it is – When you’re skinny, nobody can take you seriously!When I got back to my house that night I was still worked up and told myself, I’VEHAD IT! I’m going to gain weight NOW – Whatever it takes!So… In my rage I just crammed everything I could down my throat from cereal tochicken. I even went and made myself a steak.The problem was, that didn’t do JACK to help me gain weight…So I went on to try everything under the sun… Weight gain powder, creatine, weight © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. lifting, drinking ‘Ensure’, drinking lots of milk, 20 different work out plans, hours inthe gym…And what did I get for all my effort? NOTHING! Zip… Nada…Ok, so I managed to gain some weight... After about a year. Wanna know howmuch?Hold your breath…After an entire year of blood, sweat, and tears… Working my butt off in the gym…Stuffing my face with food… And hundreds… maybe THOUSANDS of dollars onworthless supplements… I managed to gain a whopping 9 pounds.9 pounds in a year. Wow. I was expecting more than that. That’s less than 1pound a month!And worst of all, with my tall, skinny 6’ 2” body, that measly 9 pounds wasn’t evennoticeable!In fact, nobody ever said a single word to me about my pathetic little gains. I wasstill the “skinny guy” and I was embarrassed to tell people that I’ve been workingout regularly for a year. Next Page --> © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Obviously I was doing something wrong! Another Year Passed And I Was Still Skinny. ...Even After Busting My Ass In The Gym! Another year passed and after all that time I only gained a few more pounds. I was up to 167 pounds and I still looked skinny... At this rate it would take me another 4 YEARS until I broke 200 pounds! I was still spinning my wheels, getting painfully slow results. Little did I know, I was about to "crack the code" and gain more weight in the next 19 weeks than I did in the previous 2 years combined.I knew I needed a real plan from someone who had done this before.I did research and collected information from personal trainers and other previouslyskinny guys who had successfully gained weight and found out exactly what they didto go from skinny to muscular.I applied some of their techniques and... Next Page --> © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. I FINALLY Started Making Some Faster Gains...At my first attempt at my new plan, using the new methods Id discovered, it startedworking...I started gaining about half a pound each week.This was better... But it still wasnt enough. I knew I could gain more weight...Even faster!I kept making small changes and observing the results. I turned my body into anexperimental weight gain machine.And with a little more trial and error, I perfected a system that grew my body 10times faster than I was previously growing.Once I applied these new techniques... I Immediately Packed On 38 Pounds Of Solid Muscle Mass Over The Next 19 Weeks!I painstakingly tested my plan over and over until I finally had it dialed in perfectly...At this point I was gaining a minimum of 2 pounds a week! © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. If I kept up this pace, I quickly realized that I could potentially gain 40+pounds in the next 4 months using these methods! That beats the heck out ofthe pathetic 9 pounds I gained the year before!!It turns out my predictions were close...I actually only gained 38 lbs. over the next 19 weeks. I still wanted to gainmore weight, but I couldnt complain about gaining 38 pounds. Would you?Although I still didnt look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I did have to buy all newclothes to fit my larger, more muscular body.The transformation happened so fast...One of my close friends actually accused me of being on steroids becauseof how quickly I put on the weight!I made this transformation from skinny to muscular in just 19 weeks… And Idid it by avoiding the common pitfalls most skinny guys fall into when they try togain weight.So I want to give you some of the little-known “workarounds” I used that will let youside-step the fatal mistakes you are bound to make if you try bulking up on yourown.I won’t make you wait any longer.Here are the top 7 mistakes most “hardgainers” make when trying to gainweight and build muscle… Skinny Guy Mistake #7: Thinking That Your Genetics Will Prevent You From Ever Gaining Weight. Let’s start with square one here. If you don’t have this right, then nothing else matters. © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. Realize that unless you have some kind of disease that eats away at your muscletissue and keeps you skinny, EVERYONE can gain muscle weight!Yes, that means YOU too!Listen, if you saw my “before pictures” you’d think I was just held hostage, banishedto a dark basement, and chained to a stone wall with no food or exercise for 3months.My ribcage and collarbone was sticking out, I had narrow, bony shoulders, andbasically no muscle mass whatsoever. So just to set the record straight…If I can do it, anyone can!Honestly, some people (like you and I) were just born skinny. That’s a fact. But ifyou follow a proven system that forces your muscles to grow, you simply can’t fail. Skinny Guy Mistake #6: Using “Wussy” Exercises Instead Of The Proven “Mass Builders” There is no shortage of exercises out there. But that doesn’t mean they’re all effective for building mass. You can’t expect to go into a gym, start lifting random weights, and get bigger. (I found this out the hard way.)There are certain exercises that are “the cream of the crop” when it comes toputting on slabs of muscle mass in the shortest time possible. And there are othersthat are a complete waste of time.Here’s the big secret: Forget about isolation exercises like triceps extensions,cable crossovers, or any other exercise that requires a machine. These exercises © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. have their place, but if you want to force your muscles to grow quickly, you need tofocus on…Compound exercises. These are exercises that stimulate the most muscle fiberspossible and create the biggest growth response from your body.These are things like squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, dips, military press, bent over rows,etc. Skinny Guy Mistake #5: Taking Advice From Bodybuilding Magazines And The “Big Guy” At The Gym…This is an easy trap to fall in to. Magazines have big buff dudeson the cover so they must have legitimate information in there, orelse they wouldn’t be in business, right?WRONG!The sad truth is… these muscle-building magazines are owned bysupplement companies!And most of the magazine’s revenue is generated from the supplements theyendorse in the magazines.Do you still trust these magazines?But what about all the fancy, cutting-edge exercises they have that are guaranteedto “chisel your abs” or “add inches to your biceps?”Let me ask you, What would happen if they didn’t come out with new workouts andexercise plans? © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. They would go out of business!So their business depends on coming up with new and “creative” exercises andconvincing you that it’s the next best thing that will accelerate your results…If the general public really knew that there are proven muscle-building concepts thatdon’t change… They would wake up realize that these magazines are nothing buthype.So what about the “big guy” at the gym? He must be a great resource forinformation. After all, he is big and muscular, right?Well, chances are he got that way because he was born with good genes.Either that, or he’s getting a little help… (Yes I’m talking about steroids.)The point is, any “advice” he gives you doesn’t apply to you if you’re a hardgainer.Skinny guys have to follow a different set of rules than these naturallymuscular guys!(That is if you want fast results and don’t like waiting 6 months only to gain 5pathetic pounds.) Skinny Guy Mistake #4: Wasting Money On Bogus Supplements That Keep You Skinny And Broke… One of the biggest questions I get from skinny guys is, “What supplements can I take to gain weight?” I won’t lie, there are a few good ones… And you’ll find out what they are soon enough… © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. But the TRUTH is, most supplements are complete garbage!The bodybuilding supplement industry is a multi billion-dollar “cash cow” that stuffsmoney in the pockets of bigwig CEO’s on a daily basis.These greedy companies know that all they have to do is come out with anothermagic pill or powder that claims to boost testosterone, add muscle, cut fat… oranything else you can think of – And they’ll get a windfall of cash so they can buyanother Benz.Like I said, there are only a handful of supplements that will give you a slight edge…But only if you know how and when to use them.Here are 4 of my favorite supplements that can help you gain weight ifyou use them properly: • Whey Protein Powder • Creatine • Flax Seed Oil • Post-Workout Carb Drink Skinny Guy Mistake #3: Ignoring Muscle-Building Hormones That Can Boost Your Results By 200% Or More!There are 6 key hormones that you need to manipulate toturbo charge your mass building results…I don’t have room in this report to go over all 6 right now, but I’mgoing to talk about the most important and obvious hormone thateveryone is familiar with: Testosterone. © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11. Testosterone builds muscle and keeps fat off. That’s no secret and for most peoplethat’s common knowledge. But what’s NOT so common knowledge is how tonaturally increase testosterone levels without dangerous drugs.Here are a few ways to naturally boost testosterone levels to ensure your hormonesare working with you, not against you: • A low-stress lifestyle. When you get stressed out your T levels drop. So take it easy man. Unless you’re lifting heavy weights in the gym of course. Then go hard. • Heavy weight training. Initially your testosterone levels will rise during heavy weight training. But then they’ll drop and stay low for a day or two before rising again. This is one of the reasons why you don’t want to be in the gym 7 days a week. It’s not necessary and is actually counterproductive. (We’ll talk more about this point in the next “Skinny Guy Mistake…”) • A diet high in protein and fats. Eating high fat, high protein foods like salmon, nuts, beef, seeds, etc. will boost your testosterone levels. But don’t go overboard… Too much of a good thing can lead to extra fat gains. You need to know how much of these foods to eat to get the full effect. Vegetarian diets are the worst thing for your testosterone levels and gaining weight in general. • Sex! Any kind of sexual stimulation raises testosterone levels. So call your girlfriend up right now. Don’t have a girlfriend? Put some muscle on your body then take a stroll down the beach on a sunny day. I’m sure you’ll find some girls. Then you can take advantage of this one. • Limit drugs and alcohol. I’m not trying to be the “fun police” here but the truth is alcohol lowers your testosterone levels and actually increases your estrogen levels! “Painkiller” drugs like weed, asprin, and codeine will also lower testosterone levels. • Get 8 hours of sleep. Your testosterone levels can drop by 40% from poor quality sleep or lack of sleep. © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12. Skinny Guy Mistake #2: Training Too Often. This is one of the most common problems I see with hardgainers who want to bulk up. And that’s why it made #2 on the list. I was guilty of this myself...It’s called “overtraining” and everyone’s doin’ it. You’d think that going to the gym 6-7 days a week vs. 2-3 days a week would get faster results, right? Well, it soundslike it would make sense, but this is actually completely false!This seems to be the hardest concept for people to actually accept. But let meexplain...You see, when you go to the gym and lift heavy weights, your objective is to breakdown muscle fibers in order to elicit a growth response from your body.You get BIGGER when your body repairs that damaged muscle tissue... It respondsby repairing the muscle fibers BIGGER AND STRONGER than they were before.So your muscles grow when you are resting... NOT when you are in thegym lifting weights!There’s 2 main things your body needs to grow after heavy lifting: Food and rest.In other words, you need to not only feed your body with enough calories to growlarger, you also need to give it time to repair your muscle tissue and growlarger and stronger!Otherwise, if you continue to break down your muscle fibers by going to the gym 6days a week, your body has no chance to repair and grow larger... Therefore yourplan backfires in your face and you actaully get weaker and smaller! © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  13. 13. This is one of the main reasons guys go to the gym day after day, working their buttoff, only to see NO results for their efforts. Heck, I did this when I first started too!Oh, and one more downside of training too often... It lowers testosterone levels,which leaves you at even more of a disadvantage.But now you know better. Skinny Guy Mistake #1: Eating The WRONG Food To Build Muscle Mass And Gain Weight Fast… “No matter what I eat, I just can’t seem to gain weight...” Does that sound familiar? You may have tried gaining weight in the past by eating morefood. But was it the right food? And did you really eat enough?Eating is one of the most misunderstood aspects of gaining muscle mass and this iswhere most people drop the ball completely.In order to gain weight and build muscle mass you need to feed your musclesexactly what they need to grow… And that doesn’t include things like chips, hotdogs, cake, cookies, etc. Those things will just make you fat.If you want to get BIG, you need to eat the right kind of protein, carbs, and fat ateach meal to feed your muscles.Here are examples of some of the best muscle-building food you can eat: © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  14. 14. Best Protein Sources:  Poultry  Lean Red Meat  Eggs  Fish/Seafood  Cottage Cheese  Whey ProteinBest Carbohydrate Sources:  Brown Rice  Oatmeal  Potatoes  Whole Grain Breads  Fruit  BeansBest Fat Sources:  Flax Seed Oil  Fish Oil  Olive Oil  Fish (like salmon)  Nuts  AvocadosAlso, WHEN and HOW MUCH you eat is just as important as what you eat.We don’t have time to dive into all those details here, but I’m going to pick up wherewe left off tomorrow so…Watch your inbox, because I’m going to be sending you a special video that youdon’t want to miss… Which is going to help you pack on slabs of musclemass quickly.(I call it my “secret weapon...”) © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.
  15. 15. To your speedy weight gain,Jeff MastersonFormer skinny © 2010 Jeff Masterson, All Rights Reserved.