Listening to the Community


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Social media report presented to Douglas County Libraries. How to find your key influencers.

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Listening to the Community

  1. 1. Douglas County Libraries Social Media Report Analyzed by Darrell Houghton February 29, 2012
  2. 2. Social Media Performance: Inputs Source: Alterian SM2 -
  3. 3. Search term: “Douglas County Libraries” Tool Used: Social Mention Date range: Dec 2006 - • Social media monitoring and analysis tool present • Tracks conversations • Reviews positive/negative sentiment across social media channels Total Results: • Other commercial tools available 195 mentions that are more comprehensive
  4. 4. Customer Perceptions Sentiment from 195 mentions Positive, 2 4% Negati ve, 0% Neutral, 7 6% Key Findings • Positive posts were predominately from: •flickr (20), YouTube (11) and Digg (5) • Neutral posts mainly mentions in blogs and news stories
  5. 5. What the community finds important Top 3 Topics from 195 Mentions Posts eBooks 27 • Selling ebook files to DCL (21) •ebook vendors (4) • Digital Branch (2) Authors at DCL/book club 10 Volunteer opportunities 5 Key Findings • Community members are excited about a larger selection of ebooks at DCL • Members enjoy meeting authors • Members are community oriented and look for volunteer opportunities
  6. 6. Customers’ Perceptions: Positives and Negatives
  7. 7. Key Influencers for Douglas County Libraries •Name: Chrissy Morin • • Bio: News & Events in Douglas County CO, TV and Celebrity News and information along with WP, Blogging, Social Networking and Marketing thoughts • Twitter Followers: 4,659; Following: 4,659 • Social Media Accounts: delicious, stumbleupon, Twitter, and YouTube •Chrissy has used stumbleupon to tag 5 postings about Douglas County Libraries from and
  8. 8. Key Influencers for Douglas County Libraries •Name: Susie Whiteford • • Bio: Susie is a reference librarian at the Denver Pubic Library. She is also a trainer for staff and represents DPL at • Twitter Followers: 263; Following: 359 • Social Media Accounts: delicious (2), Facebook, Google Shared Stuff, DPL Librarian, and Twitter • Susie has used stumbleupon to tag 6 postings about Douglas County Libraries including DCL Book Chat, GED Testing Dates,, and the Douglas County Newcomers Guide
  9. 9. Key Influencers for Douglas County Libraries • Name: Aspen Walker • • Bio: Aspen is the Executive Assistant to the Director of the Douglas County Libraries. • Twitter Followers: 871; Following: 934 • Social Media Accounts: Twitter, blog • Aspen has Tweeted about the Douglas County Libraries Digital Branch & Digital Power Wall, the agreement signed with Colorado Independent Publisher, and Censorship, The Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado & Douglas County Libraries
  10. 10. Key Findings Key influencers are heavily integrated in the library industry and print media The key influencers’ posts reflect their community involvement and interests
  11. 11. Key Takeaways The majority of mentions come from StumbleUpon (67)  Analysis: Indicates your organization is posting relevant items that are of interest to the community Relatively small number of influencers  Analysis: Opportunity to focus on finding and engaging new influencers
  12. 12. How I Can Help DCL: Matching Services toCommunity Needs Increase engagement by monitoring and posting to online forums Seek out and engage potential influencers Create a network of influencers to support DCL’s communication efforts Monitor keyword phrases that imply a need that can be filled by DCL Listen, learn, and help DCL match services to community values
  13. 13. Thank you! About Darrell Houghton: • Experience in social marketing using email, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, and YouTube • Proficient in HTML, SEO, SEM, Photoshop, WordPress, ebook production, video production, Google Analytics • Over 11 years of marketing experience | 310-948-6321