Androquake(Earthquake Tracker) ppt


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it is an android application ppt,which is based on worldwide latest earthquake using this app. you can know the latest worldwide earthquake on your android device.

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Androquake(Earthquake Tracker) ppt

  1. 1. Andro-Quake
  2. 2. IntroductionAndro-Quake is an app. for tracking earthquakes.Andro-Quake is my first Android application,that isrunning on Android O.S (Version2.3.3). Andro meansAndroid and Quake is for Earthquakes Disaster.Themain purpose of the app is to be an earthquake tracker.The app shows you the latest earthquakeworldwide,sorted by date, you can scroll the list andselect and entry, once you click on it a second page willappear showing you detailed information about theearthquake.
  3. 3. Existing systemusing Android 1.6 due to hardware limitations.So,project is related to Mobile app development forTracking Earthquake.App was developed in android.we have molded their ideas into perfection by building‘Andro-Quake’application and developed a completeapplication that track location of earthquake,time,dateand magnitude as well.
  4. 4. Aim•Alert Notification:People can take proper measures for the disaster.•Locationing Sensoring and hazards maps:Broadcasting the present location and provide the graphichazard maps can make user have more awareness to thegeographical information about the ongoing disaster.•Disaster message boards:If there is a disaster, the phone lines will quickly in jam. Mobilephone can provide messages concerning the earthquake.
  5. 5. Proposed system should posses thefollowing features•Managing earthquake details.•Managing database.•Maintains time and date of earthquake.•Maintains the information location of earthquake.•Stores the data of earthquake
  6. 6. Technology Used•Front end-Android•Back end-SQLite database
  7. 7. Hardware RequirementsHDD – 20GB Min.40GB RecommendedRAM – 512MB Min.1GB Recommended
  8. 8. Software Requirements•OS - WindowsXP with SP2 or higher•Database – Sqlite•Technologies – Android•IDE - My eclipse•Browser – IE or Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  9. 9. Diagrams
  10. 10. Use case Diagram:-
  11. 11. Team Structure chart
  12. 12. Activity Diagram
  13. 13. Snapshots of Front-end &Backend
  14. 14. Testing Mechanism UsedWhite Box and Black Box testing methods havebeen used to test this package.•Black-box testing is a method of software testing thatexamines the functionality of an application without peering intoits internal structures or workings.•White-box testing (also known as clear box testing, glass boxtesting, transparent box testing, and structural testing) is amethod of testing software that tests internal structures orworkings of an application, as opposed to its functionality ( testing)
  15. 15. Problem Faced• In Coding.• Fetching data from Earthquake USGS(U.S OfficialOrganization) website.• For connecting SQLitedatabase.
  16. 16. Lesson Learnt• We learnt the language Android.• Database connectivity procedures throughSQlitedatabase.• How to make application setup.
  17. 17. Limitations• This application will run only on android version2.3.3(gingerbread).• It will not show location of earthquake on map.
  18. 18. Future Enhancementwe will overcome all the limitation of current applicationdiscuss before like, this application will run on anyversions of android and also shows the exact locationof earthquake disasters on map.
  19. 19. ConclusionThis application has been developed with much carethat it is free from errors.We have tried our level bestto make the application as dynamic as possible. Thisapp. Is properly functioned on android device and itbeneficial for all peoples to aware from worldwideearthquake disasters.
  20. 20. Thankyou
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