Papa 70th birthday issue


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Papa 70th birthday issue

  1. 1.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE   Issue  70        
  2. 2.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     2         Papa Birthday Issue         22 May, 2012   Editorial by  Mummy, Mutu, Rahul, Nidhi, Bipin, Prabhu and the family   MESSAGE  FROM  THE  EDITORS     IN  THIS  ISSUE   Dear papa, just a small gesture to   show you how much This is a very special you mean to us and issue on a very special how much we love you. day. It is a benchmark because it marks all the wonderful things you have done, all the love   you have shared, and all the wisdom you The Great Things Love can do have imparted. From   the bottom of our hearts, we are thankful. We could not have asked for a better father, husband, mentor, friend. This is  
  3. 3.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     3          
  4. 4.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE   Issue  70         ADVENTURES  WITH  MUMMY  Love is laughing at his jokes…  Love is that adoring gaze.    See how cute she is J   See  (un)biased  poll  to  the  left   FAST  FACTS        68%Readers  who  think  Mummy  is  more  adventurous  than  Papa      42%Readers  ate  Mummy’s  kokis  before  voting  J   FOR  MORE  INFORMATION   Prabhu’s  Mummy  Propaganda  Enterprises   KOWLOON  BAY   Hong  Kong        
  5. 5.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE   Issue  70       Debate and MUN tournaments all and for all that you are. over Europe. I value the fact that you have always put us and out needs first, even when Love always, Muku it has been immensely difficult for you to do so. The incident I remember as if it was yesterday was my first day of university. You drove me all the way to York and when we got there, you helped move all my things into the dorm room, walked me around campus, checked out the cafeteria with me, and then, unable to avoid the moment any longer, said you should probably be leaving. I remember your voice breaking slightly and the tears in your eyes as   you said ‘this is not how it’s meant to be. It’s not natural’ before turning FROM  MUKU   around and walking out of the lobby doors. I went straight to my dorm   Dear papa, room and cried – home sick already.   And yet, that is how it was meant to There have been multiple moments in   be – great fathers give their children my life when I have realized how the space to grow and learn, even lucky I am to have you as a father. when it means being parted from One was when, as a child, you helped them. And I owe all my growth since me read the library books I brought then to your foresight and strength to home every day, instilling a love of let me go while, at the same time, reading in me without which I would letting me know that we were never not be who I am today. really parted. The lack of your Another of those memories is when I physical presence has never meant didn’t get into Oxford and you you have not been there for anything reassured me through my tears that and everything I have needed – for there were other ways of fulfilling all the important moments in my life. my ambitions, and that I still would. You have been there on every Then there was the time you enrolled birthday, if not in person, then on me into a creative writing skype – buying a cake and cutting it correspondence course – just one of with me over webcam. You were the instances when you picked up on there for my Cambridge graduation. my passions and helped me realize You were there with a surprise cake and develop them. ‘ to celebrate my York first class degree. You were there reading up   There were also the evenings you medical research papers and coming   enthusiastically read my Theory of up with questions to ask doctors   Knowledge essays, discussing and when Rahul had bell’s palsy – so that developing the philosophical ideas in it was YOU and not the doctors who them. And it was you who eventually came up with the correct painstakingly read over my prose and diagnosis. And, most recently, it was taught me how to write succinctly – you who sang along with the bhajans ‘Words are precious,’ you said. over webcam at our griha pravesh. ‘Don’t throw them around for no reason. Don’t waste them.’ And then I love you and could not have asked there were the multiple occasions you for a better father, mentor, and friend. proudly sent me off to Speech and Thank you for all that you have been,  
  6. 6.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     6       To my dearest papa, I want to thank you for all your love, guidance and support. I know I would not be where I am now if it weren’t for you. Thank you for giving me the best childhood anyone could ask for. Not many people can say they’ve been to over 20 countries in their lifetime. I am so proud to call you my papa and of everything you stand for. When anyone here finds out my background, they can’t believe how down to earth our family is and that is purely down to the values you and mummy instilled in us. You made me appreciate how much more valuable the Nissan was than a brand new Mercedes. You taught me the significance of pursuing knowledge, to do what you’re passionate about, to not be materialistic and to shed your prejudices. Thank you for inspiring me, encouraging me to have dreams and goals. If it wasn’t for that seed you planted in my head to pursue medicine, I know I wouldn’t be a doctor today. You believed in me even when I didn’t. I still remember the long nights we’d spend on the dining table preparing for the interviews. No other parent I know would ever do that. You always were and are fully active in every aspect of my life. For every big milestone in my life you have been right there beside me, supporting me, from teaching me how to walk, giving me my first sip of coke to taste, teaching me to ride a bicycle, then teaching me to drive, driving me to university, watching me graduate and say my Hippocratic oath, and now very soon getting me married. It has been one amazing journey and while I’m sure there were times where you lost your patience, you never gave up. I’m about to embark on a huge step in my life, getting married. And while I’m apprehensive, I’m also reassured because I’ve had a stellar example of a great marriage in front of me; yours and mummy’s. I know Mutu, Prabhu and I live our lives in such a way that you would also be proud of us at all times. For all of these reasons and many more I love you so much. You’ve been the best father anyone can ask for. Happy happy 70th birthday papa! Love, Nidhi  
  7. 7.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     7          
  8. 8.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     8     From the desk of Prabhu…     PRABHU  AROUND  TOWN  Papa,   because you forget you’ve already told me, yourHappy 70th Birthday! funny taste in clothes and how you wear yourYou have given me the pants so high, yourmost wholesome, rich, and countless out-of-this-comfortable childhood world business ideas, andany son could have asked so many more! I lookfor. You have given me forward to the time Ithe best education, the develop such rich quirksbest food, the best toys, myself!the best books, the besthouse, and so many You have always set metravelling experiences on the right path,and opportunities for providing guidance andpersonal growth. wisdom on the way to live ones life for self-growth,I have so many fond but also with constant  memories to look back regard for others. Youon - how we used to work have instilled within me atogether on making code of ethics,furniture and how you intellectual curiosity, andtaught me how to use the drive towards a moretools, how we used to set fulfilling life. Your ownup the home conduct has taught meentertainment and audio the importance ofsystems, how we used to maintaining a down-to-explore the latest tech earth demeanor ofand gadgets, how you simplicity and modesty.taught me how to drive, For all of this I amhow to maintain cars, how eternally grateful.we used to go to Saturdaymarket and Rommel We are now embarking onmarket. a new journey together   and I cant wait.Even though at the timeI’m sometimes dismissive, Lots of love,I love all your quirks;Your silly humour which Prabhualways results in youlaughing hysterically  while the rest of usexchange funny looks(Nidhi and Mukti knowwhat I mean), your crazyfood combinations andrecipes, how you repeatevery story every day    
  9. 9.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     9          
  10. 10.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     10        Sumi says…  Dearest M Uncle, read the news, to have good hand- writing, to appreciate Pakistan, toOn this momentous milestone event be supportive, to distinguish rightin your life, I am very lucky (Lakhi) from wrong, to ponder, toand blessed to have had the appreciate, to relish raisin bread, toopportunity to spend a significant enjoy bikaneri sev parathas, to eat aamount of time with you. bowl of salad every meal, to exercise daily, to enjoy olives and pickles, toMy earliest memories of you are at relish sambalolek, to educate myself,your wedding, with the floral swan to be foresighted, to be disciplined,backdrop, Rachna aunty glowing in to achieve and be successful, to singher finery, and me prancing around along Mohamed Rafi and Lata  in a frilly frock as a little toddler. Mangeshkar songs, to watch RajNumerous summers spent in Belgium Kapoor, Ashok Kumar, and Disneywere spent goofing around, jumping films, to learn, to strive, to pursue, toon beds, breaking furniture, being laugh, to be ethical, and numerousrightfully scolded by you and other things.yummy food by aunty. You have beenextremely tolerant, generous, and Because of your immense support,patient with all of us. blessings and guidance, I am married to Amit, and have a stringYou have been my mode of exploring of degrees ranging from gemology,the world as a young girl during jewelry and most recently a mastersour trips to Turkey, Egypt, in finance. You have sacrificed andDominican Republic and most delayed your personal goals andrecently Norway. Each one has been   stood by me, Chirag, and Daddy allmore memorable than the other and the time whether it was spirituallyI would love to travel with you more. and physically. I cant thank youI promise Ill drive safely. =) enough for all that and more.Weve grown up being fearful (out of I’m selfishly looking forward torespect) of you. My first taste of spending more time with you,alcohol was right under your nose laughing at the jokes you share,in Cappadocia, Turkey. You were exploring new places with you, andtelling us kids that we shouldnt be being guided by you.wasting drinks that we’d paid forwhether it was water or coke. Id Wish you a memorable 70thordered a mocktail piña-colada birthday! May you be forever youngwhich ended up being alcoholic and with energy and happiness.I gulped it down, scared, andgiggling throughout knowing that I Lots of hugs and love always,was doing something wrong. P r e r n a ( S u m i )  I have been in awe of your ever-growing book collection, includingthe library you had in Jaipur, yourknowledge, your discipline, the well Dear Moti Uncle,thought-out design of the Schotenhouse, the father you are, the firstcomputer I had ever seen and used - Thank you for everything you did to help Prerna & I fulfill our goalyour Macintosh, and your first car! of being together. I enjoy our intellectual conversations aboutYou have been an exemplary economics and world events. You are one of the most learned people Istalwart and father figure in my know. Thank you also for being a father figure in Prernas life, andlife. I have learned from you to guiding her through lifes challenges. Happy 70th Birthday!follow my passion, to read, to besilly, to be giving, to be loving, to behappy, to be ambitious, to be I am looking forward to celebrating with you, both your birthday anddedicated, to be a present-involved Nidhis wedding, soon.parent (in the future), to be awareof reality and life, to be curious, to Amit
  11. 11.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE   Issue  70       Rahul writes … [with  comments   from  Goju  &  Jobi]   My  Dear  Papa,       Today  you  are  35....  with  35  years  of  experience.     For  a  person  who  lives  in  the  moment  and  lives  each  moment  to  the  fullest,  you   have  shown  us  that  more  important  than  how  long  one  lives,  is  how  one  lives  -­‐   With  zest,  with  a  sparkle  in  your  eye,  with  a  silly  joke  and  a  smile,  with  a  taste   for   adventure,   with   a   delicious  Schoenaers   cake   :),   with   a   thirst   for   adventure   travel,   with   reading   and   reflection,   with   the   meeting   of   minds   and   meditation,   with  family,  with  exercise,  with  love  and  with  humility.   I  am  so  fortunate  to  have  you  as  my  father,  my  friend,  my  doctor,  my  role  model,   my   babys   hero   and   most   of   all,   have   you   everyday   in   my   life.   The   most   important  thing  I  have  learnt  from  you  is  that  it  only  takes  a  very  few  things  to   have  a  rich  and  happy  life.  Simple  living  and  high  thinking.  Many  a  time  when  I   have   been   stuck   between   a   difficult   choice,   I   imagine   "What   would   Papa   choose?"  and  it  becomes  easier  to  see  what  is  inessential.       Through   your   everyday   actions   which   I   see   from   Baby   Mutus   pictures   (all   the   birthdays,   the   proud   smile   you   have   with   her   in   your   godi,   the   libraries   (both   yours  and  hers),  the  taste  of  music  and  childhood  memories  she  has),  the  sense   of  family  and  the  place  of  family  at  the  top,  is  so  clear.  A  lot  of  my  life  priorities   have   been   formed   and   reinforced   by   observing   your   way   of   being   and   the   principles   you   have   passed   on   to   Mutu,   Nidhi   and   Prabudh.   It   is   the   everyday   things   I   cherish   -­‐  skype   calls,   chai   time,   walks   along   the   streets   of   Antwerpen,   conversations   in   your   study,   enjoying   Tropicos   and   Rachels,   listening   to   old   hindi   hits,   driving   through   the   backroads   of   the   Ardennes,   hiking   the   slopes   of   Switzerland  and  driving  across  Norway.       Kamu  didi  often  jokes  with  me  that  I  have  not  got  a  family  of  in-­‐laws  but  rather   "Outlaws".  With  her,  Gul  uncle,  Prakash  uncle  and  our  American  Mom  -­‐  Nirmala   aunty,   the   closeness   of   family   brings   about   all   the   masti   and   mazaa   of   life.   The   pyar   Mummy   and   you   shower   on   us   makes   everyday   more   beautiful.   Once   Prabhu   is   set,   I   really   want   you   to   make   our   tree-­‐house   in   Philadelphia   your   permanent  home.           Thank  you  Papa  and  heres  to  the  next  35  years  :)   lots  of  love,   Rahul  (+  goju  and  jobi)  
  12. 12.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     12        
  13. 13.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     13       A letter from little ickoo Dear Bhaisaab, As I look back at all the fond memories, I remember all you shared and provided us all. I remember all the coca-cola and cartoons in Belgielei, the Lakhi-bus rides in the Nissan, the blank cassette tapes in Schoten, the trips to the Ardennes, and the birthday cakes shared together. But more importantly, I remember all the guidance and inspiration you have provided too. From decisions on studies, to the importance of exercise, youve always steered us right. Wishing you a very, very happy birthday, and all the happiest returns of the day. Love and regards, From your little Ickoo Ickoo!  
  14. 14.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     14  Neha & Rohan bring in the cheers…        D ear Uncle ,Th anks f or being an ins pirat ion and fo r elic itinginte llect, reason and sim plicity in all of us. Her e’swi s hi n g y ou a ver y ha pp y sev en t ie th bi rt hd a y f ro mall o f us.Love,Neh a and Rohan         Dear uncle, respect and admiration is what we have for you. Happy birthday to you. We all love you. Manish, Ritesh ,Namrata and Shivali and bacha party. Moti bhaisaab to me is well - Moti bhaisaab! Nothing like him. Simplicity personified, yet exuding confidence in its most simplistic sincere way. He shows us what it means to be strong and sure from within. Anuj              
  15. 15.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     15       Dear Uncle, When I think of you, My brain instantly links it to the wonderful cruise holidays weve been on, the summer holidays spent in your fabulous house, the beautiful sisters youve given us (also Prabhu), the inspiration to read, to be good listeners, the inspirational determination to be fighting fit and many more things!!! (I could just go on and on). Lots if love to big Nanu from naman and Nanndika Śuraj and Abhi Respected Bhaisaab, Here’s wishing you many more tens of happy and cheerful birthdays. From all Lakhis around the world. Your health regime (diet & gym) inspire us, To be ship shape, Fighting fit, At 70 & onwards. Deepak, Vinita, Subo, Rahul & Mohit from Dubai
  16. 16.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     16       From Prakash uncle’s pen…       In  the  oceans  of  life,   It  is  easy  to  get  lost   Not  finding  our  way,   Or  in  the  big  haze  of   What  is  called  life   When  we  are  caught  up   In  the  middle  of  strife   Or  when  a  thing  is  lost   And  we  are  searching   Looking  here  and  there   Not  knowing  what  to  do   Knowing  not  where  to  go   Searching  in  vast  piles  of  hay   We  are  looking  for  someone   To  guide  us  here  and  there   We  look  up  to  you   To  dive  in  deep  waters   And  come  up  with   A  pearl  of  wisdom   and  put  the  problem  to  rest   You  are  a  Moti  yourself   Thus  living  so  true  to  your  name     Prakash Lakhi
  17. 17.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     17     From a 7 year old, 27 year old Vipul baba:   Happy Birthday Bhaisabh! I remember when we were in Belgium. Prabhu and I had a dagger RC car and loved driving it around everywhere. Just coz you have an extra 0 in your age than how old we were then, doesnt mean you cant do the same! Except instead of driving an RC car, maybe you can get a super duper sports car instead! I can help you pick one out if you want :) -Vipul Thoughts from Gul uncle and Kamu didi: Dear bhaisabh, We wish you a great memorable 70th birthday from all of us. We have lots of fond memories of trips to Paris and Brugge. We wish you a very healthy future for the coming years. - Gul Dear bhaisabh, I remember all your books at home in Jaipur, a collection which brought a whole new meaning to the love of books. You opened up a whole new world to us full of the classic stories of authors like Premchand and Rabindranath Tagore. Oh and not to forget the fabulous memories of watching movies like Casablanca and Gregory Pecks Bird Man of Alcatraz. Thanks for exposing us to all that. Wishing you a very happy birthday and many fruitful years ahead. Lots of love, Kamlesh
  18. 18.            PAPA  BIRTHDAY  ISSUE  |  Issue  70     18