Vehical tracking system
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Vehical tracking system

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  • 1. INTRODUCTION The Vehicle tracking system is a total security protection and fleet management solution. By using the latest GSM & GPS technology to protect and monitor our car ,truck ,boat (moveable asset) virtually any where and then locate it to with in a few meter. The device incorporates a covertly installed module (which work and communicate independently)but as the ability to run in conjunection with your local GSM network(DTMF,SMS,GPRS,GSM). It provides effective real time location.If someone vechile tracking system by using this system we can get accurate location GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central location data base, or internet-connected computer, using a cellular (GPRS, SMS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. This allows the asset's location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real time or when analyzing the track later, using customized software. It is a fitted on the vehicle (car, bus, truck).The whole controlling of the device is done by the mobile phone which provide wireless connection between the VTS device and the user. The VTS device has a sim slot in which a GSM SIM is fitted to receive and transmit SMS. The user can sending a SMS through its mobile phone, know the position of its vehicle and the system also provide the facility to protect the vehicle. So for the understanding the whole operation of VTS device, we can divide the whole working in the two part-
  • 2. 1. Tracking the location of vehicle 2. To provide protection of vehicle The VTS consist of GPS receiver which provide real time location of vehicle. This real time data is store in MMC after a set time interval by the MCU. GSM module directly connected to the MCU which is use to send and receive the SMS. GSM module take the data from the MMC and send this data to the user mobile phone. This data consist of longitude, latitude, altitude, speed over ground, course over ground, real time and date. By using Google maps we can find the exact location of vehicle. The VTS also has another special feature which provides not only the location of vehicle but also protection of vehicle. To know the location of vehicle, it is important to stop the vehicle as soon as possible. For the recovery of vehicle, we are using to relays in the circuit in which one are connected to the buzzer and other is connected to the power supply of the engine of vehicle. User can simply by sending a SMS from mobile, disable the engine of vehicle and we can recover the vehicle very soon.
  • 4. Working Of Vehicle Tracking System In this Project it is proposed to design an embedded system which is used for tracking and positioning of any vehicle by using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global system for mobile communication (GSM). In this project PIC series microcontroller is used for interfacing to various hardware peripherals. The current design is an embedded application, which will continuously monitor a moving Vehicle and report the status of the Vehicle on demand. For doing so an PIC series18F452 microcontroller is interfaced serially to a GSM Modem and GPS Receiver. A GSM modem is used to send the position (Latitude and Longitude) of the vehicle from a remote place. The GPS modem will continuously give the data i.e. the latitude and longitude indicating the position of the vehicle. The GPS modem gives many parameters as the output. The same data is sent to the mobile at the other end from where the position of the vehicle is demanded. An EEPROM is used to store the mobile number. When the request by user is sent to the number at the modem, the system automatically sends a return reply to that mobile indicating the position of the vehicle in terms of latitude and longitude. The project is vehicle positioning and navigation system we can locate the vehicle around the globe with micro controller, GPS receiver, GSM modem, EEPROM. Microcontroller used is PIC18F452. The code is written in the internal memory of Microcontroller i.e. ROM. With help of instruction set it processes the instructions and it acts as interface between GSM and GPS with help of serial communication of microcontroller. GPS always transmits the data and GSM
  • 5. transmits and receive the data. GPS pin TX is connected to microcontroller via connector. GSM pins TX and RX are connected to microcontroller serial ports. Microcontroller communicates with the help of serial communication. First it takes the data from the GPS receiver and then sends the information to the owner in the form of SMS with help of GSM modem. GPS receiver works on 9600 baud rate is used to receive the data from space Segment (from Satellites), the GPS values of different Satellites are sent to microcontroller 18F452, where these are processed and forwarded to GSM. From these values microcontroller takes only latitude and longitude values excluding time, altitude, name of the satellite, authentication etc. E.g. LAT: 1728:2470 LOG: 7843.3089 GSM modem with a baud rate 57600 .GSM is a Global system for mobile communication in this project it acts as a SMS Receiver and SMS sender. EEPROM is an Electrically Erasable read only memory which stores is used to store the mobile number. The power is supplied to components like GSM, GPS and Micro control circuitry using a 12V/3.2A battery .GSM requires 12v,GPS and microcontroller requires 5v .with the help of regulators we regulate the power between three components. As shown in circuit diagram the microcontroller is the key part of VTS, Crystal oscillator is used in the circuit to initiate the microcontroller with the frequency of 10Mhz. A microcontroller use for providing proper interfacing between the GPS & GSM module. A common voltage of 4 voltage is given to all component of the circuit. Here AC to DC converter circuit is used which comprises of an IC-LN2576. It changes 12V DC supply to 4 V.Circuit diagram uses many
  • 6. LEDs(Light Emitting Diode) for indication purpose. When we switch on of our circuit network LED blink fastly for searching network. When it get network its blinking time period increases. After network is found , Now gsm module LED start blinking to search ,after that gps module LED start blinking, after that mmc LED start blinking i.e. data started to being logged in the mmc card ,after that sms LED start blinking and the circuit send message to the registeres mobile number which send latitude and longitude to the registered mobile number. Now as shown in the circuit some relays are used, there are two relays used in the circuit that works on +12v. It can support up to 50watt i.e. we can attached a device to it which can work safely within 50watt. On relay two LED are placed which is used to show the status of the relay ,i.e. when relay LED is glowing then relay is in working position , If LED is not glowing then relay is not working i.e. device attached to the device will not work. Now according to the circuit diagram microcontroller pin number 4 is used to initiate gsm module to pin number 12 There are certain command which are used by the subscriber for receiving the location of position and for changing the setting. The EEPROM is used to store the commands sends by a subscriber. Commons sends by mobile are received by gps. These data are reached to the EEPROM by the help of microcontroller. At the time of changing the commands the old data are erased and new one save. As shown in fig. microcontroller pin no.5 ic connected to the GSM module serially, to the power key of the GSM module. And microcontroller is connected to GPS module by pin no.7. Register is used in this circuit for voltage drop and capictor is used for blocking of AC current..
  • 7. When GSM is initiate it firstly check the status of the module,now after that GSM transmitter,receiver serially interfaced with microcontroller transmitter ,receiver. In GSM DCE is used as a client and DTE is used as a terminal, DCE-DTE are conneted to the following signal. There are two ports used, 1.Serial port 1 2.Serial port 2 GSM and GPS module is used here can be switched off due to the insufficient supply of voltages so for that in GPS V-BAT pin is used,and in GSM BACK_UP key is used. The four pins of microcontroller RB5,RB4,RB7,RA0,RA1, represent four LED which glows during the working of the circuit. The first LED represents MMC LED if it is glowing data is stored in MMC card.second LED represent GPS data.If it is blinking fastly then GPS module searching for its service,third LED represent SMS SEND LED.Its blinking shows SMS is sent by GSM module to the registered mobile number and GPRS SEND LED blinking represents that GSM module is searching for its service provider. With GSM module SIM is interface with pin number 6,7,8,9.With pin number 9 VSIM which means power is supplied to the SIM card.GSM module pins SIM_RESET,SIM_CLOCK,SIM_DATA is interfaced with same SIM pins and one pin of the SIM is ground.Resistors are used between GSM module and SIM to block the excess current. With microcontroller MMC card is also interfaced. Pin number 44,43 represents data in and data out pin which serially interfaced MMC data out and data in pins.
  • 8. MMC data out pin with also connected with EEPROM which is used to store commands. The difference between MMC card and EEPROM is that in MMC card latitude,longitude which is sent by GSM module is stored while in EEPROM commands are saved. BLOCK DIAGRAM OF VTS:
  • 9. Setup Command’s for Gps Tracker We can configure your device setup using sms. Sms fomat is like this. YG:1:12345:+919935149636; Here YG is your message prefix. Device will respond only that message, . who contains in starting YG.( should be in capital letter’s). 1 is your function_id. This will inform to device, which type of action we want to perform. 12345 is your password. Device is 5 digit password protected. If password does not match in your sms password then device will delete that sms. +919935149636 is your destination mobile number, where you want to receive all tracking message. Sms_Command_Set: Command-1 (To change mobile number) YG:1:12345:+919935149636; Back Response From Device MOBILE OK +9199351496362 Here +919935149636 is mobile number where you want to receive message. Command-2 ( To change sms interval )
  • 10. YG:2:12345:1; Back Response From Device TIME INTERVAL OK 01 Here 1 is indicating that sms interval is set to 1 minute. Command-3 ( To change Password ) YG:3:12345:54321; Back Response From Device PASSWORD OK To change password use this command, but you have know your current password. Command-4 ( To Get current setting ) YG:4:12345:Get; Back Response From Device Mobile- +919935149636 , Interval – 01 Minute Command-5 ( To Turn On relay -1) YG:5:12345:RL-1; Back Response From Device This command works like a toggle. If RL-1 status is On then Back response is “Relay is On”.
  • 11. If RL-1 status is Off then Back response is “Relay is Off”. Command-6 ( To Turn On relay -2) YG:6:12345:RL-2; Back Response From Device This command works like a toggle. If RL-2 status is On then Back response is “Relay is On”. If RL-2 status is Off then Back response is “Relay is Off”. Command-7 ( To Know current status of Relay-1 & Relay-2) YG:7:12345:Get; Back Response From Device Relay-1 is On, Relay-2 is Off Command-8 ( To Know IMEI Number of Your Module ) YG:8:12345:Get; Back Response From Device IMEI-353351245789458
  • 12. COMPONENT USED: The vehicle tracking system consist of several components .some of them are listed below . 1.Microcontroller unit 2.GSM Module 3.GPS Module 4.EEPROM Complete report can downloaded from “”