Apple WWDC Mobility Review 2014


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Apple WWDC Mobility Review 2014

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Apple WWDC Mobility Review 2014

  1. 1. Text Apple WWDC Review for Mobile Manesh Lad | June 2014
  2. 2. Introduction iOS 8 in the fall 1.2 million apps in the app store 4000 new apis Verge keynote in 10mins
  3. 3. Topics App Store - Bundles. Previews & Testflight iCloud Drive Xcode 6 - Adaptable UI, Custom controls & Swift CloudKit HealthKit HomeKit Touch ID API Extensions - inter app communications Free iOS Development Resources
  4. 4. App Store App Bundles - Ability to sell a group of apps. Could be a nice way for a CU to group a bunch related apps i.e. banking, credit cards, loyalty App Previews - In addition to screenshots app owners now have the ability to post video of the app. Additional metadata for implementation teams
  5. 5. App Store: Testflight Service Separate app for testflight apps Become beta tester by downloading the app Download via apple id, no special provisioning profile Each app has limit of 1000 users not 1000 devices Great for internal QA w/o apple review Next Year crash report integrated with Xcode
  6. 6. iCloud Drive Cloud Drive is apple version of dropbox, build into every copy of IOS 8 & OS X Yosemite Use by apps to store data i.e. iWorks viewable in finder Use by users as a cloud file storage with folders & tags Documents everywhere - mac, ios & windows System Document Picker that can use diff document providers i.e. dropbox, etc MailDrop - a way to securely send large attachments
  7. 7. Xcode 6: Adaptable UI Apple is really encouraging users to build apps in a screen size and orientation neutral way Hints at iOS devices with new form factors & sizes Provides way to preview a screen in the different screens sizes Ability to use a single storyboard for different device types i.e. iPhone & iPad Sizes Classes, Compact vs Regular Auto generation of different icons for diff sizes Custom Controls in Storyboards Improves the interface/wireframe builder with the ability to render custom components on the UI Helps the developer get a better idea of how the app will look
  8. 8. Xcode 6: Swift New programming language designed for cocoa & cocoa touch. Objective-c without the C Same runtime as C/Objective C code - can co-mingle languages Modern Playgrounds - live preview of code Clean syntax, No headers. No semicolons Multiple return types, Optional Arguments Closures, Generics Free language ebook iBooks
  9. 9. Xcode 6: Swift Playgrounds Running code as your type Type inference As easy to use as a scripting language without sacrificing performance Build anything, social media app, games Optimized for Cocoa & Cocoa Touch = Mac & iOS dev
  10. 10. CloudKit CloudKit - practically free way to write server side code on the client side for your app CloudKit service offerings database storage - CKRecord (Records, queries, relationships) large blob storage - CKAsset push notifications - CKSubscription
  11. 11. CloudKit : Cost Free with limits 1 PB assets 10 TB database 5 TB/day asset transfer 50 GB/day db transfer Good use might a quick way to build POCs with server side code with no overhead of server side infrastructure
  12. 12. Extensions Extensions delivered as part of your app, accessed via apple framework code Sharing extensions - comments, audio. video. links, photos Photo Extension (iOS only) Actions - UI & No UI i.e. click action within safari Notification Center Widgets = Today Extension - for at a glance information (for CC Alerts) Document Providers - cloud file pickers Third Party Keyboards - more languages & input methods
  13. 13. HealthKit Lots of health devices & apps Data lives in silos and you cannot get a consolidated view Share specific data with apps HKHealthStore Secure Health Database Shared across apps & devices
  14. 14. HomeKit Home automation devices usually own companion apps, own network protocols, own security….no need with home kit Common network protocol with many providers Schlage, Philips, Honeywell, Broadcom, iHome, Sylvania, Haier Locks, lights cameras, doors, thermostats, plus and switches Secure pairing Controls individual devices Group of devices into scenes - think harmony remote activity Siri Integrations
  15. 15. Touch ID API Third party app can now use touch id Protects logins & user data Unlocks keychain items Identifies successful matches Protects Fingerprint data - fingerprint never exposed to third party apps or the system stores on a secure space on the A7 chip.
  16. 16. Free iOS Resources iBooks - 2 Swift Books The Swift Programming Language Using Swift with Cocoa & Objective C WWDC Sessions Videos Mac App Store - Xcode - free ide iTunes U - Stanford iOS 7 course taught by Paul Haggerty Actual university course.