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Online Enquiry/Admission Management System (OAMS) is a user friendly, flexible, reliable, easy to access and cost effective solution.

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  • OAMS enables the Admission processing needs of any size of Institutes, Universities and any other form of Educational Institutions.
  • Business process of distance learning Institute : Students have purpose to complete their education; They collect information from various sources and visit various centers and other related site to seek information. In Enquiry stage the centre collect vital information about the student; In Counseling stage, Counselor educate the student about the course offering and benefits of the course. During Enrollment Stage student’s other information is collected as per the institute admission form; Reporting : Its important to know the performance, have monitor and control over the business process. Understanding of Lead source summary and performance of centers.
  • Competition is inevitable and therefore it is important to understand or strong point and hit the nail harder and smartly.Counseling play a crucial role in the business. It builds the bridge between the student and institutes. Counseling session leaves impression on the students.Therefore it vital to have a good tool for counselors, Our tool will help counselor to capture session discussion, track previous discussion, follow up and other information.
  • Lets see the importance of the Enquiry Management System; We shall briefing about the key points in next slide
  • Successful businesses know decisions need to be made from the most complete and accurate data possible.Availability of real-time sources to transform the data into deeper insights about their business.
  • Online Enquiry Management System

    1. 1. Online Enquiry/Admission Management System (OAMS)is a user friendly, flexible, reliable, easy to access andcost effective solution.
    2. 2. Appectual IT Solutions Email :
    3. 3. Appectual IT Solutions Email :
    4. 4. Importance of EMS Business Intelligence Tracking Security Simple and EasyAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    5. 5. Business Intelligence Our dashboard works as Decision Support System that provides business insights.  Take vital decision to increase your business performance in terms of marketing, delivery, quality and cost.  Competitive edge that is needed to thrive in an environment where customers have many choices.Appectual IT Solutions Email :
    6. 6. Tracking Track each prospect step by step through the entire admissions process. We offer customized reports for your organization. Leverage customized reports on the web and your mobile devicesAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    7. 7. SecurityAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    8. 8. Simple and Easy• Interactive graphs, charts and dashboards to enhance user experience and data visualization.• We offer customized reports for your organization. Leverage customized reports on the web and your mobile devices. Appectual IT Solutions Email :
    9. 9. BenefitsAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    10. 10. Features Web-based system Role based security system Robust and Flexible provides users to manage centers and universities/ colleges Manage Enquiry, Enrollment and Admission Fast and Easy Utility to Import Master data through excel Graphs and Charts for better readability Centralized Data Processing SolutionAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    11. 11. Cloud based ArchitectureAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    12. 12. The Application Dashboard The dashboard provides an holistic approach to the entire process highlighting the key performance indicator. Interactive dashboards provides a snapshot of your important information on single screen. Present a instant view of all your live and periodic data. Pie charts, bar and line graphs, data lists, messages, and more.Appectual IT Solutions Email :
    13. 13. DashboardAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    14. 14. Lead Management • Browse and Upload leads collected from various sources via excel • Allocation of leads to various centers and counselorAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    15. 15. Enquiry Management This modules help users to manage the enquiry Facility to manage Enquiries collected at center you can add new enquiry, edit existing details Search Existing Candidates Facility to add addition comments for future reference The enquiry are map with marketing plan of the college, university, or organization. Track source of enquiriesAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    16. 16. Enquiry ManagementAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    17. 17. Counseling Management Very effective tool for counselors Capture the comments during counseling session Every session is treated as checkpoint for future reference Track record of all previous sessions Follow up Facility for counselor to set reminders and follow up the studentAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    18. 18. Counseling ManagementAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    19. 19. Enrollment ManagementThis section will provide users to add enrollment information of thestudent. The section is categorized into further sections: Personal Information Course details Fees Details Documents details Exam details Books details Hall ticket details Mark-sheet details RemarksAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    20. 20. New EnrollmentAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    21. 21. Fees Collection Appectual IT Solutions Email :
    22. 22. Report ManagementThis section will provide users to view the monthly, yearlyreport across the centersThis will not only reduce time to read the information but willprovide quick way to analyze the admission process and takenecessary action to make it more productive and efficient. Student Report Admission Report Center Performance Lead Source University Report Overall EnquiresAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    23. 23. University Report Appectual IT Solutions Email :
    24. 24. Lead Source ReportAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    25. 25. Associate Management • Facility to manage business associates • Add and edit business associates • Facility to add enrollment done by associates • Manage and collect fees information of associates • View report, collection and transaction details of associates • Manage Fees Structure for associatesAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    26. 26. Associates ReportAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    27. 27. University ManagementThis section will help to create the university setup andstructure.Very handy tool to create program, course and streamstructure. University Management Program Management Course Management Stream Management  Subject ManagementAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    28. 28. Steam and Subject DetailsUniversity and Appectual IT Solutions Email :
    29. 29. Appectual IT Solutions
    30. 30. About UsAppectual‘s core strength lies in extending brand experience online by creatinga visual treat for the users securely. We combine creative talent, technology &brand to provide integrated solutions to our clients.The wide span of our expertise across myriad technologies and platformsenables us to handle any kind of client requirement today. We provide our Clients Cost effective solution Quality product and service Reliable solution Flexibility Competitive Advantage Delightful ServiceAppectual IT Solutions Email :
    31. 31. Our Beliefs We believe alignment is Key to success for every business in today’s world. We believe that through collaborative effort we can deliver value to customer. Alignment Collaboration Our foundation is built on mutual trust, passion, and drive for whatWe believe that product needs we be evolved and developedas per user needs andrequirements. People Relationship Appectual IT Solutions Email :
    32. 32. Thank you We can customized the application as per you needs. We would love to talk to you about it. You can get in touch Email: Contact: 7738141539 Appectual IT Solutions www.appectual.comAppectual IT Solutions Email :