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Why connected is better and content is your friend... why and how to break down the marketing/advertising/PR/corporate communications silos in your company or organization. Ways to find your brand promise, your story(s) and some advice on where to share them. Presentation to the American Marketing Association's Tulsa chapter.

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  • ----- Meeting Notes (9/12/11 15:55) -----Sessions/Keynote?Industries or businesses?bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
  • Follow, friend, subscribe, watch, comment, tweet, share Social Media is a shortcut to building relationships with media Make the job easier Details available online is a welcome thing in most cases
  • Breaking Down Marketing Silos - AMA Presentation

    1. 1. Breaking Down The Silos Why Connected is Better and Content is Your FriendTweeting This? #AMA #Marketing @Mandy_Vavrinak
    2. 2. Marketing isn’t something we do….It’s EVERYTHING we (collectively) do, every day.
    3. 3. In the Beginning…O Marketing was a set of activities designed to increase sales. O Advertising O Collateral O EventsO Public Relations was another set of activities designed to build awareness. O Earned media O Promotions
    4. 4. But there’s More! O Corp Communications became a set of people charged with internal and external “messaging” O Newsletters O Company website (or parts of it) O Posters, employee handbooksFrankly… It got a little ugly out there.Turf wars, message battles, who owned results.
    5. 5. What is a Company to do? O Realize it’s all about branding… O Speed & Spread O Engagement O Access & Amplify O Personal Recommendations
    6. 6. A Visual
    7. 7. Where are the Conversations? O Channels and audiences O Monitor, listen, respond. Everything you as a brand do… matters. O New realities, new approaches O Must agree on message & brand promise
    8. 8. Remember the FishbowlO 11 percent correctly answered QR code or quick response codeO 29 percent responded with "Some barcode thingy"O 7 percent guessed some variant of "Those things you stare at that get 3D when you cross your eyes”O Remaining 53 percent tried everything from a secret military code, Korean(?), to an aerial street map of San Francisco
    9. 9. It’s the Story, SisterO Andolini’s Pizzeria O Tune your “story radar”O Human Touchpoints O People to People (P2P) Marketing O How does what you do impact people’s wallets, health, enjoyment, time? O Who makes it happen? O Do you have examples?
    10. 10. Promising BetterO Look for the synergies O Where can a story best be told, and where can it find an audience who cares? O Blog? Website? News article? O Internal newsletter? Sponsorship? O Brochure? Poster? Event? Ad? O Where/How else can you support the story or message?
    11. 11. One ExampleO Business Goal: Get people to pay more than the average pizza costs elsewhereO Public Message: Fresh ingredients, freshly prepared, equal higher quality, tastier food
    12. 12. SpecificsO News articles about local sourcingO TV appearances preparing fresh dishes and talking about local ingredientsO “Fresh” Facebook, Twitter – irreverentO Atmosphere of restaurantO Tone / Graphics for direct emails and insert cardsO Names of promotions & products
    13. 13. Relationships Matter
    14. 14. Like a Good Salad?The flavorsdon’t fight.When themessage is thefocus, thesilos open up.
    15. 15. Content CreationO Search – PR / Earned Media O Link to it, feature it, tweet it, present itO Search – Company Blog / White PapersO Awareness O Daily consumption – social, TV, news, gossip, billboards, bus sides, mobile O Sales-cycle driven – collateral, support decks O O
    16. 16. Shine A Light On Your ContentGoogleBookmarksStumbleUponTwitterFacebookGoogle +LinkedInEmailRadio, TV, Print
    17. 17. Online Results
    18. 18. Offline Results
    19. 19. Storybook Ending?O Have a clear plan and objectiveO Agree on the message(s)O Use all tools you have and let the message be the heroO Remember the digital half-life of stories & press and how content drives awareness
    20. 20. Questions?Twitter @Mandy_Vavrinak Facebook: it’s obvious,right? LinkedIn: Yep, same name Email me: