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Tools, tips and tricks for finding sources and information using social media. Originally presented Feb. 28, 2013 by Mandy Jenkins and Doug Haddix at IRE 2013.

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Social media searching

  1. Bing Social Search
  2. Hachi
  3. Foller Me
  4. Social Mention
  5. Social Mention Spreadsheet
  6. Search: flu sick hospital
  7. Twazzup
  8. Ban.Jo*  Web  search  also  available  
  9. Geofeedia
  10. Geofeedia
  11. Mappeo: YouTube Geo Search
  12. •  LinkedIn for Journalists – join the group.•  Premium service: free for journalists who do a 35- minute webinar.•  Keep your profile current and robust so potential sources can find you.
  13. Companies & Nonprofits•  New hires.•  Employees.•  Get ex-employees by filtering for “past company.”
  14. Companies•  Now can “follow” a company.•  Get weekly email with new hires, promotions, recent departures, new job postings, etc.
  15. Finding sources
  16. Advanced Twitter  
  17. Snap Bird
  18. Columbus Dispatch
  19. All My  
  20. Ohio PUCO director Todd Snitchler
  21. Facebook OpenGraph Search
  22. Search Facebook Statuses
  23. Contact UsMandy Jenkins Doug Haddix@mjenkins Get This Presentation