Social Media for the New News Brand


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Developing a social media strategy for a new news-focused brand, with emphasis on community engagement, marketing, customer service and monetization.

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  • We have so much competition for readers’ mindspace. We aren’t just competing with othermedia or social media users, we’re competing with games, apps, cat videos. We have to be distinctive, engaging and in the right place to get them. We have to be trustworthy and useful to keep them.
  • Sometimes these efforts go together, other time you have to balance them against one another
  • See what other brands like yours are doing – what’s working, what isn’t. What you’d do differently.
  • The Trib wrote a whole background for Colonel Tribune
  • Show your personality, be personable…it doesn’t mean you have to tweet to fill time or share every little thing, but it means it doesn’t have to be news to be a good tweet. Share what you are comfortable with
  • Twitter or FB, they might RT, but at the very least, those who follow could see it
  • Groups tweets around a common keyword – so make sure you know what that keyword is used for elsewhere. Thi sis the most common way to interject into the social conversation on Twitter. Often done horribly by brands.
  • Local is better than regional, but make it something people would use
  • Search at and see if there’s a hashtag. Ask event organizers. Ita best to use what people are using
  • Geographic better than branded, if there’s one out there, use it. Don’t have competing hashtags
  • Hashtags.orgLocal better than branded – think about what you’re trying to glean from this hashtag, who you want to reach
  • News ords only use pages
  • Share what you would share yourself personally on Facebook – and in the same way. People respond to that, not stiff questions or, god forbid, “my story today”
  • Breaking news is good at it, as are tech folks
  • Have a good profile and cover pic – those show up in search results. Set one up for your brand and use it
  • We all like getting paid. Let’s take a quick look at the ways some media and advertisers are using social media in their monetization strategies.
  • Services connect advertisers and tweeters, like Must be identified, as per FTC
  • Tends to look clumsy, but can be well done. I tend to like (sponsored) after the post.* Only sell on a Page, not a profile
  • Nowspots, integrates a brand’s social media into on-site advertising. Let them do the heavy lifting
  • Adds attribution, ownership, context to imagesMake images “buyable” onlineThis could be a way to do direct sales on your site, across social media. Or link to advertisers.
  • Don't try to build a community out of thin air. Tap in to existing communities, compliment, and contribute. Beforeyou start a new account or new brand, be thiinking – where’s the community for this?Dip your toe in first
  • Keep in mind that a great deal of website traffic from social media comes from users sharing with one another
  • Thi sis what I’m talking about with customer service. It might be newspaper delivery, it might be tied to the beat. If you don’t have answers, get someone who does
  • I know I don’t have to tell you marketers about it…but we journalists can get a bit combative.
  • No matter what image you are looking for, make sure your social media presence echoes it in every way. Stay on focus with your brand’s interests. Get to know the audience and make sure your image resonates with them
  • Pick a few services that work for your brand and workflow and be good at them
  • A small engaged audience is better than a large uninterested one. Build slowly and keep your audience engaged
  • Social Media for the New News Brand

    1. 1.  Users here to follow topics and interests first Fact paced, frenetic updates expected Great for quick hits and updates Largely public, less expectation of privacy Users here to follow pre-existingconnections Slower-paced, fewer posts Great for longer posts and conversation Large expectation of privacy
    2. 2.  Your competitors People in your field of interest/beat Popular people in your local/topicalTwittersphere Those who reply to you Those who re-tweet, share your links
    3. 3. • By subject/location:,• (for findingjournalists)• Look at others’ follows/followers• Spy on Twitter lists
    4. 4. • One place to manageeverything• Control your privacy• Timeline design withlarge image• Could mixpersonal/professional• Completely separatepresence from profile• Completely public• Timeline design withlarge image• Detailed analytics tosee who visitsProfiles Pages
    5. 5. Status updates that…• Posed Questions +64%• Call to read or take a closer look +37%• Personal reflections +25%• Clever, catchy tone +18%% feedback over averagee
    6. 6. 65% increase in likes and 50% increase in comments
    7. 7. Set up Google Authorship for G+ benefits
    8. 8. • Fill out a profile completely, even if youdon’t plan to use it very much• Upload content with SEO in mind –descriptive titles, names, locations andkeywords
    9. 9.
    10. 10.
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Set your name as an alert at•• Socialmention.comEliminate results from your company site:"first last"
    13. 13. Create your own social product
    14. 14. Mandy JenkinsTwitter: @mjenkinsZombieJournalism.comFind these slides