Mobile Tools for Journalism


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Tips and trick for using your smartphone to report, edit and publish from the field. Presented 10/13 at Newstrain Seattle.

Mobile Tools for Journalism

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  2. 2. •  Serve your audience on social media – and reach a new one •  Feed tweets into your site as a breaking story •  Use live tweets as your notes •  Helps staff communicate •  Start writing a story in-office from reporters’ live tweets
  3. 3. •  Mix play-by-play with context, background •  Pass on quotes, who is there, add media •  Note significant pauses and stops •  Divide and conquer as a team •  Take questions, respond when possible
  4. 4. •  Group tweets by keyword •  Find other sources •  Expand your audience •  Organize content for display and archiving
  5. 5. •  Search for hashtag(s) already in use •  If a hashtag is already in use, adopt it •  If not, choose one that’s simple & unique •  Geographic abbreviation helps (#SEAStorm) •  Geographic better than branded
  6. 6. •  Write a post on this session in email. Email to •  Take photos or audio. Email to •  Send tweets with hashtag #NewstrainNW
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