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Branding and Social Media for Beat Reporters


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  • 1. Journalism, Branding & Social Media Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins mjenkins@digitalfirstmedia.comLANG Extravaganza, March 2012
  • 2. Dont Be This Guy
  • 3. 8 Rules of Social Journalism1. Respond to replies, comments and questions(especially questions) everywhere2. Be transparent in all you do3. Ask for help when you need it4. Be thankful
  • 4. 8 Rules of Social Journalism5. Make corrections quickly and publicly6. Address criticism without spats7. Be consistent8. Dont just push your content out, share otherlinks too
  • 5. Twitter forJournalists
  • 6. Not just what you had forbreakfast...● Post links w/ comment or question, not headline● Monitor the people you cover● Crowdsource stories by asking for info● Quickly find witnesses, info with search● Live report from the scene of a news event● Show your work
  • 7. Its All About Who You Follow
  • 8. Who you should follow● Your competitors (& bloggers too)● People in your field of interest/beat● Popular people in your local/topical Twittersphere● Those who reply to you● Those who re-tweet, share your links
  • 9. Finding who to follow● By subject/location:,●● (for finding journalists)● Look at others’ follows/followers● Spy on Twitter lists●
  • 10. Build Twitter ListsMake sense of incoming tweetsLists to build:● Sources● Others reporting on your beat● Coworkers
  • 11. Search Tweeps & Content● Search by keywords, location, time● Follow those you reach out to
  • 12. When You Find Leads● Connect with eyewitnesses, get contact info● Follow who you reach out to● Have them wait for a reporter on scene● Verify!
  • 13. Twitter Chats
  • 14. Journalists on Facebook
  • 15. Profiles Pages● One place to manage ● Completely separate everything presence from profile● Control your privacy ● Completely public● Timeline design with ● Timeline design with large image large image● Could mix ● Detailed analytics to personal/professional see who visits
  • 16. Going Public On Facebook●Turn on Subscriptions: Anyone can read your public posts●Set up a vanity url at facebook. com/username● Add your job history and a snappy bio to About section (and make it public)
  • 17. Build Friends Lists
  • 18. Build Interests Lists
  • 19. Custom Privacy Settings
  • 20. Target updates
  • 21. Customize Who SeesPhotos
  • 22. Keep Your Friends Private
  • 23. Everyone Sees It Differently
  • 24. Create An Engaging Presence Take advantage of timeline with photos, milestones and videos
  • 25. Milestones
  • 26. Whatever You Like● What would you share on Facebook?● Ask questions, feature the responses in stories● During news, you cant overpost● Photos and videos work well
  • 27. Tell Your Story Here● Write short stories and updates apart from your stories or blog right on Facebook● You have a lot of space, so go for it!● Tag those involved
  • 28. Tell Your Story Here
  • 29. Mix it Up
  • 30. Wording Matters ●Posed Questions +64% ●Call to read or take a closer look +37% ●Personal reflections +25% ●Clever, catchy tone +18%% more feedback over averageSource: Facebook
  • 31. Images Matter
  • 32. ●Connect with sources ●Find new sources throughconnections, groups ●Discussions help find experts ●Check updates, slides, travel ●Search by location & keyword
  • 33. Google+: Do It For The SEO
  • 34. Primp that Profile
  • 35. Link Up To Google NewsUnder your profile settings: ● Add the email address linked to your byline on your website ● Make sure your workplace/title are public ● Link to your blog, articles ● Link to other social accounts
  • 36. Make Circles to FollowSources
  • 37. Interviews, Chats by G+ Hangout
  • 38. FollowTrends, TrackNews
  • 39. Set up your results from your company site:"first last"
  • 40. Get Listed:
  • 41. Monitor Measures your "reach", youroutput, who you Twitter followers,influential tweets Your best tweets,times to tweet
  • 42. THANKS! Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins Blog: Zombiejournalism.comThese slides & more at slideshare. net/mandyjenkins