Social Media for Newsgathering


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A presentation aimed at working Indian journalists on social media tools and skills that aid in finding eyewitnesses and expert sources, as well as ways to involve readers in the stories they report. Delivered in September 2014.

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Social Media for Newsgathering

  1. Photo by minifig - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License Created with Haiku Deck
  2. Storyful/intro slide The world’s first social media news agency. • State-of-the-art strategies and tools for finding news as it is breaking on social media • Verifying eyewitness content from all over the world • Distributing newsworthy eyewitness content to newsrooms. • Licensing viral content
  3. • Search by keywords, location, time • Search quickly - before the stream is taken over by reaction
  4. • LinkedIn for Journalists – join the group. • Premium service: free for journalists who do a 35-minute webinar. • Keep your profile current and robust so potential sources can find you.
  5. • Gathering info using Forms • Results flow into a shareable spreadsheet • Can do surveys
  6. (n) The act of organizing and maintaining a collection of media and information around a particular subject or area.
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