10 Reasons to Design for Mobile


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  • The number of smartphone owners is increasing every year which shows that they are becoming more affordable and more desirable to consumers. Eventually, basic phones will be a thing of the past with old technology not being supported any further. Because video and photo sending is a large part of activities amongst users, this is an area that you can capitalize on with pictures and videos of houses that the consumer can share with others.
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  • There’s been a huge increase in the number of mobile searches since 2010 which shows that the number of people looking for information through their smartphones is significant. These people want access to info as soon as they think of it and they can get it all day long. Your mobile site will need to incorporate HTML 5 coding to ensure they get the best experience possible.
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  • There are so many opportunities to reach potential customers through the use of mobile sites and apps. With the creation of mobile devices, it has created the opportunity for people to access the info they need right now and they’re not willing to wait for it. QR codes and text messaging are just a few capabilities for smartphone users to reach your website.
  • The ability to have faster page load times will allow your customers to access your info faster. If they have to wait too long, they’ll leave your site and go to another. You want your information to be easily viewable with links working properly. By designing for mobile, you allow your customers to be able to access your site at anytime, not just when they’re sitting in front of a computer. You want them to be able to get the information they need at anytime. Show websites for examples of what sites look like on a smartphone, both good and bad.
  • With the increase in sales in tablets, it’s not only important to keep in mind which types of tablets you’ll be designing a mobile site for, but the fact that there will be new tablets created so you’ll need to use the code that will work best for all tablets currently on the market while still keeping an eye on what the future holds for new tablets. A 260% increase in sales is significant so tablets are here to stay.
  • Every day, tablet owners are getting on their tablets and spending a whopping 90 minutes on their tablets. That’s 90 minutes more that they could be on your competitors website instead of yours.
  • As I’ve previously mentioned, tablets are here to stay and there will be an increase in their sales over the next several years. Given that the cost will continue to decline you should anticipate that there will be more opportunities to reach more people. There will also be new technology introduced throughout the next several years so using the latest code such as HTML 5 will keep your mobile site up-to-date for quite awhile.
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  • Tablets are easier to access than laptops given that they’re more readily portable. It’s predicted that the tablet will overtake laptops in the future. Tablets are convenient and have new technologies that laptops just don’t currently give users.
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  • As technology evolves, so must businesses. Smartphones and tablets are not going away anytime soon and are only going to get more advanced as the years go by. By not pursuing this great opportunity to get involved in the mobile business world, you run the risk of allowing your competitors to engage with your potential customers and lose market share. People are already trying to access your information from their mobile devices so why not give them a better experience and gain their business?
  • 10 Reasons to Design for Mobile

    1. 1. 10 Reasons to Design for Mobile Prepared for Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS www.RuhlHomes.com By Mandy Angotti May 23, 2012 S
    2. 2. Reason #1 Smartphone OwnershipS As of March 2012, 46% of American adults now own a smartphone, up from 35% in May of 2011S Smartphone owners now outnumber basic phone ownersS In an extensive survey taken in August 2011, common smartphone activities amongst owners included sending photos or videos to others.
    3. 3. Reason #2 Smartphone UsageS 87% of smartphone owners access the internet or email on their handheld, including two-thirds (68%) who do so on a typical day.S 25% of smartphone owners go online mostly using their smartphones, not their computers.
    4. 4. Reason #3 Smartphone StatsS Mobile searches have increased 400% since 2010.S 57% of adult smartphone owners, ages 30-49, used their phones to access information they needed right away.S HTML 5 was created in part because of the need for code for mobile devices. More and more businesses are creating their sites for mobile benefits.
    5. 5. Reason #3 cont’d Smartphone Stats Graphed Demographics of Age of SmartphoneSmartphone Owners Owners Male 39% 11% 18- 24% 52% 29 Female 45% 30- 31% 49 Household Income by Ownership Less than $30k 22% 59% 40% $30k-$49,9k 38% $50k-$74,9k $75k+
    6. 6. Reason #4 Smartphone OpportunitiesS Designing for mobile would allow users to click on a QR code on a sign or access your website and obtain pictures, videos and other information about a property immediately.S Smartphone owners could share information about a property with others immediately on social networking sites, creating more branding and an interest for others to view properties.S Signing up for text messaging from the internet would allow smartphone owners to obtain updated information about properties that they are specifically interested in and view those changes through their phones.S There is a significant rise not only in smartphone ownership but of the use of going online to access the internet. Eventually, smartphones will control the cell phone market and non-smartphones will become obsolete.
    7. 7. Reason #5 Future BenefitsS Having your site built with mobile in mind will allow your pages to have faster load times, preventing your customers from leaving your site.S Building your site for mobile will allow it to display properly on almost any mobile device.S Designing for mobile allows your customers easier access to you, anytime.S You’ll obtain the ability to gain more customers, and therefore, more business.S Example of a good site: http://www.danielscholten.com/index.phpS Poor example of a good site: http://800charitycars.org/
    8. 8. Reason #6 Tablet OwnershipS 66 Million tablets sold in 2011, led by IpadS 260% more tablets sold in 2011 than in 2010
    9. 9. Reason #6 Tablet UsageS 77% of tablet owners use their tablet dailyS Tablet owners spend an average of 90 minutes a day using their tablets.
    10. 10. Reason #7 Tablet Stats & FactsS The IDC is projecting over 106 million tablets to be shipped in 2012, an increase of 18 million over their previous prediction.S The cost of tablets have decreased since their introduction, allowing more people a means to purchase them. With a decrease in price, there is naturally an increase in usage. This increase will only continue to grow over time.S HTML 5 was created in part because of the need for code for mobile devices. More and more businesses are creating their sites for mobile benefits.
    11. 11. Reason #7 cont’d Tablet Stats Graphed Age of Tablet OwnersTablet Ownership Gender 8% 18-29 15% 24% Male 30-4919 19% 27% 50-64% Female 65+ Tablet Owner Household Income <$30k $30k- $49,9k $50k- $74,9k
    12. 12. Reason #8 Tablet OpportunitiesS Tablets provide for a richer and more convenient user experience over smartphones (although smartphones are still being used significantly).S Tablets allow the user to be more engaged with your website at any time they choose to use their tablets. They don’t have to go home to start up their computers and they certainly won’t lug one around simply to search for homes.
    13. 13. Reason #9 Future BenefitsS “If publishers fail to move quickly enough, or create flat experiences that fail to take advantage of the inherently interactive nature of mobile devies, then they are putting their businesses at risk”, PJ Gurumohan. The same will take place for businesses who chose not to move towards the mobile realm.S Tablets provide a great opportunity to go beyond the current means that you currently utilize to reach consumers and engage with them in a different way such as a real estate app, business news and much more.S Example of a good site: http://axvisual.com/, http://www.352media.com/
    14. 14. And….Reason #10S Our world as we know it is changing to a much more mobile and capable world where information can be at our fingertips in just moments. For those who choose not to advance towards mobile sites, they allow their competitors the opportunity to step in and take that business, which will be significant in the near future.S People are searching for homes online, not in print, and in order to reach as many of them as possible, you have to go where they’re at…you have to go mobile.
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