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MySpace presentation from Cannes Lions 2008
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MySpace presentation from Cannes Lions 2008


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PPT from Jay Steven workshop on Cannes Lions 2008

PPT from Jay Steven workshop on Cannes Lions 2008

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. Agenda
      • MySpace: Four Short Years
      • Growth of Social Networks
        • From Portals to Community
        • Media Fragmentation
      • Audience Insights
        • Who are they (Future Laboratory & Never Ending Friending Research)
        • Why do they use Social Network?
      • Community Case Studies
      • The Momentum Effect
      • The Future of the Social Web
        • Personal
        • Portable
        • Collaborative
      • Innovations
    • 3. MySpace: Four Years On
    • 4. MySpace Overview
      • Founded 4 years ago in Santa Monica, California with the goal to create the next generation portal
      • Take some of the most exciting features on the web, and integrate them together in one place
      • Unparalleled growth
        • 225 million+ registered users
        • 115 million monthly unique visitors
        • 50 billion page views
        • 22% Reach Globally
        • 11% Reach Pan-Euro
      • Continuing to grow
        • Signing up 250K users per day
    • 5. A Global Community
        • 30 Localized Versions 15 Languages
    • 6. The Pan European Social Network
      • United Kingdom (April ’06)
      • Ireland (June ’06)
      • France (Sept ’06)
      • Germany (Sept ’06)
      • Spain (Jan ’07)
      • Italy (Jan ’07)
      • Netherlands (April ’07)
      • Sweden (June ’07)
      • Austria (June ’07)
      • Switzerland (July ’07)
      • Denmark (Jan ’08)
      • Finland (Jan ’08)
      • Norway (Jan ’08)
      • Portugal (May ’08)
      • Russia - Beta
    • 7. Social Networks are Driving EU Online Usage Source: ComScore Apr 08
    • 8. Audience Insights
    • 9. Meeting the Needs of The Internet Generation
      • A Generation that has grown up online
      • More choice and control than ever before
        • Mobile Phones
        • iPods
        • Digital Cameras
        • Satellite TV with DVR
      • They Have a Deep Desire to Express Themselves Creatively
          • Blogging
          • Uploading videos
          • Sharing musical playlists
    • 10. A Place for Self-expression
    • 11. The Tools Necessary to Live Your Life Online MySpace user 210MM profiles Photos 17MM+ photos per day Blogs 175MM blogs Groups 4.8MM interests Mobile 60MM SMS monthly Videos 32MM viewed per day Instant messaging 28MM users to date Bulletins 51MM posts Classifieds 2MM listings
    • 12. What Kind of Social Networker are You An Essentialist Essentialists keep in touch with my friends and family, but don't bother with any of the other options on offer 32% A Consumer Takers but not givers. Consumers engage and interact with networks etc without always putting something back in 25% A Connector Always connecting people with other people/sites/ groups I feel they should know about and can enjoy) 9% An Early Adopter Constantly on the look out for what's new and net, before friends do. Often leaders 5%
    • 13. What Kind of Social Networker are You A Promoter Promoters are always sending people things via my group, web ring, or friends network 4% A Collaborator This creative group creates ideas, events and activities etc by collaborating with other people 4% A Netrepreneur The business brains of social networking. They social networks to generate an income 3% A Cultrepreneur In comparison to netrprenuers, this group generaest creative and cultural capital and connection, not cash 2% None of these 15%
    • 14. Have You Ever…?
    • 15. Social Networking Experience “ If you’re not on there, you’re missing out on something in your real life.” “ MySpace is My Life.” I am never bored when using social networking sites There are just so many things to do The site adds fun to going out I’ve been having more fun in life in general I’ve been more plugged into the music scene I’ve felt more on top of trends and what’s new It makes my life more exciting I’ve discovered brands and products that I really like 73% 66% 56% 48% 47% 46% 45% 40% Base: Social networking users, ages 14-34 (2,605) Enhancing Life Offline
    • 16. Media Consumption & Fragmentation
    • 17. Q: During the past week, approximately how many hours did you spend doing the following activities? Base = SN users 14-40; n=2,605 non-users 14-34; n=431 Social Networking: Altering the Media Mix Weekly hours spent… SN users more engaged
    • 18. You have 15 minutes of time. What do you do? Source: Never Ending Friending, Apr 2007 , Commissioned by MySpace, Isobar & Carat If you had 15 minutes of time, which activity would you most like to do? (Base: SN users age 14-29 n=2,801)
    • 19. You have 15 minutes of time. What do you do?
    • 20. Since you’ve been social networking... has your use of the following media changed?
    • 21. Change in Media Consumption Patterns
    • 22. Case Studies
    • 23. Case Study: Cloverfield
      • Objective:
        • Mass engagement of European users to raise awareness on opening weekend
        • Drive trailer plays amongst t arget 17-34 males
        • Enrich Cloverfield buzz on MySpace
        • Create viral element to campaign
        • Engage audience to deliver expectation and excitement through the BCS events
    • 24. Case Study: Cloverfield
      • Campaign Duration:
        • Approximately 2 months
      • Target Territories:
        • UK, Spain, Germany, France, Australia
      • Traffic Drivers:
        • 300x250s (User Home Page, Music, Film, and TV) and Featured Profile
        • Homepage Takeovers in each territory
        • Black Curtain Screening
    • 25. Case Study: Intel
      • Objectives
      • Show how Intel “multiplies entertainment”
      • Build relationships between bands and music technology
      • Stress that music creation requires high quality digital technology
      • Demonstrate Intel to be a cool brand among influencers
    • 26. Case Study: Intel
      • Solution:
      • MySpace boosted existing music player to an Intel branded five track player
      • These influencers were able to extend the campaign to the masses.
      • End users prompted by bands to create the Intel Supergroup
      • Consumers also decided band name and produced artwork for their single
      • Results:
      • MySpace’s first Pan European community
      • 19,000 bands and 42,000 fans befriended Intel Powers Music community
      • 33.5% recalled Intel’s MySpace activity (versus 5.3% pre-campaign)
    • 27. Case Study: e4 Skins
      • Campaign Objective
      • Create a buzz leading to the airing of Skins on e4
      • Drive MySpace users to watch Skins on e4
      • Create a dialogue with MySpace users and create affinity with the Skins cast member profiles
      ‘ If you can't wait until Jan 25, catch the first episode of Skins on MySpace. Go to for more details’
    • 28. Case Study: e4 Skins
      • Solution:
      • Watch first episode of Skins on MySpace before it aired on e4
      • Download music from series, post comments, subscribe to blogs, interact with case members
      • Drive traffic to community via banners, Channel 4 newsletter and presence on and
      • Results
      • Rapidly became one of the largest MySpace UK promotions (150k friends)
      • 87% Awareness of Skins amongst 16-34’s on MySpace
      • Audience for the first episode of 1.6m (0.5m expected)
    • 29. Case Study: e4 Skins
      • Conclusion
      • Skins the highest-ever rated e4 show outside of Big Brother and the highest-selling show on Channel 4’s video-on-demand site
      • As a direct result of the campaign, e4 chose to screen a 10 minute special for the second series of Skins exclusively on MySpace and invite competition winners from the Skins profile to party with cast members.
      • Shows how social networks form an integral part of media plan, supporting e4’s in-house media to drive engagement with Skins even before launch
    • 30. The Momentum Effect
    • 31. Momentum Effect Summary
      • The New Value Creation Model Is Captured In Social Media
        • Before, most online evaluation models only looked at the B2C advertising value
        • B2C + C2C = Value Creation
        • The C2C (pass-along effect, consumer to consumer) generated over 70% of the total ROI
      • The ROI From Advertising On MySpace Is Competitive
        • The average cost to influence each person on purchase intent is stronger than most online properties
        • This cost is within the range of television ROI
    • 32. Social Networks are giving brands a new way to engage with audiences, but they are raising the bar – people expect more from brands in social networks Brand Perceptions
    • 33. Future of the Social Web
    • 34. Personal Friend Categorisation 00/00/2008 © MySpace International
      • Your address on the internet
      For Friends For Family For Work
    • 35. Personal User Home Page Theme Picker
      • User Homepage Skins and Themes
        • Allows users to customise their view of their MySpace home base
      • User Homepage View Customization
        • Users can shift the UHP ‘Networking’ content modules (middle column) around to best fit their usage habits
          • Example: I like to stay up to date with my friends’ profiles, so I would opt to shift my ‘Friend Space’ up to where ‘Friend Status’ currently is
      Theme Library
    • 36. Personal User Home Page Theme Picker
    • 37. Personal Profile Editor
    • 38.
      • MySpace: Anytime, Anywhere
      • MySpace Mobile is an unprecedented opportunity to reach young adults wherever they are
      • New cross-carrier, OFF-Deck, WAP interface means any user can access MySpace on their phone at any time
      • On deck with carriers in 10 countries
      Portable Mobile
    • 39. Portable Post to MySpace $18.5MM $25.5MM Share Button
    • 40. Portable Post to MySpace $18.5MM $25.5MM “ Post To” Button
    • 41. Portable Post to MySpace $18.5MM $25.5MM Confirmation verification Edit Window Preview Window User confirms which part of profile to post to
    • 42. Portable Data Availability
      • A More Fluid Internet Experience
      • Access to information that the User chooses to share
        • Basic Profile Info
        • Photos
        • Videos
        • Friends
      • Control Panel Gives User Complete Control
      • Information hosted only on MySpace
      • 4 Launch Partners
        • Ebay
        • Yahoo!
        • Twitter
        • Photobucket
    • 43. Collaborative Developer Platform 00/00/2008 © MySpace International
    • 44. Innovation
    • 45.
        • A new, flexible platform, that gives brands ultimate freedom and creative control to build and update Brand Community
        • For clients that want around-the-clock access to their community and edit the profile
        • MySpace support services including user-content monitoring and community reporting, if interested
      Innovation Community Builder
    • 46. Innovation HyperTargeting REGISTRATION DATA Personal demographic information provided by MySpace users when they become members. + = MYSPACE PROFILE DATA Freely expressed information by consumers about their passions and interests. NEXT GENERATION TARGETING
    • 47. Innovation HyperTargeting – Enthusiast Segments
      • Enthusiast targeting enables you to segment consumers based on their freely expressed interests
      • Aggregates consumers with shared interests into 10 enthusiast segments
      • Offers efficient means of targeting people around their passions
    • 48. 867 specialized segments reaching hand-raisers across 7 key categories, built from keywords expressed by users within profiles and blogs Innovation HyperTargeting – Specialised Segments BOOKS 59 Segments Sample Segments Dan Brown Rich Dad Poor Dad Sample Segments SPORTS 41 Segments College Football Baseball Soccer NASCAR Running GAMING 13 Segments PC Games Playstation (all) Nintendo (all) Xbox (All) MMOs Sample Segments MOVIES 346 Segments Thrillers Animal House Romance Finding Nemo Casablanca Sample Segments The Beatles Hard Rock Electronic Radiohead Dr. Dre MUSIC 278 Segments Sample Segments The Family Guy Grey’s Anatomy Sopranos SportsCenter Arrested Development TELEVISION 77 Segments Sample Segments Sample Segments GENERAL INTERESTS 53 Segments pets live music and concerts shoes poker yoga muscle cars photography
    • 49. Innovation HyperTargeting – LifeStages Life Stages Life Events High School Birth of Child Get Married/Wedding High School Graduation College Graduation Grad School Graduation New/Change of Job Move/Relocate Loss of Job Relationship Break-Up Become Engaged
      • Major
      • School Type
      • Status
        • Current Student
        • Alumni
      • Degree Type
      • Status
        • Current Student
        • Alumni
      Grad School
      • Job Category
      • Status
        • Employed
        • Unemployed
        • Self-Employed
        • Retired
      • Status
        • Single
        • In Relationship
        • Engaged
        • Married
      • Parent Status
        • Expecting
        • By Age of Child
      Marital Status Events contain timeframes to target pre- & post- event Life Stage Products: Target users by Stages and by Events
    • 50. 00/00/2008 © MySpace International [email_address]