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Viral videos became the new ElDorado for the advertising industry, forgetting that those are the results of a process instead of business targets. However, viral process is natural to Social Media …

Viral videos became the new ElDorado for the advertising industry, forgetting that those are the results of a process instead of business targets. However, viral process is natural to Social Media sharing which put it into the to-do marketing' list.

Videos included
BUYRAL - Professional Clicking
The T-Mobile Dance
Ford France - Park Pinball in París
ASICS Run With Ryan. NYC Metro Marathon
Interactive Projection Art on snow - Red Bull Off The Planet
Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005
Where the Hell is Matt? 2008
JK Wedding Entrance Dance
Instagram i love you
iPod's Dirty Secret
Keep calm and carry on
Leap Motion
Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Felix Baumgartner's supersonic freefall from 128k' - Mission Highlights
So Real it's Scary
Stratos jump successful! Scale 1:350 Lego Felix
Make It Count - Nike by Neistat
TIME Magazine cover picture by an Iphone
Bodyform Responds :: The Truth

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  • 1. Media Convergence | News Advertising Business: less interruption,more conversation … focus on viral marketing
  • 2. Do we need abuyral video
  • 3. Reason-why about meme & Viral videos
  • 4. Le CochonDanseur
  • 5. Lolicon
  • 6. Pedobear
  • 7. Internet memes Internet Memes
  • 8. Keep calm andcarry on
  • 9. Double Facepalm
  • 10. Triple facepalm
  • 11. Social media effects Social Media effects
  • 12. Nyan Cat
  • 13. Word of Mouth VisualizedWord of Mouth Visualized
  • 14. Crazy Frog
  • 15. Tribes & explorers counts Tribes & explorers counts
  • 16. Good content allways goes viral … Good- content allways goes viral …
  • 17. Good content allways goes viral … not  … not
  • 18. School, anIdeas’ Killer TED | Sir Ken Robinson
  • 19. The StanfordCommencementspeech Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencemen t Address
  • 20. Content, context, purpose & branded content
  • 21. Yo amo a Laura MTV Spain
  • 22. United BreaksGuitars Dave Carroll & United Airlines
  • 23. Viral marketing lies & viralization process Viral Marketing lies vs viralization process
  • 24. Where the hellis matt?
  • 25. JK WeddingEntrance Dance
  • 26. Instagram ILove You Neistat I
  • 27. iPod’s DirtySecret Neistat II
  • 28. Just jokes , classic branding. Action, not reaction Show me the money
  • 29. Hands-freemotion control Leap Motion from Nintendo´s WII (Kinect & PS3 Move later)
  • 30. The T Dance T-Mobile
  • 31. Run hall asHall ASICS Run With Ryan. NYC Metro Marathon
  • 32. Parkingpinball inparis Ford Pinball Urban Experience
  • 33. Art on Snow Red Bull Off the Planet
  • 34. Funny but really … Funny, but now really …
  • 35. … show me the money! Show me the money
  • 36. The Man YourMan CouldSmell Like Old Spice
  • 37. Strato-felix Felix Baumgartner s supersonic freefall from 128k - Mission Highlights
  • 38. So Real itsScary LG UK IPS Monitors
  • 39. Now reaction, answers, conversation: where the money is
  • 40. Iphone cover Ben Lowy´s Time cover
  • 41. Spice Hits +80.000 results … copycats & meme
  • 42. Lego-Felix Viena Model Maker Fair Lego jump
  • 43. Make it count Neistat III & Nike
  • 44. You have liedto us … Comment on Bodyform’s fanpage
  • 45. The truth Bodyform responds
  • 46. Viral marketing lies & viralization processViral Marketing is about being moving, emotional, trendy …
  • 47. Viral marketing lies & viralization processViral Marketing is about social sharing strategy
  • 48. Viral marketing lies & viralization processViral Marketing is about funnel and metrics planning
  • 49. But overall1. Experiences vs product2. Story vs branding3. Real vs Corporate
  • 50. @mandomandoArmando “Mando” Liussi DepaoliThis work is under a Creative Commons licence Thank you! Let´s keep in touch
  • 51. Viral video list
  • 52. Video list thanks to PBSoffbookIntro Leave Britney Alone!: one time: Boyle: Friday: Bit My Finger: Skateboarding Dog: going to the store: United Breaks Guitars:Otters Holding Hands: David After Dentist: The Rise of Sharing Culture The Force Volkswagon Commercial:Dramatic Chipmunk: Charlie The Unicorn: Downfall: Famous Bunker Scene (Original, seeHey Jude Kid: Evolution of Dance: the parodies): Numa: LonelyGirl15:Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Crush On Obama: Diet Coke + Mentos: Guy fights bear for salmon:Royal Wedding Ad: Daft Hands: Where the Hell is Matt? 2006:Old Spice Guy: MISSING Force Volkswagon Commercial: OK Go - Here It Goes Again: MISSING Auto-Tune the News 2:Galactic Empire State of Mind: Guy takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years: Grape lady falls!: Six Ways Youll See Your Dad: Chocolate Rain: Google Chrome: It Gets Better: Badger, badger, badger…!: Romance Parody: Fred: MISSINGMake it Count: Guiness World Record for most T-Shirts worn at
  • 53. From Accidental to Intentional Song!!!: The Dark Night Meets Superman:The Sneezing Baby Panda: MISSING Jizz In My Pants: Realistic Hollywood Sex-Scene:Charlie Bit My Finger: MISSING MISSINGScarlet Takes a Tumble: Saturday Night Live - Dick In A Box: Anime Guy On A Date: Kid Likes Turtles: Like A Boss: Bad Romance Parody: MISSING JK Wedding Entrance Dance: Justin Bieber ft. Lil Wayne: Bieber Fever!: cat is planning something evil: What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction Viral Lessons from Comedy Parody!: Dancing to Beyonce: Galactic Empire State of Mind: ninja: The Six Ways Youll See Your Dad:yatta: Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!: Batman Interrogation: After Dentist After REMIX: MISSING We are the 1%: efsLa caída de edgar THE MOVIE star wars Girls You Date in College:reloaded piton puente: Heavy Metal Cats! Key of Awesome #1:Bill OReilly Flips out - techno REMIX: Galactic Empire State of Mind:Auto-Tune the News: Bed Intruder
  • 54. Advertising Embraces Viral Culture Outro1984: Kenny Powers CEO / FL: Keyboard Cat: aiyznGQFlea Market Montgomery: Kittens inspired by kittens: The Importance of Viral Storytelling Bryant Jumps Over A Moving "Gorilla Drummer" Cadbury Ad:Car And A Pool Of Snakes: tat RickRollD:Amazing Ball girl catch: The Power of Viral Videos to Ignite Change MISSINGEvian Roller Babies International "Blue bra" girl brutally beaten by Numa Numa:version: Egypt military: New YOLO Slang Words:Kenny Powers CEO / FL: KONY 2012: MISSINGOld Spice: Epic Beard Man: Bad Romance Parody: Shave Club: Bus Monitor Bullied: Make it Count: Breath Test: Egyptian Tank Man: "Blue bra" girl brutally beaten by Egypt military:Google Chrome: It Gets Better: Matt Lauer Bus Monitor Interview: MISSING: Numerous Videos fromDC SHOES: Gymkhana Five: Arab Spring.